Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Juttah Septennial IV

…To Serve Him With One Consent…
Scene IV

“What is going on son you seem anxious, ah just that your son, my brother is to disown me if I don’t find a certain article he’s after, you know Gabe and Ash are waiting on you, been waiting a while? I know papa exactly where I placed that item, now nothing, I’ve told her to stay out of here, her? Meggie father, Megan, whatever, I bet it’s her, you can’t go accusing her without knowing for sure, Aggie is just gonna have to wait, now when we sit to dinner you can ask Meggie then. Not Amir accuse her, inquire decently of her, now stop keeping your cousins waiting they seem desperate, yes, papa, thanks, see you later, it’s about time, you think we have all night or what? Something like that, the pub close in only a couple of hours and it’s gonna take thirty to get there, I’m coming my gracious, don’t you see I’m coming. You guys could’ve just left without me, yeah Amir only to hear you complain about us doing exactly that. Aggie is gonna kill me, that’s what this is about? Yeah, he had me to store something vitally important, who was that? I didn’t see, slow down, no Gabe slower, what is it you thought you saw? Someone I haven’t seen or heard from since the Septennial, you guys wait here, I mean wait here! But we have previous, ah god he’s killing me, just wait, it’ll be ok, maybe for you, but this is night I was going to ask you know, ask? Kenai Ash, who else? I wonder whose this mystery person Amir is talking about, Mirror, is that you? Ah my god Amir, Amir Coogan? With both of their eyes filling with tears along a rush upon, deeply penetrating hug, neither of them thought they would see one the other again, “My Christ how is this possible? I don’t know, I guess Amir by him, I’ve been walking for days, I awaken with this inconceivable thirst, barely able to remember anything. I just started walking, it’s been how long? A year at least, what happen Amir? I don’t know, you was just gone, no one knew when or where, we thought the hill, you know. Please, can you take me to my parents, I mean are they still here, my sister Myra? Of course, you can sign in tomorrow, I’ll bring you myself. This is like a dream, I know, I know, it’s a miracle or something, ah Gabe and Ash, my cousins are waiting on me, you remember them? Ah yeah, how could I forget, what about Aggie, where is he? “You guys brace yourselves,” peeping his head in to them, not wanting them to over react as this one person reappearance was miraculous indeed. ‘It’s her, its Mir, as in Mirror Lawson? Yeah, that’s not possible Amir come on, well I’m here to tell you it is, it’s her, just act normal ok, for me, ok man we’ll try.” >>>”Here,” showing a yet angry at him brother Agurus a now empty chest, could he not believe that the one person he trusted with something he highly treasured had failed him, “this is where I kept it Aggie, under lock and key, and no one knew it but me, the Supreme as this witness, then how Mir it is gone? That seem to be the mystery, I if anyone Mir could be trusted with something so important it would be you, with what’s so important? It’s none of your business Meggie, unless you been messing around in my things again. No, I haven’t, this is the Juttah Mir man, no one could’ve committed thievery and got away with it, no one, so what you’re suggesting just isn’t possible. Speaking Aggie of what’s possible or not, guess who I discovered wondering around the Juttah Consulate today? I have no I, Mirror you guys, Mirror, you mean Mirror, as in she disappeared without a trace Mirror, yeah Mirror Lawson? She crossed right in front of us as we headed to the pub, just think Aggie, if I’d been a few minutes late or earlier, wait, wait, wait, you mean to tell me Mirror is back and you both seen her and talked with her?" With a stinging nose along teary eyes spilling down at backing into a seat this astonished, his one true heart, love, in all the world, none of this was normal, realizable. "I grabbed her man, we, we grabbed each other before we knew it, hugs and tears and every, well where the hell is she now? Home, her parents are still here, so Gabe, Ash and I, we took her home, witness them be as put out or more than we all were? I, I, I got to see her, you got to take me to see her! I thought you would say that only I think you should give it time, I agree Aggie, at least until tomorrow, no, no, now, take me now, there’s no way I’m going to be able to sleep, come on, let’s go, now Mir, Now!”

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