Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Juttah Septennial VII

…Shall Bring My Offering…
Scene VII

>>>”What is going on? The Sia’s are here and that mean? I don’t think any of us know Troy man, that’s what, shhhhh, you guys, come on now, any word about Coogan, Agurus? Not yet, rumor has it the spirits got him, they’re not spirits, they’re physical being, more like the Cherbims. Chan’nel!” As those trying to get his attention as he sat rolls away, was the stadium filling up pretty fast,
”hey you guys, so what’s happening? My parents seem to think they’re going to announce the year of the Harvest, that this is it and if so, the promise will be postpone. Postpone for how long? A season or so? Who knows man, man I hope not, Miracle and I are tired of waiting you know, so are we Tyler man, so are we, hey, look, there’s Amir, that fine sister of his, Megan, be careful Cole man how you talk, right? You right, she is a looker though, I mean honestly." >>>"My Name is Sia Preece Darius and I want to bring this meeting to order, since we’re in the Septenniel for seven years now, it’s time we consider the harvest, how a time has come for Negel Ophel to offer up its ingathering of crops, it’s exiles. I don’t know how many here have loved ones there, but that isn’t to matter, they’re all relying on us and we need as many volunteers as possible. May I Mr. Sia Darius, I’m Braveheart, Braveheart Deburk and, well Sir, Sia’s, is it true the promise will have to be forfeited for now, for the reaping of the harvest that is, Sir, Sia? I know that is what you’ve been told, but one actually doesn’t have to prevent the other, if there are those of you who want to enter into the harvest espoused, surely the Sia Juttah will not prevent you. This mean we will Preecest Braveheart find a way that one doesn’t intervene with the other. It is true that Messiah now reigns in Jerusalem and could visit here with us just as soon? Yes, that is also true, there’s word spreading fast that he walk among us and yes will visit us and when he come we want the exiles to be at a standstill for now. So all those who’re willing please sign up before you leave here today and make it known, if there are no more questions, we’re now adjourn. Ah my God he’s coming here, Sia Messiah, Israel is coming here, did you here? The harvest will not prevent the promise, thank God for that, oh my God, for a thousand years you guys, for a thousand years there’s to be nothing but peace, love and good will to man, for you guys a thousand years. Thank you, thank you, thank you, I can’t believe you did that, yeah she isn’t called Braveheart for nothing, I just knew there are thousands upon thousands hearts in waiting here with that inquiry, somebody had to do it. Then all of you just try being the only girl among eight older perfect in the Christ Lord brothers, eight, you have eight older brothers? Yes, you right, my Christ how can you not be brave? Yeah, sometimes I think my name isn’t just a name but a spoken prophecy, ah that’s cute, that’s really good. I would Brave really love to meet your parents, my parents?” Obviously finding said remarks, this suggestion rather odd, but did it as well intimidate her, because to be honest only males with a promise toward a female would purpose to meet their parents. “Well Beeth, I don’t trust you, what you mean you don’t trust me? Just that, they’re believer’s and you, you’re kinda wishy washy and what Brave, that’s a sin? To be honest, kidda yeah, it really is, I mean you can’t be undecided Beeth or Fifth whatever doing the crossover, its Beethoven’s Fifth, excuse me, your name is Beethoven’s Fifth and you want to meet my parents? Well my mom’s name is Ninth Symphony Artz, so it’s kinda hereditary, ah, I see, that make even more sense. Are you mocking me? Because that Brave sound a lot like mockery, well I got to go, I have my Torah Classes, so that’s a no on meeting your parent? I’m sorry, I thought that was like a rhetorical response, I didn’t know you, yes, I meant it, but why? I’ve heard things, you’ve heard things like what? Please, I just want to get to know you better and meeting your parents would more than suffice that longing I guess you can say,” seeing her in a hurry did Beethoven Fifth hurry this conversation right alone, but of no true worth as Nesting Brave Heart flatly declined. “I got to go, I can’t be late, ok, so you think about it? What, I don’t know man, Brave? Yes, why not? She’s intriguing, stunning and intriguing, she’s weird and so is her entire family, I mean maybe coming from a large male family does that, perfect male family, or did you get that part? And don’t forget I have four older brothers who are identical quads, try growing up Dane with a name like Beethoven’s Fifth and in a household were your siblings had to wear name tags,” causing them all to break into laughter did most of the guy group see the attraction Brave would ensure but not to the point they would try courting her. “See you guys later, hey we all better get, you know how Mr. Clifford is, does he know there’s rumor Brave Hearts brothers are the Sia Deburks, you mean those weird ones of the Paris Globe? That’s exactly what I mean, ah my god, ah my god!” >>>”I can’t do this,” having now husband Agurus taking his fill of her, of his now stunning Juttah Bride was now Preecest Wife Bethel for lack of a better word made horrified. “Heyyyy, heyyyyy,” bringing his weight from off of her, his now sorely intimidating intentions to make them as one, to consummate their yet steaming vows of matrimony. “Please Agurus, just take me home,” beginning to breakdown, to tremble and cry, was this most alarming, did she not know what they’d both decided, and just performed? Truly how terrified with uncertainty she now was. “You know we’re married now, I know that’s what you say, Beth, don’t, don’t do that, I, I, I just want to go home Agurus, ok, ok, don’t be so upset, I would never fool you, or hurt you. I treasure you Beth, you know that, I thought you treasured me as well, I do, but not here,” fanning her eyes around a cave area quite beautiful actually, though was Beth reminded of the Reapers, that possibly what she and now Preece husband Agurus Shiban were in lots of trouble. “I guess I didn’t think, I don’t want to be exiled from my family, I don’t want to fall into the hands of the reapers, heyyyyy,look at me, come, please, I would never put you, us in that manner of danger, that’s why the vows we took are as divine, as sacred as the Cross of Christ itself. I want to just go, ok, ok, we’ll go, you do Bethel understand you’re my wife now? I do, and how does that make you feel delighted or betrayed? Right now Agurus all I feel is fear, so, ok, we’ll go, we’ll go.”

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