Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Juttah Septennial XXX

…You Shall Not See Evil Anymore…


“I will now take questions, come on, you don’t have to be afraid, Hello Messiah, my name is Brave heart, how does it feel, to be on the earth, ah with us? It feel no different Brave heart than you feel finally having me here. You have to remember or realize I’ve been trying to get back to you, since I ascended on high, like you I’ve looked for everyday to be that day, every hour, second, to be that very second. So that I feel is unsearchable with explanation, finally I’m home and my family Brave Heart is here with me. Ah Lord Messiah, My name is Damien, ah have people truly asked you about the scars and if so, what did you tell them? What does the living word say, those for which I was wounded in the house of my friends, then I remind them how I was once lost for them and then found. We can’t believe it, my name is Vicente, and to, well after so long, to actually be here, speaking with you, ah, how long to the Harvest of Negeb Ophel? It is Preece Vicente now, today, your redeemed loved ones should begin reappearing just as soon, though I’m afraid others will be halted until the white throne judgment. One more question, how long Lord before the temple is finished, and is there anything we can do to help? Seven Years before it’s to the Supreme specific specifications and yes we can use as much help as possible. For so many years Messiah this has been coming true and now you're here with us, ah, I'm Amir, Coogan, so you're saying there are those who're to ask of your scares as scripture foretold, well can we see them? A witness how He's to pull his long sleeves back at unveiling scares now heeled, was the entire center brought into a celebrative, standing, shouting and screaming applause. Even those who ran at panic that they're to get close to him, this Holy Lord, that even like doubting Thomas they're touch Him, though did they soon realize a shield, this invisible safeguard had deigned itself all around Him preventing them from coming at lest three feet of him. "Should I Preece Coogan unveil my feet as well? No, thank you sweet Lord, we all here thank you and salute you for being a God of your promises and prophecies. My wife, sweet Lord, as my brother here describe, I'm Agurus Coogan, and my, yes, your wife Bethel, also known as Beth was conspired against by a bitter enemy, it won't be long young Preece Coogan before she is return to you. We all here thank you for both of your sacrifices, for all those here who've lost well intended loved ones, we thank you, you should know very soon Negeb Ophel will offer up it's exiles only days from now. It has been more than a pleasure, now I release you to further your assign responsibilities." >>>"Yeah well we still wanna know, you did promise us, ok, ok, my Christ on the earth ok, Aggie was totally against it, though since Bay persuaded Kadesh and he thought it was a good ideal, been wanting to climb that hill for years but never alone. So it was about, what, six or seven couples, it was really nice at first, all of us hanging out as newly wedded couples at the Coogan Mansion for a couple nights. We fasted for twenty-four hours, prayed, anointed ourselves and even took the Lords Supper and we were ready, ah, yes, each couple, even entered into a more sacred covenant of marriage, they all took, spoke the Juttah Vows and the next we knew the morning came and we were all on our way. It was like an outing at first, then so strange the closer we came to Negeb Ophel the more it seem as though we became disoriented. So much so and the others can testify of this, soon it was like we were in this maze, that we were like going around in circles. That everything, move, turn, started to look completely identical until we were lost. To be honest, we were frighten, we'd walked for hours, always reminding ourselves you know how even Noel's parents and others had done this, soon we were losing the daylight, we were exhausted and again, so lost. Then man the worse, yeah like a scene out of Jeepers, Creeper, there was no sense of direction, even our compass was lost, like in a maze, we had our wives with us, again it was getting dark. Now there was a moment, something was there you guys, moving all around us, it was so you could see it and not see it at all, it was there, yet it wasn't there and that is the last thing we remember before we all woke up at Coogan house like it was all a dream, a dream, he mean like this nightmare you guys we all had at the same time. Wow, so how you guys think you got back? That's easy, the reapers brought us back, we wasn't supposed to be there, they knew that, sensed some how and brought us back, and the Jeepers, Creepers part? Man we could see this creature, or that we thought was a creature, that was not pretty, that was not you guys pretty at all. I mean how many of you yet believe the creature from the Predator movie is still one of the ugliest one ever created, ok, ok, you see that's what I mean. What a story you guys to tell your kids huh? Yeah well Cobra man I'm just glad we all made it back safely you know, they were free to do with us what they will, with the exception of the blood of the Lamb, ump, I didn't think of that Aggie man, we are His, and He is ours and not even the gates of hell shall prevail, and now He's here with us, which is possibly why we were return."

-For they say the Lord seeth us not, the lord is ascended from the earth Eze. 8:12. From Beast of Beauty fea. The Juttah Septennial, as to pluck Ambers from the burning, by Patricia A. Bradford, Apostle, The Rising Above Ministry, (RAM) © Copyright 1992-2015 By: The RAM, All Rights Reserved.

WARNING: It is a violation of true righteousness to use these moments, their explicit illustrations in a manner inconsistent with sacred godliness undefiled toward both God and man...See, Matt 22:36-40, Ephs 5:21-33, Ephs. 4:21-32.
God begot Adam, Adam begot Eve, Eve begot Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ begot The Rising…APB © copyright the RAM 2010-2011…

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