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Juttah Septennial I

The Paradise Of God To Come

-I shared with my internet family, spiritual allies, even enemies, just reminding them how mankind have by a great curse of delusions prepared themselves and their children for the wrong future. How Holy Spirits were reminding me of this truth when they asked of both my grandson Caden and my grandniece Lawren, of their parents, even their grandparents, whether or not they knew an occupied America was coming?
-This was around 2011, exactly 10 years beyond the Intrepid Dream Timetable of 2001, with 5.10 years to go. Since before Jesus allowed the religious leaders to lead Him as a Lamb to the slaughter this was the truth at this Blessed Blood Redeemer crying aloud all that had gone before mankind were thieves and liars. This lying, murdering saboteur dating back to God staring the only human occupants of this stunning without words Garden Of Eden down at reminding them the day they practiced their will aside from His, something King Solomon define as vanity, they would most assuredly die.

All Hail To Lord Urusalem

        -My husband and I were hurriedly leaving a dinner party, when just as soon this host stopping me at the door made of me this loan of an exquisite Leopard Skin Coat, see Jer. 13:23. One thing was to be for a certainty, even divine clarity if you will, despite how spectacular this genius cover, it was only this imitation of life unto forfeiting ones immortal life. Even how ridiculous that it’s even to be a loan, yet what this mean is one day, despite how glorious, even this aching longing for, a day of payback would come. Kind of like, if you dance to this music, you will have to pay to the piper, one who want more than just your temporal actuality, but that astronomically unto your immortality.     -This loan was such the detriment that as I received it, my husband who I would soon learn represented an escaping to heaven with the righteous bride Jesus Christ was already far ahead of me. That as soon I left that door, accepted this artificial loan that was instantly a costly distraction I had to rush ahead to keep up with my husband who was always a few steps ahead of me, again in this rush to get away. I’ll make this stunning demonstration short by describing how I lost and found this coat, this overpriced distraction many times, that every time I lost it, I found myself alarmed and at much panic not just that it was beautiful, but because it was a mortgage, a potential reimbursement sadly of blood and soul.
     -Now you’re to realized every time I lost it, people of an alternate ethnicity (Latino, Asian, African etc.), would always discover it and find themselves just as mesmerized (taken back), by its beauty until the last time I lost it, never finding it again. Of course, that didn’t matter, it’d served its purpose, it’d distracted me from my one true love, my husband, from mankind’s one true bridegroom who’d taken an abiding bride and left those otherwise distracted by this costly loan behind most frightfully. The last I remember was a bedroom filled with a slumbering white male, as so a bathroom where I yet made this senseless research just before I realized how with the masses I’d been left stranded on a rooftop manner of indescribable regret all uselessly looking skyward .

Incorrigible Sin

Can the Ethiopian change his skin, or the leopard his spots? Then may ye also do good, that are accustomed to do evil? Jer. 13:23

And A Voice Like A Trumpet Crying Come Up Hither

-The American Horror story I read recently was of a family of four who’d conspired together to drink a poisonous imbibe meaning the family, a father, mother, daughter and son committed mass suicide so they wouldn’t have to face the approaching apocalypse. You got it, that same apocalypse that has been prophesied upon the earth as surely as death and dying itself, since the beginning of time. Heartbreakingly they talked of the son, who they thought was old enough to really deny his parent’s wishes having bequeathed some of this items to be given to his friend. It was all for nothing, death and dying is the one thing we’re all going to have do once we’re born here isn’t this oddity.
-Nor is it this stranger lurking about blind of us and ours, it’s going to come, we don’t have to seek it out and welcome it in, especially upon our helpless children. No, we only have to be wise enough, that’s like Jesus’ Apostles set to die horribly after him, Christ Jesus Bloody Cross ascending on high, leading captivity captured ready. This is the only blessed way to die, everything else is vanity, the way this man, the way his family were all convinced to die, was all vanity, worthless unto facing a sin debt yet harassing the soul’s ever-last which is hell eternal.
- Obviously, if we lived with this reality and taught and raised our children accordingly these manners of horrors wouldn’t on this continuous basis have this extremely rich soil by went to manifest and grow into mayhem after mayhem. This is the reality you will merge into while you read the Juttah Septennial, actually the way mankind in this divine continuation, even on the planet was supposed to go if they’d from day one believed Elohim according to His Revelation of Creation that in the beginning God Created the Heavens and the Earth.
-I woke up in this dream, in this dream I witness family after family climbing up to God by way of these dangerous, deadly, catwalks, footbridges and skywalks stretching straight into the Kingdom of God. They’d climbed for so long and so high and they’d come so close they could actually hear God speaking to the multitudes, how He would wipe all tears from their eyes. That there would be no more pain, no more sorrows, how outstandingly there would be no more death for the former things had passed away.
-I need you to pause momentarily and try to imagine the joy unspeakable these families all felt, making it to heaven, hearing the voice, the words of the Supreme Himself unto keeping these extraordinary promises just before they all failed. That’s children and all, stumbling, crashing and collapsing to their deaths most horrid for their sins remain, for strait (Jesus Christ)is the gate that leads to Life Immortal, not these perilous footbridges despite how religiously enchanting they all seem. Let no man deceive you, sin (unrighteousness), will not, cannot inherit God’s Kingdom. Beware, Apb, The RAM

You Just entered the African Juttah 2020

The Exodus, The Septennial
By: P. A. Bradford, Apostle
Wr. 1992-1996


You Just entered the Septennial…2001-2017

The Septennial 2012,

And these are the descendants of the beauty rescued from the hands of the beast:

Unto Preece Ebonee Bele and Karsiann Coogan was born their first son Meshellum Kadesh Kroff, and a daughter two years later, Sheus Selah Kroff, and a late son Itcus Ivar Coogan

Unto Rimmon Zoe Davei and Salada Trenae Maunice was born their daughter Noah Kenai Davei, and their son Zoe Vinson Maunice.

Unto Calistus Joesh Cotrom and Mosia Amire Oba was born their three sons, triplets Abraha Abel Cotrom, Cobra Terni Cotrom and Martyr Venice Cotrom, and a daughter Ethos Cialis Oba

Unto Casiphia Bernice Romanoff and Shus’Shan Artelon was born their first daughter Kenai Robyn Romanoff, a daughter still Maxis Me’lane Romanoff and a son Caspian Berlin Artelon

Unto Jjimon Mekhi Stuard and C'ezanne Bernice Romanoff was born their first son Jjimon Mekhi Stuard Jr., an additional son, Caleb Noel Stuard, and an additional son, Landon Paris Romanoff

Unto Agurus Heus Coogan and Chelsea Shiban Welton was born Amir Adam Coogan, an additional son, Agurus Shiban Coogan, and a daughter Megan Kiera Welton

Unto Heus Agurus Coogan and Aslan Myreh Stuard was born their first son Ashton Heus Coogan, their second son, Gabriel Rayan Coogan and a daughter Felicity Elaine Stuard

Unto Tristan Mikel Hymm and Natasha Denise Glockson was born their first son Clayson Diaz Hymm, Twin sons Coten Eden and Colten Chase Hymm and a daughter Morgan Renae Glockson

Unto Covington Aldin Hymm and Myreah Raine Coogan was born their first son Adam Eve Hymm, their first daughter Casandra Jazlyn Hymm, and a later son Damien Michele Coogan

Unto Carrington Aron Hymm and Amirah Jordon Coogan was born their first daughter Jordon Micah Hymm and twins daughters Makala Roslyn Hymm and Ethiopia Roselyn Coogan

Unto Syeward Graham Decorte and Shaughnessy Erin Coogan was born their first son Justice Makhi Decorte, their second son Chanel Loren Decorte, and still a third son, Vicente Erin Coogan

Unto Erion Kalen Steele and Adonai Kiera Vincent was born a single son Kalen Erion Vincent Steele and another son, Tristian Alton Vincent

Unto Hudson River Leak and Sethanie Monjie Jacobson was born their first daughter Constance Sethanie Leak, a second daughter, Rosslyn Michel Leak, and a son Hudson River Leak Jr.

