Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Juttah Septennial XIV

…I Will Also Leave In The Midst Of You…
Scene XIV

-“Ah hail to my three sons, a ritual of there's whenever the sons of Calistus are to come of age,” seemingly had the entire tribe of them been invited to the coming out of Sia Preece Calistus three sons. “My eldest Abraha, my second son Cobra and my third son, Martyr, I past unto you all a great chess, to go, be and to serve others is the greatest honor of man. You will live in palaces not of your own, you will be treated like kings not of your kingdom and eat the food of gods, who’re not your own, and be the better men for it all. Though here we are instead in the Juttah, Africa made new and paradisiac and my three sons are face with the promise where they will make a wife of their choice, though before this, I have my own gifts to bring. Come my first son, Abraha” that at the applause of hundreds in attendance Calistus, servant of Preece Ebonee Bel’e is to bless his eldest son Abraha Abel Cotrom by awarding him a gold belt of invaluable trust. “I give unto you this belt of my ancient fathers, may you my son wear it well and mightily, with all thanks holy father, truly father what a wondrous trust. Now unto my second son, Cobra Terni Cotrom,” that at the applause yet of hundreds, did his second son appear before this blessed father, being hand a silver, magnificently designed dagger. “I grant unto you the dagger of the Cotrom house, unto that of your family, of your trust, thank you Father, truly you're above all. Now unto this third son, Martyr Venice Cotrom,” again applauded upon, upon approach to be given the stunning, cover in priceless stones chest itself. "Unto you my third son, I grant you the chest of Cotrom, the greatest value of all, thank you as well father, so blessed is the God of god in whom father you trust. Again, my three sons, Abraha, Cobra and Martyr, now unto the pool of promise. Martyr, you will have the honor of choosing first,” seeing he’s to go behind a curtain, guide his hand into a box and pull from it three specific names. That from these three choices, whether to look at these names or not, making his exit, at placing his choice into a crystal vase bearing his name. That with his two other brothers making this same ritual upon themselves would one of these three choices produce unto them each an eternal espousal, now unto a long night of celebrating them all coming of age and marriage. >>>“I have decided I want my name withdrawn from the lottery pool,” as one coming upon them siting and conversing and laughing in the living room, dad, mom and grandma Rumah, obviously they were stun by this news. “We don’t under, what’s there to understand Papa, Mama, you were right, I’m too young, would like to wait a couple years more or less, but what about the young Artz man that asked? I declined him days passed,” as one hasting to say, to remember was his proposal one of the reasons she was declining at this time, at thinking he was the last person she wanted to marry. “Yes? Yes, well because of that decline was I reminded I wasn’t as ready as I first supposed, surely grandma Rumah you understand, of course child. It is not mandatory that you marry at this time, we will yes, have your name withdrawn just as soon. Ah god, thank you, now I can focus again on my studies, what of this young Artz boy? I don’t know, I mean once I decline him I have no further concern of him. You Princes, you’re not curious why he asked you out of so many? Gooday to you all, I’ll see you for dinner, hum, there’s something curious happening here, something a bit more than a proposal to marriage, something about this Artz boy causes our princes to flee the one in the world she want and we must learn why.”

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