Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Juttah Septennial XXV

…O Daughter Of Jerusalem...
Scene XXV

-“That, well you smell incredible, I got it earlier today,” removing the dishes from the table, was Felicity hoping the both of them being free for the next day or so would present a time for the honeymoon they were yet to have. “I hoped you would like it, you going somewhere?” Yeah,” getting his jacket, whisking a scarf about his neck had it been unseasonably cool for New Africa, but this was the Lamb’s reign nothing was truly strange or odd any more. “I told the guys I would meet them at the pub and just what am I to do? Why don't you call the girls, see what they’re doing? You do know we’re yet to consummate the vows of matrimony we made to each other, I’m your husband for life, of course how would I not know, saying that we have plenty of time, right?” As one leaning into a delicate smooth of her, those soft lips, unto her alluring tongue, all accented by that inviting sent and the touch of her hands grasping so delicately each of his stout biceps, all heightening unto at limits after her private places. “My god you taste as good as you, you,” yet talking with her tasty tongue on his, a heighten as his Meshullum Kadesh tore all the more into the firing temptress enticing him so mightily his now piping flesh. "What are you doing to me? I’ve never felt this, this, shhhhhhh, don’t talk, just come, come, come? As one taking his shivering hand of shivering flesh, this inconceivable attraction at bringing him her way. “Come where, where are you taking me? He’d worried for so long how to approach the stunning wife Felicity in such a personal, private way and it’d come naturally, so extreme to his flesh and blood yes, his stomping through his chest, even hers, inducement, burning and aching so terribly fascinating. "This is what you want right?" As one nervously watching her undress, it was happening, Felicity Royale was his and he was hers and here they were as husband and wife about to become extraordinarily one flesh. “This is why you married me right?" Finding it quite nervous to say, could he not take his eyes off the stunning now bare creature his new wife truly was. “It is why I married you, why I will love you for life, my Christ you’re so amazing, even more Kadesh if you touch me here." As one bringing his nervous hands to one of her bronze with peaked nipples breast, as so to cause his other hand to do the same. Quite enticed with her, he'd locked eyes to her eyes, even the slightest of tears getting down around at him turning, sniffing away, off to wipe. “Shhhhh, I love you,” an urgent dance, tongue, taste upon his ear, that stout shoulder, his own alluring scent at reassuring him and just as surely undressing him. “I am yours now, look at me, feel me, touch and come, just come,” seeing he’s to turn again her way, even help with his undressing, was she more beautiful than any imagining. “It's me, it's just me” as one easing upon the bed at bringing her ready husband along, to say she wasn’t frighten, well, more unsure than frighten, but this was all meant to be, even from birth, this was all meant to be. <<<"You want some company? Coming out onto that stunning deck looking out into a beautiful tree forest to him, this manner of home away from home for Agurus Shiban. "So I Amir man have a choice? I think that’s why I asked, I miss her so much, but you know what I hate? As one turning a tight swallow of warm tears getting along chilled cheeks, was it hard for loving brother Amir to contain his own emotions. “I hate I wasn’t there to see her through this, to hold her hand or something, she must have been so frighten. I don’t know my brother if this is to help or hurt but the doctor said it was as though she went to sleep, she just never awaken and we know where she arrived from there. Look have you prayed for her, have you prayed for Mirror, you know, like we’re to do of our enemies? I knew it man, I knew you was going to ask me that stupid question, I freaking knew it! I have to, that’s why you know it, we’ve always Aggie been instrumental in keeping one another on the righteous path, this is no different. Ah yes it is, when you go in the house, up those stairs, into your room, even Mir your bed, you have like this wondrous wife waiting on you, so you know what that mean? That you have no idea how I feel, no, that’s not it at all, I’m in love with you brother, that mean whatever you feel, I feel it as well. You really think it was easy for me to ask you that question? Even that the woman I’d supposed to be my wife, my mate for life just tried to poison my brother to death? Who want to forgive anything like that except the pure at heart? I'm just saying assuredly as you ask the supreme to favor your wife with his good graces, you’re to by the spirit of forgiveness ask him to favor Mirror as well. Anyway, we’re going to Uncle Aggie, you wanna come? No, I’m not good company, no, but they could be for you, come on, it’s to help you past the time, getting you back to her all the sooner, right?" As one playfully punching him in his arm, did it seem as though brother Agurus was in agreement, at least for that very moment, "ok, ok, you're kinds right."

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