Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Juttah Septennial XX

…For They Shall Feed And Lie Down…
Scene XX

-”Who’s at the door?” Now facing a staggered Beethoven and a younger male stranger, shocking him speechless, but was a stunning Nesting Brave Heart standing at the door. “Ah, ah friend, Brave my brother Stephon, Stephon, Brave, ah Heart, you are welcome to come in Miss Heart, ah yes, you are. Can I get you something to drink? Some water, yes madam, coming right up, so who was at the door? Ah some really stunning Preecest looking for Beeth, you want to take her some water? Hum, I think I’ll do just that, reminder, don’t stare, she’s that dazzling I kid you not. Your water madam, I’m Rick, Beth’s oldest brother,” handing her his hand, was brother Stephon right on with his description, though was Richard Shapeshere familiar with her, as all the youngsters in his class. “I believe we’ve met, I take gym classes with Rick," noting brother Stephon is just as stun along mouth gaping awe as they all were, was this the last of anything imaginable regarding Nesting Brave Heart, truly how wondrous the day, even the hour. "Yes Brave you, you do, so what do you want with my knuckle head brother? I Pulled his name three times the other day doing a lottery trial, a sure impossibility but no less facture. What you think of that Mr. Artz, ah it’s Cockeron? It’s like it’s written in biblical scrolls we’re to be promised, what do you think? You already know Miss Long Knife what I think, as does everyone in your household, well this is an invitation to the pool promise. I thought I would hand deliver it myself, it is most appreciated, it was nice to meet, well see you again, and meeting you young man. I must get home before dark does, goodnight, I could Brave see you home, or if you trust, well we could, Step and I, I would be such the fool to decline such an offer, until Mr. Cockron we meet again, yes Miss Long Knife until then. Ah how perfect Miss Long Knife, our brothers Tristian and Adamson,” that she’s to greet the other two quads, she had to admit she did wonder of them. Those making up four identical older brothers, any promise would have to consider the same. “It is nice to you meet as well, we’re walking Miss Long Knife home, ump, I think I’ll come as well, you Brave have any sisters at home? No, only eight older brothers, ah my Christ you have eight older brothers, way older, like they’ve been grown and married since I’ve known them. The Deburk Tribe, you may as well know, your brothers are the Deburk Tribe? Ah those incredible names like Lion Wolf Paw and Saber Tooth, Wounded Knee, Medicine Bow Sign, yeah, my parents were really determined and you are, Nesting Brave Heart? Wow, if things don’t work out with you and Beeth I always wanted a large family, I’ll Stephon keep that in mind.” >>>”Man Colt, I don’t think you’ve ever been this quiet in your life time, I know man, “as one springing up a seeming depressed one to the edge of his bed, had that invitation from Megan Coogan of all people truly thrown him for a loop to loop he would say. “I don’t know what to do about Meg and it’s making me batty, that’s all, what you mean do with her? I mean Cot man, I go to the promise excepting that invitation and then what, do I make her, do, I, is she the promise I’m to spend eternity with? Come on Colt man, we’re talking Meggie Coogan, one of the most stunning, sort after young Preecest in the Septennial, why is that at all difficult? I mean she has done all the work inviting you, all you have to do is accept, what you mean accept heck I’ve done that, no Colt man, not just the pool, the promise, Meg is asking you to make a covenant promise, vow of matrimony. What do you think Cot has me so horrified, you’re being poised to marry Megan Coogan and you call that being terrified, heck let me be terrorized so magnificently. Which remind me, Paige Summer Frost accepted my invitation, what? As one to look upon him quite dazed still over his own pressing conundrum, was Colton Chase truly thrown out of kilter? “You said she would and you were right, ah mom said we best come eat while it’s hot, yeah I’ll be right there, down, there. Just tell your brother this, what did you think was going to happen once you entered the Juttah Tombola, just what? I don’t know Cot man, all the other guys were doing it you know, and did you understand what it was they were doing? I guess Cot man, get dressed and come down before dad come up here and lecture us both out, yeah, I said I’m coming.

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