Unto Blain Daniel Cockeron and Ninth Symphony Artz was born their sons, quads, Tristan Carter Cockeron, Adamson Trenice Cockeron, Stephon Victor Cockeron, Richard Shakespeare Cockeron and a son born later, Beethoven’s Fifth Artz

Unto Dayson Peak Deburk and Robin Jaybird Longknife was born their first son Arise Sioux Noel Deburk, their second son Standing Apache Arrow Deburk, their third son Cheyenne Water Falls Deburk, their fourth son Marked Tree Hill Deburk, their fifth son Wounded Knee, Saber Tooth Deburk, their sixth son Lion Wolf Paw Deburk, their seventh son Medicine Bow Sign Deburk, and their last son Bronze Coten Field Deburk and a daughter Nesting Brave Heart Longknife

…You Just entered the Septennial…
…O Sing Unto The Lord A New Song, For He Hath Done Marvelous Things…
Scene I

-“So why is my baby sister so melancholy?” Coming upon a seat to the foot of her bed to her laying so at always thinking how sister Megan had such the girly room. The pinkish color, the design of flowers along the base of the walls, the pearl like colonial furnishings, even down to the wall lamps, pictures and chandelier like ceiling fan overhead, just so female. “Melancholy huh? Big word, plus I keep telling you I am not your baby sister, I’m your only sister. You wouldn’t understand or you’re to simply poke fun, just trust me, I won’t, I swear, since when Amir Coogan do you swear? Ok, you’re right, on Christ as Lord I won’t meddle you. I don’t know," coming to her feet this worry sort, making it to the nearest window where there was to see a day passing into the night quite amazingly actually. "It doesn’t scare you at all, the promise, the Juttah Tombola, not at all? Of course, it’s the unknown Meggie, what’s not scary or intimidating about the unknown? Just think about it, which is why my beautiful sister we’re encouraged at walking by faith, not by sight or fear. Yeah well I bet you Amir know who you’re going to marry, where you’re going to live, how many children you will have and even where they will attend school. Hey you two, mom said dinner is ready and it’s not going to wait, we’ll right behind you, and you miss know it all don’t know anything. Actually, I don’t have a clue which is why I’m deeply considering leaving it to the Tombola, yeah well you really don’t know me if you think I believe that. Ok miss smarty pants,” as one playfully seeing her out the door, down the stairs, into the dining area, even playfully pulling her chair free, was the house pleasant with the smell of dinner. "What is her name? No, that sound like a trick, like you’re trying to get me to help you decide or even tell on one of my girls, all of that Sis is code for you don’t know, you have no ideal. What you guys are debating about now? Amir here want me to think he’s to enter the Tombola, really? No, I was joshing with her, so you guys think the Tombola is a bad idea? To be honest dad, a record amount of Preece and Preecest are really contemplating entering the Juttah lottery, so far it has produced some good matches. Does that my big brother include you? I have Mir, or did you Sis forget? Dinner mom is delicious as always, the carrot casserole is so good. So is it son final, you and Mirror will enter the promise? If you’re father asking whether I’ve asked her, no, but I’m pretty sure about how she feel, so you guys can pretty much start looking at her as another daughter. I’m, gonna, have, a sister, a sister, a sister, I’m, gonna, have, a sister, two if Amir marry as well, yeah well you might have to wait a little longer for that. I think father I’m going to enter, I’m sorry honey, enter what? The Tombola, no, I don’t think so, your mom and I think you should wait a couple of years. A couple of years daddd, mom, but I think I’m ready now. You think, entering the Tombola unto the promise will Megan be the most serious decision you will ever in this lifetime make, you have to be more positive or just as positive as deciding to give your life to the Supremes’ Christ, and you're not Dad just saying that because I am female? No, I’ve told your brothers the same thing, yeah Meg he has, me and Amir, that special project we did like a year back about the vows of matrimony, that was dad’s idea, dad’s? You told me, no, I didn’t tell you anything, you assumed it was a class assignment and I left it at that. Does this honey mean you’re serious about someone? No mom, not really, I guess I asked just to see were you guys stand, I’m underage and would need your permis," seeing she’s to wipe a single tear away at pushing herself from the table, hey, hey, don’t get so upset, please honey, we're only telling you, how, we, what is going on with her? Don’t know, we’re just as shocked as you, I’ll go, talk to her, you all keep eating, well is there someone who like your sister? Dad, Megan is one of the most popular Preecest at school, it’s going to be difficult to get it down to just one, which is possibly why she’s considering the Tombola. Ok, I can see that, but so soon, she’s barely fifteen, I also see its weighing heavy on her, she’s crying for god sakes, what you two think? This is the Juttah pops, everything is changed, even the Septennial, I say let her decide, I think that’s what upsetting her, that she’s not free to decide." >>>"So when brother are you going to pop the question? I like what you told dad about Meggie, she’s always had a really mature head on her shoulder, what are you doing, you seldom be on the communicator? That's because I have a life and you don't, ouch, pull my heart out why don't you? Look, I can tell you but it’s between you and I, Mir has agreed to take the Juttah vows and I’m on the communicator looking for a clean copy, between us right? Yes, sure, hey I’m headed over to Uncks house, you coming? No way, I’m seeing my girl tonight, probably go to the pub, then Aggie I’ll probably see you guys there. “I’m not a child I am a man," reading off of the article he found, so many of the vows were false, thus trying to find an authentic one was literally impossible. “I thought you were gone, ah, I have this, papa said it belonged to grandma Coogan, what, you have an original copy of the Juttah vows and didn’t tell me? I didn’t even know you was even interested until a few minutes ago, ah my god, this is exactly what I need, thank you Amir man, sure, just don’t go doing anything stupid, you mean like eloping or something like that? Whatever Aggie man, see you at the pub."

