Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Juttah Septennial VI

…Even the Daughters Of My Dispersed…
Scene VI

-“Wow you guys are abnormally quiet, like you don’t know why, ah, the pool right? To be honest I don’t think any of you lame brains are ready for marriage, and you are, let me rephrase that, and the lame brain you are Amir is ready? So what did he say? What did who say? Ah come on Amir your cousins are dying of suspense, what did Aggie say when you told him about Mirror? Ah he freaked, wanted to see her, went to see her, what you mean went to see her? Just that Gabe, ah man, and you was there? I was there, wishing I was a fly on the wall but yes I was there, man, I bet he doesn’t know what to do now, speaking of which, where is Aggie? What you mean where is he, he stayed with you guys last night, right? With who? Not with us, wait, after Aggie and dad talked he said he was coming over to yall's house, then we’re telling you he never did. Ah God, ah god, he was pretty pist when he left, you don’t, nall, maybe he just decided to sleep elsewhere, like where Gabe? I’m going, I’ll reach Papa, tell him, you guys get on the communicator call everyone and I do mean everyone. >>>Mrs. Stoner, I’m sorry, there’s an emergency, I need to speak with Bethel, please, Amir Coogan right? I’ll get her since it’s urgent but make it quick, you know what? I just remembered Bethel Clooney is absent today, something about her mom, thanks, sure, what are the chances? Pardon, ah no madam, I was talking to myself,” as one moving off thinking it could not simply be coincidence that brother Agurus and his intended Bethel were both absent. >>>”How did you find this place, it’s so amazing? Biking one day, I stumbled upon it and I said, ah my God, Beth has to see this you know, will you say them with me, will you Beth spend eternity throughout as my wife? My Lord Aggie, that water fall alone, I can’t believe places this amazing exist on this planet still. I study them day and night,” as one rubbing his keen, flawless cheek like so, along those sexy, kissable lips, that perfect nose, hairstyle, “I love Agurus Shiban Coogan so much, sooo much. I Bethel Angelical Clooney, I’m not a child, I am a woman, I fully understand the vows I will make, I Bethel Angelical Clooney,” again as one caressing this stark stare, stance into hers, this beautiful, beautiful young man, "love and now vow of him from now unto eternity, with him, do take thee Agurus Shiban Coogan to be my spiritual and abiding husband. To have and to hold from this day forward until the rest of eternity, I promise to love you, you sweet, sweet man, in sickness and in health, for better or worse, for richer or poorer until death take us and arrive us at the Supremes throne. I will love, you are this love mine Preece Agurus Shiban Coogan, thine own Preecest Bethel Angelical Clooney. This is all Bethel like this indescribable dream come true, instead of a fairytale, a deity-tale, Christ himself, it is as though I was born to be here this day, entering in a covenant of matrimony with no one other than Bethel Angelical. "I Agurus Shiban Coogan, I am not a child, I am a man, I fully… >>>That’s just it Papa Aggie didn’t stay at uncle’s house, or any of the other relatives or friends, I don’t want to say it,” by now as one obviously brought to tears at the thought his brother could’ve fallen into exile, to that hill, that it too would be his fault. “But suppose, no, no, you and your brother are too wise for that, ok, ah what was this precious treasure you and he were fretting over before you found Mirror? You think that Papa may have something to do, what is that, the alarms are being sounded, what is happen? You grab Meggie and go son, mom and I will meet you there, go, go now, hurry, ok papa, ok!”

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