Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Juttah Septennial XVII

…The Remnant Of Israel Shall Not Do Iniquity…
Scene XVII

-”The girls had their pre-lottery a couple days back, they were asking about you Amir, what did you decide? I asked Mirror Lawson,” sadly bringing his dishes to the sink, thinking what might be for dessert, how some ice cream would be nice enough. Of course Meggie, she declined, said she’s moving into Madagascar, hum, I’m sorry, I tried telling her, this second chance given her, is so we can make a go of it, but she wasn’t having it, none of it, none of me. Is that why, why what? Your name wasn’t in the lottery? I got to go, I chose Colten, Colt, you what? Finding her remarks, her reveal almost laughable, did it not surprise sister Megan at all who felt the same, “you and Colt, as in Hymm? I know, I found it laughable as well, as I’m sure he will, so I shouldn’t invite him? Hey what do I know, he entered which means he feel he’s ready and you Meggie would make him a stunning promise, but can Colt appreciate that, even will he? I don’t know, which is why I want to talk to you about it and Aggie, I’ll call him later, he’s insane sister if he’s not to treasure you. I got to go,” landing her the most rewarding peck to her cheek, did the conversation seem to boost his morale a bit, which encouraged Megan all the more, "now to talk to brother, Agurus.” >>> “I received an invitation,” having kitchen duty, a dining room filled of dirty tables, was this twin brothers Coten and Colten Hymm this week assignment, “who would invite you? Megan, Megan? I don’t, Meggie Cot, as in Coogan, Meg, our Meg? Gosh Colt man she’s more like our sister, only Cot man she’s not, their chance pool chose me for her and, I, I think I'm going, you and Meg? There’s a sure match made in heaven, only not! Why not Cot man, at least it’s something, a good something as pretty as she is, what you got? I told you, you should’ve entered the pool promise with me and I told you Colt man I didn’t want that game choosing for me, what you think about what Aggie did? Aggie got balls of steal, real steal, I don’t think I can do that, so there is a special someone? Yeah, and don’t act as though you don’t know, you talking Paige SummerFrost, only she won’t give you the time of day or night, we talked the other day, about what? About the weather and stuff like that, I bet stuff like that, was any of that stuff regarding the promise? You wrong, you are brave going after any member of the Deburk household, you know I heard Colt, they are human too, yeah, next time you see Brave Heart, tell her that, I think she’s still using Beeth’s face for a floor mate. “Brave Heart is a Longknife and that’s just rumor, anyway Cot, I heard a lot of them entered the pool, yeah some, but not Paige, I’ve made up my mine, I’m just gonna ask her to the promise, good, we can like double date, that’s Colt man if she say yes, she will, you’re a real specialty around here brother, she will." >>>”I Mar wanted you to know, you was right, I have an invitation to the promise, I knew it,” getting up from her flower garden like so, unto a hug of her darling son No’el, thinking his best bet was in Madagascar, but having an invite, perhaps not. “You think that grey suit of mine, or that blue, what you think dad? Well what you think your promise will like, what’s her favorite color, even son what color will she wear? Ah Nolan what a good question, make it more prestigious like, more than an invitation, what’s her name their son? Reese, ah Reese Leone, she’s a Whitehead, she’s from a family of Legals, now to sneak around and see what she’s to wear, don’t be late for supper, I won’t, not for a million years Mar, Reese, what kind of name is that for a girl? Well you know it doesn’t matter these days, I just hope she’s as good as No’le, that would be the true miracle, what about Bry, did he ever decide? No but he has a couple years yet, and perhaps with No’le settled it’s to encourage him a bit, you think?

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