One Year Later…

Juttah Septennial II

One Year Later

…Then Will I Turn To The People A Pure Language…
Scene II

-“But aren’t you Vicente a Coogan, isn’t it automatic? Why is it Kalen man everybody think that about us? I don’t know but up to now you guys have been so obvious. I got to go, I got that meeting with Mr. Cites, wouldn’t even dream of keeping him waiting, ah please don’t that’ll just make it worse for all of us. Hey Cente, hey yourself Hud man and just as so see you later. Um, he seemed ticked off, and why Hud would he be, we’re in the most incredible place in the world, yeah Kalen your mockery of this incredible place as you say is gonna get you in trouble. Promises, promises, I’m out as well, going to see how close I can get to witnessing Cente fall on his face, don’t forget about our date later, Connie said she’s to be there, ah for sure then man, for sure. What in blazes Kadesh is that on your plate? Blacken fish and rice, want some? No and don’t ever ask that of me again, whatever Hud man, like your dish is any better. Well? Well what? You asked her, Felicity (Leak)? You know I was just wondering Hud man whether I could get you to ask for me, you what? That’s exactly what I thought, kind of unthinkable right? Yeah well I got my language class so, and you, what’s her name, Maxis Me’lane right? I have no idea what you’re talking about, yeah I bet, may I? Ah sure although I was about to make a run to the office, its Kiera right? Yeah," such a stunning appearing female, like her parents, model caliber who made it no secret how she felt about Meshullum Kadesh, well they all called him Kadesh, who was as always making his distance afar from her. “Well at least you tried, do you really Jazlyn have to carry all those books? Yes and no, I don’t understand, well I mean no and yes, I mean I still don’t understand. "Do you Kiera know how many guys ask to help me carry my books, my appearing helpless and all, ok, ok, I get it, is one of them Dane though? Ah, almost, excuse me, did you say almost? Yeah, just the other day he came really close but was called into assignment, you know how, see you later, where you going? You hardly touched, hey girl, that’s it, I’m not going to be her friend any more, she’s a Coogan right? As if Tasha you didn’t know, well I’m just saying, they’re befriend by just about everyone, I don’t think she’s going miss you. My God, there he is, Dane, girl please, get in line, the same one formed behind him and all of those acquainted to him. I’m going to be one, one day, you’re Seth going to be a what? A Coogan, what else? You see Kiera, that’s the long line I was talking about, I have kitchen duty so I’ll see you guys in Science class. Sat very still and don’t even breath, I’m talking to you, to you, myself, hey Dane, ah hello ah, it’s, it’s Tash,” that with that flip in front of his stylish haircut, that accenting those bedazzling eyes of his all the more, was Damien Michele Coogan such the stunner gentleman “even Tasha, you’re welcome to sit here and all, ah thanks but I have a previous arrangement, but again thanks. You’re gaping, huh? Your mouth Tash or Tasha, just leave me alone Ok, what did I do? I kept you from drooling all over the guy, so ungrateful, maybe Morg that’s what she want, I mean we’re taking Damien Coogan, yeah, ump, what is that? Some new pastry, strawberry, I couldn’t resist, strawberries, who is that he’s sitting with? I thought you was gone, I’m, you just don’t realize it yet, huh? Who? Ah Felicity Stuard, every guy here simply fall in love with her just as she blink those stunning grays eyes at them, including your Dane, right, see you guys in class, I have laundry assignment, and all those books? Girl please, I keep a locker close by."

Juttah Septennial III

…That they may call upon the name of the Lord…
Scene III

-“So Amir you and Aggie trying out for soccer this year? I tell yall, it’s as though we haven’t learn anything from the fall, the vanity of it all, look at them, every guy here is piled high over one single female, it’s sickening I tell you. You Colt is going to have to ask Aggie yourself, but as for me, my parents really think this is the year of the harvest. They’ll going up there? If it’s the harvest Colt man we’re all going up there, you guys heard the rumor right, about No’el right? How the hill had him and all, I thought that was just a rumor, and Reilly if so how is he here? They said his parents were brave enough to go there and plead with the spirits there, got him released, now I have heard about parents doing that only to get themselves trapped as they’re found guilty themselves. Well that hill is serving its purpose, I don’t know if you guys notice but less and less of the world refugees are deciding to come here, you’re talking Colt people who don’t want to live righteously, there are still millions of them, as you, hey Aggie! What are, what is he,” seeing he’s to sit somewhere other than with them, was this odd as they always sat, conversed and studied together. “So have you guys decided, the promise, whether you’re to enter the lottery or what? Again Colt, that’s all in the air, seeing if its harvest it’ll all be postpone until next season. I don’t know about you guys but I’m ready, so I’ve join the tombola, you’re serious, you gonna let the tombola choose for you? Yeah, I mean so far there have been some good marriages to come out of it, so you’ve entered into a pool, if three females choose you, you’re entered into the tombola and if either of those you chose match your choice, bingo you have a bride, or a husband for life. I’ve decided I’m going to do whatever Amir and or Aggie does, yes, yes Cha'nel, you keep saying that, only Amir and Aggie have promises already, what, what are you talking about? You have a promise, as so does your brother? There are those who’re willing, willing he says, they’re Coogans, of course they have promises, Reilly, please. Then I’m to like you Colt, enter the tombola, the lottery, do you Cha’nel really want to marry or has it become so routine as to be commonplace? If you Pristine want to remain celibate all your life, all your immortality, no one is stopping you. Well I’ve decided, Felicity Stuard will me mine, wasn’t you the one Dane complaining about all the celebrity regarding her, and what about Na-Ta-sha? You have my permission Pristine to pursue her at your will, it isn’t me she want, it’s you, is there someone Cha'nel you like more than any other? There is one, really, who may we ask? I dare not say, I will ask her first, you’re serious, you have a promise? I think so, by tomorrow noon you guys I’ll know for sure. There’s the bell, why does the hour fly only when we’re at leisure? Ah what did Mr. Cites say? I could Colt tell you, but then we’re to both end up on the Hill of Ill-repute, that bad huh? The man hates me it’s obvious, but why I don’t know, you don’t know, your father just embarrassed him beyond description and you don’t know why he hates you. Hate, I thought those kind of spirits weren’t allowed, hum, perhaps someone should warn him, which is why I doubt that’s what is it? So, where is it? Where is what? Rushing almost like this bodily harm, threat into brother Amire face, did said drama bring most attention the twin brothers way, “you know what, ah, god, I’d, it's in my room, but I told you to, ah just forget it! I said my room Aggie not the moon, I’ll have it for you final period, you better man, or you’re not my brother or my friend, that was harsh Aggie, really harsh!”

Juttah Septennial IV

…To Serve Him With One Consent…
Scene IV

“What is going on son you seem anxious, ah just that your son, my brother is to disown me if I don’t find a certain article he’s after, you know Gabe and Ash are waiting on you, been waiting a while? I know papa exactly where I placed that item, now nothing, I’ve told her to stay out of here, her? Meggie father, Megan, whatever, I bet it’s her, you can’t go accusing her without knowing for sure, Aggie is just gonna have to wait, now when we sit to dinner you can ask Meggie then. Not Amir accuse her, inquire decently of her, now stop keeping your cousins waiting they seem desperate, yes, papa, thanks, see you later, it’s about time, you think we have all night or what? Something like that, the pub close in only a couple of hours and it’s gonna take thirty to get there, I’m coming my gracious, don’t you see I’m coming. You guys could’ve just left without me, yeah Amir only to hear you complain about us doing exactly that. Aggie is gonna kill me, that’s what this is about? Yeah, he had me to store something vitally important, who was that? I didn’t see, slow down, no Gabe slower, what is it you thought you saw? Someone I haven’t seen or heard from since the Septennial, you guys wait here, I mean wait here! But we have previous, ah god he’s killing me, just wait, it’ll be ok, maybe for you, but this is night I was going to ask you know, ask? Kenai Ash, who else? I wonder whose this mystery person Amir is talking about, Mirror, is that you? Ah my god Amir, Amir Coogan? With both of their eyes filling with tears along a rush upon, deeply penetrating hug, neither of them thought they would see one the other again, “My Christ how is this possible? I don’t know, I guess Amir by him, I’ve been walking for days, I awaken with this inconceivable thirst, barely able to remember anything. I just started walking, it’s been how long? A year at least, what happen Amir? I don’t know, you was just gone, no one knew when or where, we thought the hill, you know. Please, can you take me to my parents, I mean are they still here, my sister Myra? Of course, you can sign in tomorrow, I’ll bring you myself. This is like a dream, I know, I know, it’s a miracle or something, ah Gabe and Ash, my cousins are waiting on me, you remember them? Ah yeah, how could I forget, what about Aggie, where is he? “You guys brace yourselves,” peeping his head in to them, not wanting them to over react as this one person reappearance was miraculous indeed. ‘It’s her, its Mir, as in Mirror Lawson? Yeah, that’s not possible Amir come on, well I’m here to tell you it is, it’s her, just act normal ok, for me, ok man we’ll try.” >>>”Here,” showing a yet angry at him brother Agurus a now empty chest, could he not believe that the one person he trusted with something he highly treasured had failed him, “this is where I kept it Aggie, under lock and key, and no one knew it but me, the Supreme as this witness, then how Mir it is gone? That seem to be the mystery, I if anyone Mir could be trusted with something so important it would be you, with what’s so important? It’s none of your business Meggie, unless you been messing around in my things again. No, I haven’t, this is the Juttah Mir man, no one could’ve committed thievery and got away with it, no one, so what you’re suggesting just isn’t possible. Speaking Aggie of what’s possible or not, guess who I discovered wondering around the Juttah Consulate today? I have no I, Mirror you guys, Mirror, you mean Mirror, as in she disappeared without a trace Mirror, yeah Mirror Lawson? She crossed right in front of us as we headed to the pub, just think Aggie, if I’d been a few minutes late or earlier, wait, wait, wait, you mean to tell me Mirror is back and you both seen her and talked with her?" With a stinging nose along teary eyes spilling down at backing into a seat this astonished, his one true heart, love, in all the world, none of this was normal, realizable. "I grabbed her man, we, we grabbed each other before we knew it, hugs and tears and every, well where the hell is she now? Home, her parents are still here, so Gabe, Ash and I, we took her home, witness them be as put out or more than we all were? I, I, I got to see her, you got to take me to see her! I thought you would say that only I think you should give it time, I agree Aggie, at least until tomorrow, no, no, now, take me now, there’s no way I’m going to be able to sleep, come on, let’s go, now Mir, Now!”

