Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Juttah Septennial XI

...For then I will take out of the midst of you...
Scene XI

”Beth honey? Yes father,! That at a knock to the door, did it alarm them at them reaching for and finding cover, even their spilled about clothes, “your mom and I would like Agurus and yourself to come down for dinner, yes father that sound delightful, ten mintues, yes, father, you’re crying!” As one hearing the creaking in her voice had they roughly made themselves one this day, this special evening of them all, …”you hurt me, I, I , I didn’t mean to, I just had to be one with you there was nothing else, “shhhhhh,” my sweet, sweet Aggie,” kissing each crying eye did Bethel know it was nothing intentional just her desperate husband breaking through to piping flesh and blood at drastic limits uncontrollable. “We better go, I’m not crossed at you, I love you, I love you so much, and I my darling, darling wife you, I’m sorry I hurt you, I’m not any more, now truly we are this one in love and marriage, how amazing is my husband in my heart, in my flesh and my soul, how so amazing.” >>>”It didn’t work!” Coming upon a reserved Beethoven’s Fifth, a cafeteria filled of Juttah promises, would Nesting Brave Heart portray a side of herself, a sordid side none of them had ever seen of her. “This going to the Tribunal Deburk, to my brothers, it didn’t work, I will never marry you, I’d rather be taken by reapers and lost to Negeb Ophel than to be married to you, why? Excuse me? You see Brave, I know that was the last inquiry you thought I would make, but I’ll make it clear for you, right here in front of everyone, why don’t you want to be married to me? I don’t have to answer that, no you don’t but I think I deserve an answer, I want to choose and I don’t choose you, you don’t want to marry me because it’s the Supremes’ will, right and not your own? What are talking about? I don’t want to marry you because we’re too much alike, well so is Christ and the Church Bride, if I’m not mistaken he has groomed her to be identical to Himself? I, I, just leave me alone,! As one storming out quite emotional, did Beethoven’s Fifth feel bad that he’d possibly taken the wrong approach, that not only had he, but had she possibly said too much. “Well Beeth man so much for that failed clin’ce of how opposites attract, man I never would’ve thought of that. That the Christ Lord groomed the, well you know, I’m sorry Beeth man, I know you hate seeing her like that, the way you feel and all. I don’t know whether to run after her or not, you’re free man to do either, just be weary of your head, she seem angry enough to bite it right off, right Kadesh man, right. If I sit you’re not gonna beat me up are you? Seeing she's to turn off at a brush under each eye, did a concern after her Beethoven’s Fifth take Kadesh’s advice and freely chose. I’m sorry, like I told your brothers only hours passed, I don’t Brave want to force you against your will, I mean what kind of marriage would that be? Not one I want, I guess I’m to ask for forgiveness, forgiveness for what? For all of this, for making the most happiest girl in all the world so sad, that is not what I wanted I assure you, it’s your free spirit Brave that draws me. I agree with you, let the pool decide, I’ll drop my name as well, see what happen. You’ll what? They told me who you are, that you’re BFA files, there’s no way you’re going to enter the tombola, there’s no way, I don’t know Brave, there was a time I thought the same about you, only look at us now. You would really be taking a chance of being married to the last person ever you want to wed, is that not beloved the chance you’re taking? This is permanently forever. It was nice talking to you, as so you Brave, I accept your apology, I know now you meant no real harm, you have a nice rest of the day, as so Preecest you.” Seeing she’s to move off, away not in the direction of classes but home, was the day only starting, but to her it must have felt more like an end. “I summon you heavenly host, it’s left to you, its all left to you.” >>>”Amire is here to see you and no one in this house Mirror is going to tell him you’re not here, Amire! What a lovely surprise, could we take a walk down to the pond, sure, it’s a wondrous day to do so. So what bring you to my, what is it, neck of the woods is it? I want to know Mirror if you will be my wife? The blond beauties, this is what they were called, descendants of their Parent fathers school days, 'The Beauty Pact,' did they represent them all so well. "Your, I mean I knew Amire you felt guilty, but never this guilty, this isn’t that, not anymore, if you Mirror yet love me as you stated that night. Then, I want to take that, have it by Holy Spirits transformed into something as amazing as only they can. I don’t understand, what about Agurus, Agurus know how I feel, I finally told him, and? And he pitched a fit, went off the planet and such, but he since married, eloped unto the Juttah Vows with Bethel Elaine, ah Clooney. Eloped? Playing along some stunning white roses did the lake seem to be inundated with them quite beautiful,“the Juttah vows? Leaving you stuck to make amends, Holy Spirit this witness, that is not Mirror what this is, I’ve really considered this and if I’d not returned? The pool promise, you, one of the most astonishing young men in the Juttah Province leaving it all to chance?” Once having long, streaked brown hair now cut into what Amire Heus thought were literal edible tressels, unto perfect facial features, plumps lips and alluring gray eyes. "Or is it Amire you being convinced that since I been on that hill there isn’t one Promise that’s to marry me? I’ve loved you since the moment I laid eyes on you, I feel that way Mirror hill or not, be my wife, my helpmeet, the mother of my children and all else above. You mean it don’t you, all of it? I know Mir this is going to be hard for you to believe, but I’m none of the things you just described to me, nor do I ever want to be, it’s you, it’s not me. I’m leaving for Madagascar in a week, I want no more of this place Amire, thus I can’t agree to be your wife, what about the perfect timing concerning your return? I asked for this, I prayed and pleaded for this, but I didn’t, look, I told mom I would help with dinner, you be well Amire and Godspeed, Mirror, please, I’m sorry Amire, I can’t, I just can’t.”

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