Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Juttah Septennial XVI

…And They Shall Trust In The Name Of The Lord…
Scene XVI

-“Three choices, Myra, three times I chose the same guy, isn’t that impossible? I’m not going to marry him, the moon could turn blue or green, you’re forgetting Brave this was all for play, you don’t have to marry anyone, but it’ll be fun just pretending, right? Who did you out of three choices, Stephon Victor, I don’t know much about him, but I plan to find out, see you later, yeah you too. >>> {{{“It’s me Brave,” getting right on the communicator to her meddling brothers she often describe of them, “so are the guys fixing a boys pretend pool as well? What are you talking about? My girlfriends and I just had a pretend lottery, chose a single boy name shaken in a bag three times, guess whose name I chose three times? While Brave you can’t blame us for that, even pretending he comes up your best match. Look, we’re headed to his house right now for dinner, what, what you mean you guys are heading over there for dinner? Yeah, Lion and I, why don’t you meet us over there, yeah just what kind of crime do you have to commit before the reapers can take you? Ha, ha, ha, so you dropped out of the pool, what’s that to prove? Can’t you see, it proves neither one of you can usurp authority over me, I still have a will, I can still follow that will, yeah, keep fooling yourself, divine intervention is all over and through you, submit you here, submit!”}}} >>>“I’m just saying isn’t that the hill guy? How am I going to end up with the hill guy? It’s not Reese final, none of it, and what’s wrong with Noe’l, he’s really handsome and really nice, then Lauren you can have him, no, I got Michael, and if he’s to have me, it’s going to be all good. You see that’s what I get for letting you skip me, we’re talking husbands for life not lunch. What about you Tory, who did you get? Who me? Yes, you, I don’t know, I haven’t looked yet, you haven’t looked yet? How they’re going to post in a few hours and you haven’t looked yet, come on, do it now, I can’t, it’s at the house, I mean it’s like Lauren said, none of it is real, but what if it is? And for some, the guys who agree, it’s totally real, ok, ok, ok, I peep before I left this morning, some guy named Vicente, ah my God Tory, the only Vicente I know, I know, he’s a Coogan, so did you invite him? He’s a Coogan, there’s no way he’s to want anything to do with me, he entered the lottery didn’t him? You Tory could be discrediting something really meaningful for him, invite him, give yourself this chance, plus the lottery promise is the closest to a prom we’ll ever come. What about you Miss lady? Ah some guy named Clayson Diaz, I think he’s a Steele, wow, those Steele are really gorgeous, all model like, I send him an invite right off, I guess we’ll see huh? I’m sorry, why is everyone looking at me? We’re looking at you because you’re Meggie Coogan and we want to know, I’ve seen her choice, I don’t know him, but he got like this really nice name, Colton Chase, yeah, well, I grew up with them, he has a twin brother Coten, they’re Hymms, the Hymms and Coogans you guys are everything but blood. Speaking of Models, they once own a modeling Agency known the world over, Colten see that invite from me he’s going to laugh I just know it, he’s such the bone head. I could never take him serious, and he could never take me serious, it’s good none of it is real, why you guys keep saying that? For a lot of us who’re inviting our choices this is real, you, you should invite him, it maybe a match made for heaven who knows? I probably will, but I want to discuss it with Amir and Aggie first, Amir and, Aggie? "My brothers girl , ah, did they enter the lottery? I’m not sure about Amir, but Aggie entered into the Juttah Vows with his promise, they’re promised for life and eternity now, I didn’t know that was allowed. To be honest, they kinda eloped, but you guys keep that on the low, low, I don’t know about you chicks but I need to shop, we'll looking at a prom promise, we all Sheus need to shop. What kind of name is that by the way, Sheus? My father name is Heus, get it, He, us? So to keep the family trend going, ah yeah, she, us, I get it, we, Lauren, we get it.”

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