Juttah Septennial V

…From Beyond The Rivers Of Ethiopia My Suppliants…
Scene V

“That doesn’t seem possible, Mir took me father and there Mirror was, in living color, why, why would Jehovah do this to me? I’m to marry another and the one I was to spend eternity with simply reappears. We have son entered into a time where more and more the Supreme is to grant us, all of us according to our hearts, perhaps this is your heart’s desire, or Papa, Aggie, mine.” As one coming in on dad and brother conversing highly tensed about the reemergence of Mirror Lawson at pouring out of a guilty conscience. “I know I shouldn’t have eaves drop, but I’m in love with Mirror, I always have been, what, what are you talking about? The night before Mirror was lost, she came to me, into my bed to me, it was literally impossible to do so but I refused her. Though, just as I refused her, she grew furious, went on the attack, tried to force herself on me, what the hell are you talking about! You and Mirror? No, Aggie, I loved her yes, just as you did, but I would never betray you, never, but instead of her realizing that, so you’re telling me all this time you knew what offences she’d made against the Juttah and you didn’t tell either of us? Be careful you two,” with father Heus casting himself in between his two stunning towering sons, as this was no place for such anger, violence, that it wouldn’t be tolerated, were things, unimaginable things being revealed. “I was horrified at, I mean I didn’t know, how, to Aggie, to come to you, I had hoped her disappearance was something other than Negeb Ophel, I can’t tell you how sorry I am, you’re sorry! Angrily pushing him in his chest, a sorry, crying, leaking brother Amir, even appearing as a heartbeat nearing it’s end. "You’re sorry, like that Mir mean anything after what I’ve suffered, what Mirror has suffered, can you even begin to imagine? No,” ingesting hard that sickening reality of what this dear soul of both of their hearts has possibly endured and rose again to them alive. “I have nothing else, can’t you see that brother, I have nothing else! I don’t believe this, I’m seeing this Mir, I’m hearing this, but I, I, I can’t stay here Father, I will go to uncle Agurus. You know son you can’t hold any animosity or anything godless in your heart toward your brother, if you’re father telling me to be warn, I am, I am warn, it’s not that, it’s just I need space to consider this, all of this. >>>Amir, Papa,” as one moving close to the window, seeing brother Agurus (Aggie) isn’t to waste no time getting out, away, how long would he be gone he wondered, had he indeed lost his brother? “If you’re wondering whether you did the right thing, no, papa, I know I did the right thing, I just wished I’d did it sooner, you know there was no way you could’ve prevented Mirror’s exile, not after she attacked you. I know Papa, I’m alright, I have some studying to do, earlier classes, tell mom I’m not hungry, sure, if you want to talk, you know we’re here for you, yes sweet papa I know. I’ve been meaning to ask you, ah, ah about Grandma Maaseiah, you think she will see me? I know she’s really, ah, important and I’m Amir sure she would love to both see and talk with you, you really think so? Yes and getting advice from her is worth a thousand lifetimes I assure you and Amir it prove you’ve been listening and that you’re quite wise, goodnight Papa, yes son, sweet sleep. >>>So did you know? Did I know what?” Taking his shoes off, socks, getting ready to shower and for bed as he had an early morn ahead was sister Megan barely in his door, “that Chan’nel would ask me to be his promise? No, I didn’t, he said something at lunch about being certain he had one, but he refused to go into details, I guess now I see why. How did you answer? Well,” as one coming in, sitting at his desk chair, was Megan Kiera like her stunning mom, grand mom before her one of the most attractive teens in the world over, and very popular among her peers. “I tried to explain how I’d with my parents, mom and dad decided to just enter the pool, the lottery, which did not make him very happy, what do you think? I mean are you going to see Grandmar Sia Maaseiah? You heard that huh? If she will see me yes, what do you think about leaving it all to the lottery? Do you love him atoll? If you Meggie had, if there was one guy here in the Juttah Septennial you would want to marry above any other who would it be? I don’t know Mir if I can trust you with that answer, you may perhaps tell him, or even laugh at, I won’t I promise, I swear I’m, ok, ok, Landon Paris, Landon, really? You are surprised? No, ahhh, not really, Landon Paris huh? I know he’s a few years older than me, four to be exact, well since you know, tell me Mir what you think? I mean he and Chan’nel are possibly as different as night and day, they’re both faithful to the Juttah or Meggie they wouldn’t or couldn't be here, only Landon isn’t doing the asking, Chan’nel is and what are the chances of you winning Landon through the lottery? Slim I admit, well, since you my loving brother know all my secrets I bid you a goodnight, yeah honey, ah, don’t forget to pray about it, the Supreme Meggie always knows best, sweet sleep as papa would say.”

Juttah Septennial VI

…Even the Daughters Of My Dispersed…
Scene VI

-“Wow you guys are abnormally quiet, like you don’t know why, ah, the pool right? To be honest I don’t think any of you lame brains are ready for marriage, and you are, let me rephrase that, and the lame brain you are Amir is ready? So what did he say? What did who say? Ah come on Amir your cousins are dying of suspense, what did Aggie say when you told him about Mirror? Ah he freaked, wanted to see her, went to see her, what you mean went to see her? Just that Gabe, ah man, and you was there? I was there, wishing I was a fly on the wall but yes I was there, man, I bet he doesn’t know what to do now, speaking of which, where is Aggie? What you mean where is he, he stayed with you guys last night, right? With who? Not with us, wait, after Aggie and dad talked he said he was coming over to yall's house, then we’re telling you he never did. Ah God, ah god, he was pretty pist when he left, you don’t, nall, maybe he just decided to sleep elsewhere, like where Gabe? I’m going, I’ll reach Papa, tell him, you guys get on the communicator call everyone and I do mean everyone. >>>Mrs. Stoner, I’m sorry, there’s an emergency, I need to speak with Bethel, please, Amir Coogan right? I’ll get her since it’s urgent but make it quick, you know what? I just remembered Bethel Clooney is absent today, something about her mom, thanks, sure, what are the chances? Pardon, ah no madam, I was talking to myself,” as one moving off thinking it could not simply be coincidence that brother Agurus and his intended Bethel were both absent. >>>”How did you find this place, it’s so amazing? Biking one day, I stumbled upon it and I said, ah my God, Beth has to see this you know, will you say them with me, will you Beth spend eternity throughout as my wife? My Lord Aggie, that water fall alone, I can’t believe places this amazing exist on this planet still. I study them day and night,” as one rubbing his keen, flawless cheek like so, along those sexy, kissable lips, that perfect nose, hairstyle, “I love Agurus Shiban Coogan so much, sooo much. I Bethel Angelical Clooney, I’m not a child, I am a woman, I fully understand the vows I will make, I Bethel Angelical Clooney,” again as one caressing this stark stare, stance into hers, this beautiful, beautiful young man, "love and now vow of him from now unto eternity, with him, do take thee Agurus Shiban Coogan to be my spiritual and abiding husband. To have and to hold from this day forward until the rest of eternity, I promise to love you, you sweet, sweet man, in sickness and in health, for better or worse, for richer or poorer until death take us and arrive us at the Supremes throne. I will love, you are this love mine Preece Agurus Shiban Coogan, thine own Preecest Bethel Angelical Clooney. This is all Bethel like this indescribable dream come true, instead of a fairytale, a deity-tale, Christ himself, it is as though I was born to be here this day, entering in a covenant of matrimony with no one other than Bethel Angelical. "I Agurus Shiban Coogan, I am not a child, I am a man, I fully… >>>That’s just it Papa Aggie didn’t stay at uncle’s house, or any of the other relatives or friends, I don’t want to say it,” by now as one obviously brought to tears at the thought his brother could’ve fallen into exile, to that hill, that it too would be his fault. “But suppose, no, no, you and your brother are too wise for that, ok, ah what was this precious treasure you and he were fretting over before you found Mirror? You think that Papa may have something to do, what is that, the alarms are being sounded, what is happen? You grab Meggie and go son, mom and I will meet you there, go, go now, hurry, ok papa, ok!”

