Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Juttah Septennial XIII

...And You Shall No More Be Haughty Because Of My Holy Mountain...
Scene XIII

-”Nall Beeth, I just think you became a little too sure of yourself and this Brave Heart person just brought you down a couple notches, and you, just how J. are you again Trist man? So what did she say really? She said Richard and I quote, she rather be taken by reapers and lost to Negeb Ophel than to be married to me, whoo, that’s harsh, way harsh. Yeah Beeth man, how did you offend her to that degree? Apparently Adam just by asking her to be my immortal promise, there has to be more, well, actually, Brave Heart, well her brothers are the Tribunal Deburks. They kind of took my side against her as well, Brave heart is a Deburk, of the Paris Globe and all that? Yeah, I thought I, no Beeth you didn’t, don’t even incriminate yourself like that, and they tried, they took your side, why? You wouldn’t believe me if I told you, you’ve already Beeth told us some unbelievable things, ok they’ve been my mentors for years, they are Paris Globe, what is so unbelievable about and I’m BFA Files. I always have been, I started when I was twelve, yeah right,” bringing them all into a tickled about smirk along their drinking glasses surely he didn’t expect them to believe him. “Wait a minute, you really expect us to believe that? Beethoven’s Fifth Artz Files, I have every rough draft of every page at home in my ledger, you, ah my god he’s serious. Nall, that’s not possible, you’re only barely seventeen, ask me anything, ok, ah, America? Man’s failed ideology of making a lifestyle out of a curse of death, which is why they, all mankind will genocide in less than a decade if there is no divine intervention.” Ah my god, our, you’re, ah my God, our brother you, our little, bitty brother is the BFA files. Man, I been trying to figure what those initials stood for, and this girl you guys, Nesting Brave Heart, she is my match in every way I kid you not, but to spite all of that she entered the pool promise, thus I think I should do the same. I’m sorry Beeth man I have nothing, I’m still trying to get over the fact you’re the BFA Flies, man, you’re in a pickle, a maze, a maze of a pickle. I know Stephon what I’m in, how do I get out, even get Brave Heart out? Didn’t some kid years passed withdraw his name from the pool, yeah it’s possible, but it has to be some mighty urgent cause you know, some mighty urgent. It is believed by the African Septennial that everyone in the Juttah are promised, so the pool is used to reunite them into married couples. The Tribe has said since Brave is under age her parents or guardian can withdraw her from the pool but I don’t know if that’s fair to her, Brave is really adamant about making her own choice and she choose the Tombola Pool. Look I just wanted to know what you guys thought," as one readying his fork additionally as he'd done several times before, was this dinner gathering useless at resolving this pickle of a mess brother Stephon described he was in. "I don’t want a forced marriage, so I will leave Brave to her choice and make my own, how brave of you little bro, how sacrificial, you rather lose her, than use her for your own gain, how very brave indeed.” <<<{{{“Like when Aggie man are you coming home? You guys don’t miss me already? Yeah we do, even Meggie? Yeah she’s right here, hey Aggie when you coming home? So, when? You guys do know I’m a married man now, I don’t make these decisions alone anymore? Of course, we have a new sister, we know, so when? Ok, ok, soon and when is soon? I really Aggie need to talk to you, well if it’s Mir that urgent why don’t you just come over, come over? As in, you sure, I mean aren’t you guys like in honeymoon stage? Yet Mir, you’re begging me home regardless, ok I’ll grab Gabe and Ash and be right over, ok? I'm sorry Gabe and Ash? What, should I, ok, ok Mir see you guys soon"}}}. "So with Mirror’s decline does that mean you’re to enter the pool promise? To be honest that’s what I want to talk to Aggie about? Well can I come? You really want to? You know you and Gabe can’t get alone five seconds, I’m not studying Gabe, he need to get him a life. I think he has, he asked Ethos Oba, why her? Why not her Meggie? Your entering the pool, you better get off of whatever manner of prejudice you’re to have, you could end up an Oba or a Cotrom, what about Preecest Martyr Venice Cotrom? I better not, I’ll march myself up that hill and meet those reapers head on, entering the pool promise you must know there’s a chance, yes, there is also a chance Mir I could end up Preecest Tristian Alton Vincent, yeah, you ready? Assuredly my brother as you are.”

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