Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Juttah Septennial III

…That they may call upon the name of the Lord…
Scene III

-“So Amir you and Aggie trying out for soccer this year? I tell yall, it’s as though we haven’t learn anything from the fall, the vanity of it all, look at them, every guy here is piled high over one single female, it’s sickening I tell you. You Colt is going to have to ask Aggie yourself, but as for me, my parents really think this is the year of the harvest. They’ll going up there? If it’s the harvest Colt man we’re all going up there, you guys heard the rumor right, about No’el right? How the hill had him and all, I thought that was just a rumor, and Reilly if so how is he here? They said his parents were brave enough to go there and plead with the spirits there, got him released, now I have heard about parents doing that only to get themselves trapped as they’re found guilty themselves. Well that hill is serving its purpose, I don’t know if you guys notice but less and less of the world refugees are deciding to come here, you’re talking Colt people who don’t want to live righteously, there are still millions of them, as you, hey Aggie! What are, what is he,” seeing he’s to sit somewhere other than with them, was this odd as they always sat, conversed and studied together. “So have you guys decided, the promise, whether you’re to enter the lottery or what? Again Colt, that’s all in the air, seeing if its harvest it’ll all be postpone until next season. I don’t know about you guys but I’m ready, so I’ve join the tombola, you’re serious, you gonna let the tombola choose for you? Yeah, I mean so far there have been some good marriages to come out of it, so you’ve entered into a pool, if three females choose you, you’re entered into the tombola and if either of those you chose match your choice, bingo you have a bride, or a husband for life. I’ve decided I’m going to do whatever Amir and or Aggie does, yes, yes Cha'nel, you keep saying that, only Amir and Aggie have promises already, what, what are you talking about? You have a promise, as so does your brother? There are those who’re willing, willing he says, they’re Coogans, of course they have promises, Reilly, please. Then I’m to like you Colt, enter the tombola, the lottery, do you Cha’nel really want to marry or has it become so routine as to be commonplace? If you Pristine want to remain celibate all your life, all your immortality, no one is stopping you. Well I’ve decided, Felicity Stuard will me mine, wasn’t you the one Dane complaining about all the celebrity regarding her, and what about Na-Ta-sha? You have my permission Pristine to pursue her at your will, it isn’t me she want, it’s you, is there someone Cha'nel you like more than any other? There is one, really, who may we ask? I dare not say, I will ask her first, you’re serious, you have a promise? I think so, by tomorrow noon you guys I’ll know for sure. There’s the bell, why does the hour fly only when we’re at leisure? Ah what did Mr. Cites say? I could Colt tell you, but then we’re to both end up on the Hill of Ill-repute, that bad huh? The man hates me it’s obvious, but why I don’t know, you don’t know, your father just embarrassed him beyond description and you don’t know why he hates you. Hate, I thought those kind of spirits weren’t allowed, hum, perhaps someone should warn him, which is why I doubt that’s what is it? So, where is it? Where is what? Rushing almost like this bodily harm, threat into brother Amire face, did said drama bring most attention the twin brothers way, “you know what, ah, god, I’d, it's in my room, but I told you to, ah just forget it! I said my room Aggie not the moon, I’ll have it for you final period, you better man, or you’re not my brother or my friend, that was harsh Aggie, really harsh!”

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