Juttah Septennial VII

…Shall Bring My Offering…
Scene VII

>>>”What is going on? The Sia’s are here and that mean? I don’t think any of us know Troy man, that’s what, shhhhh, you guys, come on now, any word about Coogan, Agurus? Not yet, rumor has it the spirits got him, they’re not spirits, they’re physical being, more like the Cherbims. Chan’nel!” As those trying to get his attention as he sat rolls away, was the stadium filling up pretty fast,
”hey you guys, so what’s happening? My parents seem to think they’re going to announce the year of the Harvest, that this is it and if so, the promise will be postpone. Postpone for how long? A season or so? Who knows man, man I hope not, Miracle and I are tired of waiting you know, so are we Tyler man, so are we, hey, look, there’s Amir, that fine sister of his, Megan, be careful Cole man how you talk, right? You right, she is a looker though, I mean honestly." >>>"My Name is Sia Preece Darius and I want to bring this meeting to order, since we’re in the Septenniel for seven years now, it’s time we consider the harvest, how a time has come for Negel Ophel to offer up its ingathering of crops, it’s exiles. I don’t know how many here have loved ones there, but that isn’t to matter, they’re all relying on us and we need as many volunteers as possible. May I Mr. Sia Darius, I’m Braveheart, Braveheart Deburk and, well Sir, Sia’s, is it true the promise will have to be forfeited for now, for the reaping of the harvest that is, Sir, Sia? I know that is what you’ve been told, but one actually doesn’t have to prevent the other, if there are those of you who want to enter into the harvest espoused, surely the Sia Juttah will not prevent you. This mean we will Preecest Braveheart find a way that one doesn’t intervene with the other. It is true that Messiah now reigns in Jerusalem and could visit here with us just as soon? Yes, that is also true, there’s word spreading fast that he walk among us and yes will visit us and when he come we want the exiles to be at a standstill for now. So all those who’re willing please sign up before you leave here today and make it known, if there are no more questions, we’re now adjourn. Ah my God he’s coming here, Sia Messiah, Israel is coming here, did you here? The harvest will not prevent the promise, thank God for that, oh my God, for a thousand years you guys, for a thousand years there’s to be nothing but peace, love and good will to man, for you guys a thousand years. Thank you, thank you, thank you, I can’t believe you did that, yeah she isn’t called Braveheart for nothing, I just knew there are thousands upon thousands hearts in waiting here with that inquiry, somebody had to do it. Then all of you just try being the only girl among eight older perfect in the Christ Lord brothers, eight, you have eight older brothers? Yes, you right, my Christ how can you not be brave? Yeah, sometimes I think my name isn’t just a name but a spoken prophecy, ah that’s cute, that’s really good. I would Brave really love to meet your parents, my parents?” Obviously finding said remarks, this suggestion rather odd, but did it as well intimidate her, because to be honest only males with a promise toward a female would purpose to meet their parents. “Well Beeth, I don’t trust you, what you mean you don’t trust me? Just that, they’re believer’s and you, you’re kinda wishy washy and what Brave, that’s a sin? To be honest, kidda yeah, it really is, I mean you can’t be undecided Beeth or Fifth whatever doing the crossover, its Beethoven’s Fifth, excuse me, your name is Beethoven’s Fifth and you want to meet my parents? Well my mom’s name is Ninth Symphony Artz, so it’s kinda hereditary, ah, I see, that make even more sense. Are you mocking me? Because that Brave sound a lot like mockery, well I got to go, I have my Torah Classes, so that’s a no on meeting your parent? I’m sorry, I thought that was like a rhetorical response, I didn’t know you, yes, I meant it, but why? I’ve heard things, you’ve heard things like what? Please, I just want to get to know you better and meeting your parents would more than suffice that longing I guess you can say,” seeing her in a hurry did Beethoven Fifth hurry this conversation right alone, but of no true worth as Nesting Brave Heart flatly declined. “I got to go, I can’t be late, ok, so you think about it? What, I don’t know man, Brave? Yes, why not? She’s intriguing, stunning and intriguing, she’s weird and so is her entire family, I mean maybe coming from a large male family does that, perfect male family, or did you get that part? And don’t forget I have four older brothers who are identical quads, try growing up Dane with a name like Beethoven’s Fifth and in a household were your siblings had to wear name tags,” causing them all to break into laughter did most of the guy group see the attraction Brave would ensure but not to the point they would try courting her. “See you guys later, hey we all better get, you know how Mr. Clifford is, does he know there’s rumor Brave Hearts brothers are the Sia Deburks, you mean those weird ones of the Paris Globe? That’s exactly what I mean, ah my god, ah my god!” >>>”I can’t do this,” having now husband Agurus taking his fill of her, of his now stunning Juttah Bride was now Preecest Wife Bethel for lack of a better word made horrified. “Heyyyy, heyyyyy,” bringing his weight from off of her, his now sorely intimidating intentions to make them as one, to consummate their yet steaming vows of matrimony. “Please Agurus, just take me home,” beginning to breakdown, to tremble and cry, was this most alarming, did she not know what they’d both decided, and just performed? Truly how terrified with uncertainty she now was. “You know we’re married now, I know that’s what you say, Beth, don’t, don’t do that, I, I, I just want to go home Agurus, ok, ok, don’t be so upset, I would never fool you, or hurt you. I treasure you Beth, you know that, I thought you treasured me as well, I do, but not here,” fanning her eyes around a cave area quite beautiful actually, though was Beth reminded of the Reapers, that possibly what she and now Preece husband Agurus Shiban were in lots of trouble. “I guess I didn’t think, I don’t want to be exiled from my family, I don’t want to fall into the hands of the reapers, heyyyyy,look at me, come, please, I would never put you, us in that manner of danger, that’s why the vows we took are as divine, as sacred as the Cross of Christ itself. I want to just go, ok, ok, we’ll go, you do Bethel understand you’re my wife now? I do, and how does that make you feel delighted or betrayed? Right now Agurus all I feel is fear, so, ok, we’ll go, we’ll go.”

