Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Juttah Septennial XVIII

…Nor Speak Lies…

-”What is that look on your face? Nall Aggie man, I was just reminded how you have a wife now, here, up those stairs, speaking of which, did you talk to Meggie? Yeah she told me what happen with their trial, Colt, out of all the Juttah Preeces in the land, our sister choose Colten Hymm, talk about a nightmare come true. It may not Aggie be as bad as all of that, and at the same time Mir, we know that it is, well I think Meggie is too special for him. That he’ll Mir take her for granted and not realize her potential, and that’s what you told her? Of course not, I would love for Colt to be just right for her," as one pouring wife Bethel a hot cup, making ready to get upstairs and wake her up. The both of them had martial arts/military duty, 7 am sharp to 9 am sharp every morning for a month, and getting her up was half of the battle. "I mean, I’m trying to give him the benefit of the doubt here, but he is so lame, so self-involved, he takes nothing serious, nothing, which is why I don’t even know why he entered his name. I mean his entering was possibly only for fun, just a joke, ok, but what did you tell sis? Invite Colt, see how that go and decide from there, perhaps she’s the one person he need in his life you know, that he’s to take it all the more serious. I got to go, you late for the arts, they add time instead, yeah, I learn that the hard way. So what about you, now that Mirror turn you down? I got to go, we’ll talk later, yeah, well what about Kenai Robyn, you've always liked her?” Hollering up the stairs after a faster get away than himself, brother Amir, was this Agurus Shiban way of reassuring him there was no bad feelings regarding Mirror, or even them. "If only you knew," as one pulling to reveal from his chest, what was an invitation of his own, to the house of Coogan, for the young Preece Amire Heus Coogan. He who has been cordially invited to this year’s Juttah Promise, Preecest Myra Castle Clooney is the host of these ceremonies with invitations including the participation of Amire Heus Coogan, this invitation will admit one, on this June of 2024, 7:00 pm, please see Director Morrison Altman for further information. “So who invited you? A little too late for that,” seeing how brother Amire is to scrabble mightily at putting said invitation away had sister Megan as usual appeared undetected. “It’s none of your business, ah you and Aggie can say what you want about Colt, but I’m not allowed where you’re concern? You made your promise our business or did you forget? Well will you accept, so I’ll have at least one of my brothers present? I haven’t decided and since Meg I haven’t told anyone, please do the impossible for once, keep this to yourself. I talked to Mom and dad about Colt, and? They remind me Mir how an invitation to the pool promise does not a marriage make, excuse me? Simply because we’re invited doesn’t mean we’re to marry the invite, hum, I guess I forgot that part, …if you could Mir marry the one woman within the Juttah providence you truly would? I guess that was Mirror, well, your second choice, who would that be? I’ll tell you little sister only if you tell me, if I tell you what? How you really feel about him, about Colt?”

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