Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Juttah Septennial VIII

...In that day shall you not be ashamed…
Scene VIII

-”I’m coming as quickly as I can, well hello young man,” opening the door to a stunning, towering young man, so expert in appearance, such a delightsome spirit, but why was he at their door? “May I help you young man, yes, is this where, I’m with intention to, to ah, meet, ah Bravehearts,’ to meet the parents of the woman I’m to ask to be my promise,” stunning both himself, and this older gentleman answering the door, did they both stand silent in the door. Ah we have a guess? Yes madam, I hope I’m at the right house, I’m madam Beethoven and I’m here to ask for your daughter, Brave Heart hand in marriage, please Mr.? Ah Artz, please Mr. Artz come in, excuse Father Deburk, please son, I’m, it’s just that we don’t get many visits, make that not any, so please make yourself welcome. We’re, well we seem startled, to be sincere Mr. Artz, it’s Beeth, most just call me, well, what mother Deburk is trying to say is in no certain terms has Nesting Brave Heart given us even the slightest hint if you will that she’s, that’s because she doesn’t know. I wanted to meet you all first, I wanted to meet the people who brought such a wondrous woman, ah person as her, you have to know how exceptional Brave, ah Nesting Brave Heart is? Well yes, she is indescribable as you’re incapable of announcing, so this request is of your own inquisition? Yes, I mean I will ask her as soon as she arrive, home, if that is ok? If she agree then I will be most happy but if she decline, I will be disappointed but honored that I at least inquired. A wise lad, a brave lad, we were about to have lunch, will you Beethoven join us? Is that what is smelling so delightsome, churning my starving belly so? There’s no way I can resist." >>>"So you care so much for her Aggie you would make this kind of risk? I didn’t father see this risk that you continue to insist upon. We studied the Juttah vows, we both understood them well, we know exactly what we were doing, the purpose for elopement father is because we wanted such the like commitment to be system free. So Agurus son you think this is what Bethel is telling her sorely outraged parents? I know how this all seem father, how defiant and all but that was not our purpose, Bethel is the one woman in all the world I want to spend my eternity with, that father is a huge, gigantic decision, it’s not Agurus honey that we doubt your intention, nor that blessed heart of yours. Though, Bethel seem to be totally withdrawn regarding this ginormous decision as you say, are you sure honey she understood the Juttah Vows as truly, as definitely as you? Mother, there is no way on this earth I would betray anyone, let alone the woman who is to be my eternal bride, I would rather the father take me on to glory, than wrong anyone. Now please, I must see her, I must see Bethel, alright, alright, we’ll come with you, let you explain, but Agurus it’s not up to Bethel any more, but her parents, now stand still and let that digest into your sweetest heart and here we go.” >>>"Hello, what, what are you doing here? “ Happening upon a positive Beethoven’s Fifth, on a swing just outside her house, to say she was stun, was Nesting Brave Heart quite bedazzled, “I want to ask you something, my parents, they know you, they’re amazing, your parents, they invited me to lunch, a veggie casserole and the best bread pudding ever, and I mean ever. Will you Nesting Brave Heart be my immortal? Your immortal what, what is it you think you’re doing, asking of me? You hardly believe any, you mean like my kingdom isn’t of this world, nor yours, nor any man for that matter, that this is what Jesus was explaining to Governor Pilate. Though without explaining it, no man can know let alone admit such things except by the Holy Spirit, you know, things like all mankind walk through, by a shadow of death. That all they’ve done is taken that same curse influenced by satanic, to demonic, to politic/religious powers and crafted them a lifestyle most perilous, ok,” seeing she’s to stop off of this stunning young man most intimidating, “who are you? You are Nesting Brave Heart, your brothers are the Debuke Tribe, I didn’t ask Beethoven who I was, but just who are you? You mean like Christ ask the disciples who do men say that I am? Ok, Ok, I’m Beethoven Fifth Artz, Cockeron, I’m the brother of four older brothers who are quads, parents just as rooted and grounded in the things of Christ. I admit, not eight Brave heart like you, but just as mystifying I assure you, meaning I’ve been reared in the things of God for as long as I’ve been able to hear, so you can say it’s kind of meant to be, you and I. Good day Mr. Artz, Cockeron, please don’t come here ever again, so that’s a no to the proposal? Please, just leave me alone, forever, ok? >>>“My mother being the Sia Juttah, the oracle, these vows, both living and spirit have always been a part of my family, so I guess you’re to blame his overwhelming romanticism on all of us Coogans. I care to ask have you and the misses read the Juttah vows, I can say we have, they’re most invigorating, though they don’t justify the elopement in no way. We can assure you Mr. and Mrs. Clooney we’re in just as much agreement as you are, we just wanted to assure our son’s legitimacy in all of this, that he meant nothing more mischievous than he and Bethel being in love, wanting to make themselves this private affair. Well she has admitted she’s in love with your son, that she knew what she was doing, that this wasn’t anything abrupt, that they’d practiced and prepared themselves quite well. There was something instead about her really becoming concern about whether what they’d did was accepted by God and how they were perhaps in danger of the reapers, which drove them back home. What say we bring Agurus in and you all bring Bethel down and let them settle this little mishap between themselves, she will not be hurried against her will! No, Agurus I assure you would never do that, it’s just that they’re married now, we should at least let them discuss these things between themselves, of course Sia Coogan that make all the sense in the world, of course.”

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