Juttah Septennial VIII

...In that day shall you not be ashamed…
Scene VIII

-”I’m coming as quickly as I can, well hello young man,” opening the door to a stunning, towering young man, so expert in appearance, such a delightsome spirit, but why was he at their door? “May I help you young man, yes, is this where, I’m with intention to, to ah, meet, ah Bravehearts,’ to meet the parents of the woman I’m to ask to be my promise,” stunning both himself, and this older gentleman answering the door, did they both stand silent in the door. Ah we have a guess? Yes madam, I hope I’m at the right house, I’m madam Beethoven and I’m here to ask for your daughter, Brave Heart hand in marriage, please Mr.? Ah Artz, please Mr. Artz come in, excuse Father Deburk, please son, I’m, it’s just that we don’t get many visits, make that not any, so please make yourself welcome. We’re, well we seem startled, to be sincere Mr. Artz, it’s Beeth, most just call me, well, what mother Deburk is trying to say is in no certain terms has Nesting Brave Heart given us even the slightest hint if you will that she’s, that’s because she doesn’t know. I wanted to meet you all first, I wanted to meet the people who brought such a wondrous woman, ah person as her, you have to know how exceptional Brave, ah Nesting Brave Heart is? Well yes, she is indescribable as you’re incapable of announcing, so this request is of your own inquisition? Yes, I mean I will ask her as soon as she arrive, home, if that is ok? If she agree then I will be most happy but if she decline, I will be disappointed but honored that I at least inquired. A wise lad, a brave lad, we were about to have lunch, will you Beethoven join us? Is that what is smelling so delightsome, churning my starving belly so? There’s no way I can resist." >>>"So you care so much for her Aggie you would make this kind of risk? I didn’t father see this risk that you continue to insist upon. We studied the Juttah vows, we both understood them well, we know exactly what we were doing, the purpose for elopement father is because we wanted such the like commitment to be system free. So Agurus son you think this is what Bethel is telling her sorely outraged parents? I know how this all seem father, how defiant and all but that was not our purpose, Bethel is the one woman in all the world I want to spend my eternity with, that father is a huge, gigantic decision, it’s not Agurus honey that we doubt your intention, nor that blessed heart of yours. Though, Bethel seem to be totally withdrawn regarding this ginormous decision as you say, are you sure honey she understood the Juttah Vows as truly, as definitely as you? Mother, there is no way on this earth I would betray anyone, let alone the woman who is to be my eternal bride, I would rather the father take me on to glory, than wrong anyone. Now please, I must see her, I must see Bethel, alright, alright, we’ll come with you, let you explain, but Agurus it’s not up to Bethel any more, but her parents, now stand still and let that digest into your sweetest heart and here we go.” >>>"Hello, what, what are you doing here? “ Happening upon a positive Beethoven’s Fifth, on a swing just outside her house, to say she was stun, was Nesting Brave Heart quite bedazzled, “I want to ask you something, my parents, they know you, they’re amazing, your parents, they invited me to lunch, a veggie casserole and the best bread pudding ever, and I mean ever. Will you Nesting Brave Heart be my immortal? Your immortal what, what is it you think you’re doing, asking of me? You hardly believe any, you mean like my kingdom isn’t of this world, nor yours, nor any man for that matter, that this is what Jesus was explaining to Governor Pilate. Though without explaining it, no man can know let alone admit such things except by the Holy Spirit, you know, things like all mankind walk through, by a shadow of death. That all they’ve done is taken that same curse influenced by satanic, to demonic, to politic/religious powers and crafted them a lifestyle most perilous, ok,” seeing she’s to stop off of this stunning young man most intimidating, “who are you? You are Nesting Brave Heart, your brothers are the Debuke Tribe, I didn’t ask Beethoven who I was, but just who are you? You mean like Christ ask the disciples who do men say that I am? Ok, Ok, I’m Beethoven Fifth Artz, Cockeron, I’m the brother of four older brothers who are quads, parents just as rooted and grounded in the things of Christ. I admit, not eight Brave heart like you, but just as mystifying I assure you, meaning I’ve been reared in the things of God for as long as I’ve been able to hear, so you can say it’s kind of meant to be, you and I. Good day Mr. Artz, Cockeron, please don’t come here ever again, so that’s a no to the proposal? Please, just leave me alone, forever, ok? >>>“My mother being the Sia Juttah, the oracle, these vows, both living and spirit have always been a part of my family, so I guess you’re to blame his overwhelming romanticism on all of us Coogans. I care to ask have you and the misses read the Juttah vows, I can say we have, they’re most invigorating, though they don’t justify the elopement in no way. We can assure you Mr. and Mrs. Clooney we’re in just as much agreement as you are, we just wanted to assure our son’s legitimacy in all of this, that he meant nothing more mischievous than he and Bethel being in love, wanting to make themselves this private affair. Well she has admitted she’s in love with your son, that she knew what she was doing, that this wasn’t anything abrupt, that they’d practiced and prepared themselves quite well. There was something instead about her really becoming concern about whether what they’d did was accepted by God and how they were perhaps in danger of the reapers, which drove them back home. What say we bring Agurus in and you all bring Bethel down and let them settle this little mishap between themselves, she will not be hurried against her will! No, Agurus I assure you would never do that, it’s just that they’re married now, we should at least let them discuss these things between themselves, of course Sia Coogan that make all the sense in the world, of course.”

