Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Juttah Septennial X

…Wherein you have transgressed against me…
Scene X

“It is true you told your parents you love me? You know Aggie I love you, I panic, it was never about doubting my feelings for you,” seeing how he’s to take and play into her fingers, into kissing each one, truly exciting her. “What a gloomy day,” taking her hand, bringing them into the balcony, looking out into a sun stripped day, the highway of traffic in the distant, both on land and sea, was there a flock of birds overhead as well. “I can hardly believe it, we’re husband and wife now, yes, my Aggie is free to do with me as he will,” coming only a breath’s length from his own, touching her lips like so, her chin, into bringing her into a strenuous hug of themselves. Make love to me Aggie, you sure? I’m sure I want or I’m ready to know what you feel like inside of me,” biting her instantly along that confession stinging his private areas so, spinning them back into her room at slowly undressing one the other. “How incredible you are,” having removed her top, even her bra to peaked, sorely striking breast just perfect for kissing, could she hardly stand his warm mouth and clever tongue, breath, at laying her upon the bed. “You are so incredible,” Agurus Shiban, with much pleasure at striking his stout chest like so, did she move her hips side to side at him removing her panties at this stunning gentleman gone mad finding her even more desirable. “No it is her, Mrs. Bethel Coogan, how unspeakable, truly how undeserving I am,” at finishing his own undressing, a steeping hunger climaxing at being this near to coming into his burning wife, and she in him, a bite of perfumed neck, those sorely edible ears, her mouth, lips, even her teeth, that consumed her right up, that they be no more ever, ever, Aggie!” With intense apprehension could she feel his harden sword drawing closer, all the more intensifying her, all the more electrifying them both, “shhhhh,” O how she’s to tremble with both delight and sweet, sorely kissable anxiety, that all the more igniting a rapturous longing within the pit of his steaming blood it was to come into this matrimonial fascination now or perish from the severe anticipation of it all, this their immortal marriage bed. >>>“What Lion, Saber is this about? You’ve entered into the pool of promise? Not that it’s either of my brother’s business, yes, it is our business Brave as we’re most concern for you, why? Is that why I’m here? You’re beloved here because we want to make a suggestion, what kind of suggestion? Well that Brave is according to how much you trust us, our, our, guidance, your, ok, who is he and what make you think you can interfere with my liberty to make my own choice? We know Beloved this young Preece is just perfect for you, knock, knock.” Now seeing brother Bronze Coten is to come in as well, could an unease Nesting Brave Heart not believe what she was seeing nor hearing, especially hearing. “Do you know what’s happening here? Ahhh a little I supposed, a little you suppose, they’re trying to convince me unto a promise of their choice, can you believe that? Is there Nesting Brave Heart someone in particular you like or love, or what have you? Even Bronze Coten Field ,” that he’d called her by her entire name did she mockingly return the favor, had they angered and clearly frustrated her in ways they’d not intended. “If there is such a one I can’t see how it’s either of your business, you were free to choose, Mom, Dad and Grandmar Rumah say I’m as well free to choose. We never said beloved you wasn’t free to choose, tell me who this is or I walk, ahhh you probably don’t know him, he’s Beethoven’s Fifth Artz, also known as BFA Files, what? I’m confused, the BFA files, some of the most anointed articles of the Paris Globe? That’s not possible, yes, we’re telling, wait, you know this person? Waiting for me on the front swing just a day ago did he asked for my participation in the promise, that I be his immortal and don’t you guys stand there as though you know nothing about it! Beloved please calm down, please, Lion, some water, look, the Supreme Nest as this witness we knew nothing of this proposal. To be true we’ve had our eye on this young noteworthy Preece for years as an ideal match for our noteworthy sister, so you’re telling me, this, is,” wiping her spilling nose like so, unto being hand tissues for her eyes, for her breaking as this, as what they were telling her was nothing short of miraculous, of divine intervention. “No! Spinning up, off, this bitter uncertainty, No No No! I get to choose and I don’t choose him, Brave, please, No! Never will I choose him, his mockery alone, mockery, what mockery? You, my beloved brothers have possibly been in the dark regarding all of this, but not him, not Beethoven’s Fifth, he knows exactly what he’s doing and I don’t trust him, I won’t and there is nothing you can say ever. You didn’t say it, not out aloud, I didn’t Saber say what?” Preventing someone as distraught as her just as she’s to make this resistance of her this permanent show of individuality out the door closed behind her. “His showing up at the house, after you, to convince you Brave, to convince you of exactly what we’re at attempts to do is nothing short of divine intervention. Meaning Brave, the will of God, I said what I said and I’m not taking it back, the pool will decide for me. Lion? It wasn’t me, Saber? I think you’re going to Bronze figure it wasn’t any of us, yeah didn’t you just tell our beloved Brave Heart it was divinity, yeah a deity-tale, a what? Yeah Medicine Bow, he said instead of a fairytale, it’s a deity-tale, wow I like that. I guess you guys it’s on to plan B, we’re going to have to withdraw her name from the pool, only Bronze that is against her will and I have this heart problem with that, yeah me too, well let’s take it to big bro Sia Sioux Deburk, he’s more wise than us all. I still can’t believe he found her, and proposed to her, you right Lion not in a million years would BFA ask just anyone to be his immortal, not in a million years, which all the more prove we’re right about him, even them and nearly got our heads chopped off being right, yeah, didn't Jesus warn us about something like that?”

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