Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Juttah Septennial V

…From Beyond The Rivers Of Ethiopia My Suppliants…
Scene V

“That doesn’t seem possible, Mir took me father and there Mirror was, in living color, why, why would Jehovah do this to me? I’m to marry another and the one I was to spend eternity with simply reappears. We have son entered into a time where more and more the Supreme is to grant us, all of us according to our hearts, perhaps this is your heart’s desire, or Papa, Aggie, mine.” As one coming in on dad and brother conversing highly tensed about the reemergence of Mirror Lawson at pouring out of a guilty conscience. “I know I shouldn’t have eaves drop, but I’m in love with Mirror, I always have been, what, what are you talking about? The night before Mirror was lost, she came to me, into my bed to me, it was literally impossible to do so but I refused her. Though, just as I refused her, she grew furious, went on the attack, tried to force herself on me, what the hell are you talking about! You and Mirror? No, Aggie, I loved her yes, just as you did, but I would never betray you, never, but instead of her realizing that, so you’re telling me all this time you knew what offences she’d made against the Juttah and you didn’t tell either of us? Be careful you two,” with father Heus casting himself in between his two stunning towering sons, as this was no place for such anger, violence, that it wouldn’t be tolerated, were things, unimaginable things being revealed. “I was horrified at, I mean I didn’t know, how, to Aggie, to come to you, I had hoped her disappearance was something other than Negeb Ophel, I can’t tell you how sorry I am, you’re sorry! Angrily pushing him in his chest, a sorry, crying, leaking brother Amir, even appearing as a heartbeat nearing it’s end. "You’re sorry, like that Mir mean anything after what I’ve suffered, what Mirror has suffered, can you even begin to imagine? No,” ingesting hard that sickening reality of what this dear soul of both of their hearts has possibly endured and rose again to them alive. “I have nothing else, can’t you see that brother, I have nothing else! I don’t believe this, I’m seeing this Mir, I’m hearing this, but I, I, I can’t stay here Father, I will go to uncle Agurus. You know son you can’t hold any animosity or anything godless in your heart toward your brother, if you’re father telling me to be warn, I am, I am warn, it’s not that, it’s just I need space to consider this, all of this. >>>Amir, Papa,” as one moving close to the window, seeing brother Agurus (Aggie) isn’t to waste no time getting out, away, how long would he be gone he wondered, had he indeed lost his brother? “If you’re wondering whether you did the right thing, no, papa, I know I did the right thing, I just wished I’d did it sooner, you know there was no way you could’ve prevented Mirror’s exile, not after she attacked you. I know Papa, I’m alright, I have some studying to do, earlier classes, tell mom I’m not hungry, sure, if you want to talk, you know we’re here for you, yes sweet papa I know. I’ve been meaning to ask you, ah, ah about Grandma Maaseiah, you think she will see me? I know she’s really, ah, important and I’m Amir sure she would love to both see and talk with you, you really think so? Yes and getting advice from her is worth a thousand lifetimes I assure you and Amir it prove you’ve been listening and that you’re quite wise, goodnight Papa, yes son, sweet sleep. >>>So did you know? Did I know what?” Taking his shoes off, socks, getting ready to shower and for bed as he had an early morn ahead was sister Megan barely in his door, “that Chan’nel would ask me to be his promise? No, I didn’t, he said something at lunch about being certain he had one, but he refused to go into details, I guess now I see why. How did you answer? Well,” as one coming in, sitting at his desk chair, was Megan Kiera like her stunning mom, grand mom before her one of the most attractive teens in the world over, and very popular among her peers. “I tried to explain how I’d with my parents, mom and dad decided to just enter the pool, the lottery, which did not make him very happy, what do you think? I mean are you going to see Grandmar Sia Maaseiah? You heard that huh? If she will see me yes, what do you think about leaving it all to the lottery? Do you love him atoll? If you Meggie had, if there was one guy here in the Juttah Septennial you would want to marry above any other who would it be? I don’t know Mir if I can trust you with that answer, you may perhaps tell him, or even laugh at, I won’t I promise, I swear I’m, ok, ok, Landon Paris, Landon, really? You are surprised? No, ahhh, not really, Landon Paris huh? I know he’s a few years older than me, four to be exact, well since you know, tell me Mir what you think? I mean he and Chan’nel are possibly as different as night and day, they’re both faithful to the Juttah or Meggie they wouldn’t or couldn't be here, only Landon isn’t doing the asking, Chan’nel is and what are the chances of you winning Landon through the lottery? Slim I admit, well, since you my loving brother know all my secrets I bid you a goodnight, yeah honey, ah, don’t forget to pray about it, the Supreme Meggie always knows best, sweet sleep as papa would say.”

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