Juttah Septennial IX

…For All Your Doing…
Scene IX

”It’s final, Brave hates me, first it was because she didn’t think I was serious enough about the things of God, now it’s because I’m perhaps too serious, that I comprehend a great deal, now I’m, that remind me Beeth man, professor Coogan laid a doozy on us today. There was his debate and all about how the students all have Christ, he asked, well does Christ have any of you? That many people are convinced they’re Christ, with this Christ announcing how he’s to turn away many because of unconfessed sin, then he said, asked, truly, can any of you wear white? Then he told us to read Rev. 5, 7 and 19 and we’re to discuss what he mean our next session. So amazing Beeth man because Rev. 19, I know Cobra what it say about the church bride, how her robe being white because it’s been washed by the Lamb’s blood of life, ah my god, can you wear white? How amazing is that inquiry, why didn’t I think of that? Yes, it is most clever, will cause a lot of people to recount their faith and faithfulness, so Casp what news of Coogan? Ah, all is fair, is all Mir would say, although it’s not official there are those who’re to think it’s about an elopement, um, well at least he has someone whose willing. I take it, it didn’t go so well with the future Mrs. Brave Heart Artz? Ah Casp, how I Love the sound of that, not that it’s any of your business, but no it didn’t, she actually ask, well, told me to leave and to never return. Did you know she entered her name into the pool promise? I’m sorry, she what? I was there, I saw it with my own eyes, Dane man if you’re mistaking, I’m not, I was there too, I saw it, but why Kadesh man would she leave it up to chance? You must know Beeth, most faithers like her don’t see it that way, they see it as knowing for a certain God’s will for their lives, you know, leaving it up to faith in Him. Your parents Kadesh man are chiefs, is there a way to rig the pool? What Beethoven does it matter once the reapers get you for your outright fraudulence? Please think before you speak, even leap, please, I will see you guys later, I have one more hand to play, as long Beeth man we’re not to read your name among the exiles!” Hollering after him getting off rather hastily at the news that Nesting Brave Heart had more than betrayed his sincere proposal, unto leaving their faith to the Juttah tombola. “Man I can’t wait to see what he’s up to, me either, to be honest he’s scaring me, how long has he been this way about Brave? Are you kidding Vince man, since forever, he’s just been very covert about it all, hum, I hope he knows what he’s doing, he know about her being of the Deburk Tribunal? He know there is rumor she is, that Kadesh man just seem to add more fuel to the flame. Hey Kadesh man I been meaning to ask, is it true while you was a kid the sun was stayed by your parents for days and days discouraging kidnappers who’d taken you hostage or something like that? It’s true Adam Eve man, what of it? I’ve asked you repeatedly to call me Adam man, ok, ok, how would you like it if I call you Meshullum Kadesh, that’s my name Adam Eve man, why should I mind? Ok, we’ll see, and you guys, and you guys what Dane man? Ah come on I grew up hearing about this, how did she do it, the same why man Moses parted the red sea, what she had a staff that she pointed into the heavens? Ahhh, you missed,” as one playfully dodging a swing at him as they all broke into laughter. Soon witnessing Meshullum Kadesh get away to classes, that he had his own mission, love interest Felicity Elane Stuard who’d just as so answered his proposal by as well entering the pool of promise. That was good Landon man, he think he’s so smart, his name mean reconcile, be holy, did you all know that, that he like his father, stand to be the next Darius Juttah? How you know all of that Mekhi man? Because his father is married to Amire and Agurus aunt, who is nothing less than acting Queen Juttah, and they told me the whole story, this is a heads up you guys, Kadesh is a holy man, he just doesn’t want to be. So you gonna be at the pub tonight? Nall, you guys know I don’t hang out at that place, that’s just it Mekhi man, we don’t know anything about you except you’re really good at and in all your classes, that you get the same thing for lunch every day. that you’re named for your father. As so, you have two younger brothers who by the way act like you don’t exist, well that’s their lost, I’ll see you guys later, hey we all best go, lunch is over, the bell is about -to –ring, and there it goes.” >>>”And what Bronze are you proposing, that we force her? You’re talking about Brave Heart, she’ll not stand for it, there’s only one thing we can do, get her name withdrawn from the pools, I’m sorry, how are we to do that? Well Brave is still under age, so it’s either convincing the parents, or her next in line guardian Sia Sioux Noel, you two have this much faith in this young Preece? He’s Cheyenne been writing for the Paris Globe since he was fourteen, I’m sorry say that again, the BFA files, you guys are freaking me out here, well now you see why we have so much faith in him. Ok, I’ll admit that reality make him truly exceptional but if this work, it’ll be nothing less than an arranged marriage and if anything goes wrong, anything we’ll be at fault. I know this boy, being BFA files Lion, we all know him and there is none better for her, none. All others will marry her for her beauty, and her being a woman could pretty much silence her, then there goes her wisdom and knowledge of Holy Spirits and that may as well be death for Brave, we all know that. You, all of you better be right about this, now to convince the others, unto mom and dad, and grandmar Rumar. Then there's Sioux, locate him, we need to meet with him, all of us, the conference room, let’s say this evening. I’ll get Sioux, you guys get BFA, as you all call him, what does that stand for anyway? Beethoven’s Fifth Artz, I know, but we just found out ourselves. He say his mother’s name is Ninth Symphony Artz, so it kind of runs in the family or something like that, we’re running out of time, if we’re going to have success, we need to get this done as soon as possible.”

Juttah Septennial X

…Wherein you have transgressed against me…
Scene X

“It is true you told your parents you love me? You know Aggie I love you, I panic, it was never about doubting my feelings for you,” seeing how he’s to take and play into her fingers, into kissing each one, truly exciting her. “What a gloomy day,” taking her hand, bringing them into the balcony, looking out into a sun stripped day, the highway of traffic in the distant, both on land and sea, was there a flock of birds overhead as well. “I can hardly believe it, we’re husband and wife now, yes, my Aggie is free to do with me as he will,” coming only a breath’s length from his own, touching her lips like so, her chin, into bringing her into a strenuous hug of themselves. Make love to me Aggie, you sure? I’m sure I want or I’m ready to know what you feel like inside of me,” biting her instantly along that confession stinging his private areas so, spinning them back into her room at slowly undressing one the other. “How incredible you are,” having removed her top, even her bra to peaked, sorely striking breast just perfect for kissing, could she hardly stand his warm mouth and clever tongue, breath, at laying her upon the bed. “You are so incredible,” Agurus Shiban, with much pleasure at striking his stout chest like so, did she move her hips side to side at him removing her panties at this stunning gentleman gone mad finding her even more desirable. “No it is her, Mrs. Bethel Coogan, how unspeakable, truly how undeserving I am,” at finishing his own undressing, a steeping hunger climaxing at being this near to coming into his burning wife, and she in him, a bite of perfumed neck, those sorely edible ears, her mouth, lips, even her teeth, that consumed her right up, that they be no more ever, ever, Aggie!” With intense apprehension could she feel his harden sword drawing closer, all the more intensifying her, all the more electrifying them both, “shhhhh,” O how she’s to tremble with both delight and sweet, sorely kissable anxiety, that all the more igniting a rapturous longing within the pit of his steaming blood it was to come into this matrimonial fascination now or perish from the severe anticipation of it all, this their immortal marriage bed. >>>“What Lion, Saber is this about? You’ve entered into the pool of promise? Not that it’s either of my brother’s business, yes, it is our business Brave as we’re most concern for you, why? Is that why I’m here? You’re beloved here because we want to make a suggestion, what kind of suggestion? Well that Brave is according to how much you trust us, our, our, guidance, your, ok, who is he and what make you think you can interfere with my liberty to make my own choice? We know Beloved this young Preece is just perfect for you, knock, knock.” Now seeing brother Bronze Coten is to come in as well, could an unease Nesting Brave Heart not believe what she was seeing nor hearing, especially hearing. “Do you know what’s happening here? Ahhh a little I supposed, a little you suppose, they’re trying to convince me unto a promise of their choice, can you believe that? Is there Nesting Brave Heart someone in particular you like or love, or what have you? Even Bronze Coten Field ,” that he’d called her by her entire name did she mockingly return the favor, had they angered and clearly frustrated her in ways they’d not intended. “If there is such a one I can’t see how it’s either of your business, you were free to choose, Mom, Dad and Grandmar Rumah say I’m as well free to choose. We never said beloved you wasn’t free to choose, tell me who this is or I walk, ahhh you probably don’t know him, he’s Beethoven’s Fifth Artz, also known as BFA Files, what? I’m confused, the BFA files, some of the most anointed articles of the Paris Globe? That’s not possible, yes, we’re telling, wait, you know this person? Waiting for me on the front swing just a day ago did he asked for my participation in the promise, that I be his immortal and don’t you guys stand there as though you know nothing about it! Beloved please calm down, please, Lion, some water, look, the Supreme Nest as this witness we knew nothing of this proposal. To be true we’ve had our eye on this young noteworthy Preece for years as an ideal match for our noteworthy sister, so you’re telling me, this, is,” wiping her spilling nose like so, unto being hand tissues for her eyes, for her breaking as this, as what they were telling her was nothing short of miraculous, of divine intervention. “No! Spinning up, off, this bitter uncertainty, No No No! I get to choose and I don’t choose him, Brave, please, No! Never will I choose him, his mockery alone, mockery, what mockery? You, my beloved brothers have possibly been in the dark regarding all of this, but not him, not Beethoven’s Fifth, he knows exactly what he’s doing and I don’t trust him, I won’t and there is nothing you can say ever. You didn’t say it, not out aloud, I didn’t Saber say what?” Preventing someone as distraught as her just as she’s to make this resistance of her this permanent show of individuality out the door closed behind her. “His showing up at the house, after you, to convince you Brave, to convince you of exactly what we’re at attempts to do is nothing short of divine intervention. Meaning Brave, the will of God, I said what I said and I’m not taking it back, the pool will decide for me. Lion? It wasn’t me, Saber? I think you’re going to Bronze figure it wasn’t any of us, yeah didn’t you just tell our beloved Brave Heart it was divinity, yeah a deity-tale, a what? Yeah Medicine Bow, he said instead of a fairytale, it’s a deity-tale, wow I like that. I guess you guys it’s on to plan B, we’re going to have to withdraw her name from the pool, only Bronze that is against her will and I have this heart problem with that, yeah me too, well let’s take it to big bro Sia Sioux Deburk, he’s more wise than us all. I still can’t believe he found her, and proposed to her, you right Lion not in a million years would BFA ask just anyone to be his immortal, not in a million years, which all the more prove we’re right about him, even them and nearly got our heads chopped off being right, yeah, didn't Jesus warn us about something like that?”

