Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Juttah Septennial XXVII

…He Hath Cast Out Your Enemy…

-“So now you show up, I’m sorry father, don’t Meshullum apologize to me, you’re on the council now, being Sia Preece Darius, your seat sat empty and it was clearly noted. Something was happening with my wife and I that has never happen before, we were both father this mesmerized literally out of our heads. So by the time we realized what was happening and got ourselves up and out it was too late, the center was being dismissed. Do I son have to continue to remind you how vitally important your responsibilities being Preece Darius, especially with the Son Savior now upon the earth and upon the Juttah? I promise you father you don’t, what happen today is once in a lifetime, it so overwhelmed us and literally crippled us, ok, ok, ok! The Sia Juttah are doing interviews and I’m sure your name is one of the first they called, so get your wife and get to the center as soon as possible, Kadesh, please don’t disappoint your father nor the Juttah people again, I won’t father, I promise. So how much trouble are we in? Plenty, but all is forgiven as long as we get ourselves to interviews being performed at the center even as we speak, interviews, what kind of interviews? I’m sure they’re trials for what will be us actually sitting before the Son Christ giving explanation of ourselves, ah, ok, that sound sensible I guess and really frightening. You should’ve heard me trying to explain our tardiness and why, are you serious? All the while I waited I wished upon being a fly on the wall, I just pray said details weren’t too telling, ah, I recall using the words mesmerized and out of our heads, you didn’t, ah god you didn’t! There he is, the Darius Juttah, yeah it’s good to see you guys as well, yeah all while the meeting I kept focusing on that empty seat, yeah that’s just like you Dane man, salt directly in the womb right? You know as many as desire can return to New Jerusalem with Him, with the Christ Lord you mean? That’s exactly what I mean and what, you’re thinking of leaving the Juttah? Well, I haven’t talked to Felicity about it, so babe,” as one teasing her at poking a playful shoulder into hers, was Felicity kind of bemused that this was her first time hearing of this. “You want me to say it right here in front of everyone? What everyone? We’re all family, I haven’t thought about it, didn’t even know you Kadesh had thought about it, I really hadn’t, not until just now, as I made it known to them. Wouldn’t we like once a year have to make an annual expedition there? So I’ve heard, yes, I’ve always wanted to go, but not until Christ’s Reign, so I guess that would be now. You’re serious, you would go to Jerusalem Israel to live, yeah, since the Son is return, what’s not to like, right? Hey you two, they’re calling your name, ah, thanks. So what you think? Me, you’re asking your teenage wife whose yet mesmerized at being someone’s wife, your wife if she’s ready to leave her birth place, parents, friends excreta, ah, uh, humm, to be with Christ Lord? Ah, I guess so, you guess so! Not the answer you was expecting I see, ah my God Meggie, God’s Christ now reigning on the earth, for a thousand years, do you know how much has been lost and gain, miraculously gain, ah My God!” >>>>>”Please state your name for the record, ah, I am Sia Darius Meshullam Kadesh, you young man is late, you was scheduled for first, you know, to be an example, I’ve Sia Preecests done a great deal of apologizing thus I apologize still. You are Felicity Elaine Stuard, you are espoused? Yes. Do you have any children? No. Are you pregnant? Ahhh, no. Are you or have you ever been sexually active? Ah, yes, once. How long has it been since you coupled? We know Darius Juttah the questions are personal, it’s only to determined the chances whether or not you’re pregnant, ah it was only just now, like hours ago. I see, now Darius Kroff, how many sibling do you have? Ah one, I have a sister. Preecest Stuard, how many sibling do you have? I have two older brothers, just married, no children, please Preecest only answer the question you are asked. Were you Juttah born? Yes, I am Juttah born. Are your parents still living in the Juttah? Yes. Well, ok, that is all we need to know for now, be dismissed and be blessed as only you can.” <<<"So were the questions serious? I don’t know Amir about serious, but personal, really personal, personal huh? It’s nothing to alarm, we have nothing to hide right? I don’t know about you guys but I’m famished, Felicity? Yes, I should say I am, so we’ll meet you guys at the Pub, sound great, really great. Ok Kadesh, when you say serious, really Jj, just answer the questions honestly. Where you serious, about coming into Jerusalem to live? To be honest I think most of the Juttah will travel back to the Holy Land with Messiah, that Africa’s Juttah will be left a ghost town, well make that a Holy Ghost town, cute, really, I can’t say I thought about that, but it make sense huh? Is this babe what you think, or your father, Sia Darius? Both I guess Felicity you can say, well, I guess I’ll talk to my parents about it, see what they think, even Kadesh what they themselves maybe planning.”

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