Juttah Septennial XI

...For then I will take out of the midst of you...
Scene XI

”Beth honey? Yes father,! That at a knock to the door, did it alarm them at them reaching for and finding cover, even their spilled about clothes, “your mom and I would like Agurus and yourself to come down for dinner, yes father that sound delightful, ten mintues, yes, father, you’re crying!” As one hearing the creaking in her voice had they roughly made themselves one this day, this special evening of them all, …”you hurt me, I, I , I didn’t mean to, I just had to be one with you there was nothing else, “shhhhhh,” my sweet, sweet Aggie,” kissing each crying eye did Bethel know it was nothing intentional just her desperate husband breaking through to piping flesh and blood at drastic limits uncontrollable. “We better go, I’m not crossed at you, I love you, I love you so much, and I my darling, darling wife you, I’m sorry I hurt you, I’m not any more, now truly we are this one in love and marriage, how amazing is my husband in my heart, in my flesh and my soul, how so amazing.” >>>”It didn’t work!” Coming upon a reserved Beethoven’s Fifth, a cafeteria filled of Juttah promises, would Nesting Brave Heart portray a side of herself, a sordid side none of them had ever seen of her. “This going to the Tribunal Deburk, to my brothers, it didn’t work, I will never marry you, I’d rather be taken by reapers and lost to Negeb Ophel than to be married to you, why? Excuse me? You see Brave, I know that was the last inquiry you thought I would make, but I’ll make it clear for you, right here in front of everyone, why don’t you want to be married to me? I don’t have to answer that, no you don’t but I think I deserve an answer, I want to choose and I don’t choose you, you don’t want to marry me because it’s the Supremes’ will, right and not your own? What are talking about? I don’t want to marry you because we’re too much alike, well so is Christ and the Church Bride, if I’m not mistaken he has groomed her to be identical to Himself? I, I, just leave me alone,! As one storming out quite emotional, did Beethoven’s Fifth feel bad that he’d possibly taken the wrong approach, that not only had he, but had she possibly said too much. “Well Beeth man so much for that failed clin’ce of how opposites attract, man I never would’ve thought of that. That the Christ Lord groomed the, well you know, I’m sorry Beeth man, I know you hate seeing her like that, the way you feel and all. I don’t know whether to run after her or not, you’re free man to do either, just be weary of your head, she seem angry enough to bite it right off, right Kadesh man, right. If I sit you’re not gonna beat me up are you? Seeing she's to turn off at a brush under each eye, did a concern after her Beethoven’s Fifth take Kadesh’s advice and freely chose. I’m sorry, like I told your brothers only hours passed, I don’t Brave want to force you against your will, I mean what kind of marriage would that be? Not one I want, I guess I’m to ask for forgiveness, forgiveness for what? For all of this, for making the most happiest girl in all the world so sad, that is not what I wanted I assure you, it’s your free spirit Brave that draws me. I agree with you, let the pool decide, I’ll drop my name as well, see what happen. You’ll what? They told me who you are, that you’re BFA files, there’s no way you’re going to enter the tombola, there’s no way, I don’t know Brave, there was a time I thought the same about you, only look at us now. You would really be taking a chance of being married to the last person ever you want to wed, is that not beloved the chance you’re taking? This is permanently forever. It was nice talking to you, as so you Brave, I accept your apology, I know now you meant no real harm, you have a nice rest of the day, as so Preecest you.” Seeing she’s to move off, away not in the direction of classes but home, was the day only starting, but to her it must have felt more like an end. “I summon you heavenly host, it’s left to you, its all left to you.” >>>”Amire is here to see you and no one in this house Mirror is going to tell him you’re not here, Amire! What a lovely surprise, could we take a walk down to the pond, sure, it’s a wondrous day to do so. So what bring you to my, what is it, neck of the woods is it? I want to know Mirror if you will be my wife? The blond beauties, this is what they were called, descendants of their Parent fathers school days, 'The Beauty Pact,' did they represent them all so well. "Your, I mean I knew Amire you felt guilty, but never this guilty, this isn’t that, not anymore, if you Mirror yet love me as you stated that night. Then, I want to take that, have it by Holy Spirits transformed into something as amazing as only they can. I don’t understand, what about Agurus, Agurus know how I feel, I finally told him, and? And he pitched a fit, went off the planet and such, but he since married, eloped unto the Juttah Vows with Bethel Elaine, ah Clooney. Eloped? Playing along some stunning white roses did the lake seem to be inundated with them quite beautiful,“the Juttah vows? Leaving you stuck to make amends, Holy Spirit this witness, that is not Mirror what this is, I’ve really considered this and if I’d not returned? The pool promise, you, one of the most astonishing young men in the Juttah Province leaving it all to chance?” Once having long, streaked brown hair now cut into what Amire Heus thought were literal edible tressels, unto perfect facial features, plumps lips and alluring gray eyes. "Or is it Amire you being convinced that since I been on that hill there isn’t one Promise that’s to marry me? I’ve loved you since the moment I laid eyes on you, I feel that way Mirror hill or not, be my wife, my helpmeet, the mother of my children and all else above. You mean it don’t you, all of it? I know Mir this is going to be hard for you to believe, but I’m none of the things you just described to me, nor do I ever want to be, it’s you, it’s not me. I’m leaving for Madagascar in a week, I want no more of this place Amire, thus I can’t agree to be your wife, what about the perfect timing concerning your return? I asked for this, I prayed and pleaded for this, but I didn’t, look, I told mom I would help with dinner, you be well Amire and Godspeed, Mirror, please, I’m sorry Amire, I can’t, I just can’t.”

Juttah Septennial XII

…Them who rejoice in your pride…
Scene XII

-"No, what we’re hearing is because this girl rejected, Brave Heart isn’t just some girl, yeah, whatever, it’s crazy that you’re too pool yourself out to some insignificant otherwise unknown to prove what man, what? Have you even talked to the quads about this, to your brothers, or do you even care anymore? Hey Cobra, can we talk? Yes, sure, see you guys later. I’m floored here you guys, I don’t know, I just don’t know, I tell you all if Brave, you know, ah god you’re right. I'm so bitter at admitting it but you guys are right, I’m gonna to talk to my bros, pray about it, this is not like me, I don’t stress you guys, I have too much faith in the Supreme for that. You coming? Do you really need me to? Yes Vicente I really need you to come, ok you guys later, hum, never seen Beeth disjointed so, yeah well he’s terrified he’s to lose Brave to the promise you know, speaking of which, who was that beauty leading Cobra off? That’s one of the Hymm girls, Makala, Cobra asked her, but hadn’t as yet got an answer. You know they come from famous models, yeah well she look like it doesn’t she? So Cha'nel, did you as you said ask? The last you was here we talked of the pool, the promise, and, yeah I know, I said I had someone, knew someone, but she’d decided to trust the pool as well. I think a record number of Juttah Preece and Preecest will trust the pool this year, I tell you if any of these females ask me, I’ll agree in a nano second, me too Cha'nel man, me too. Did you know that's what Felicity Elaine did, entered the pool promise? Does Kadesh know that? There was something about her mother convincing her since there were so many prospects it would be best, wise mom, but I think that took a little sting out of the stinger if you guys know what I mean? Not really Vicente man, but what else is new?" >>>"You gonna tell me or do I have to ask? He asked me to be his promise? Ah my god, one of the most special boys in the Juttah, I told you, I knew, I turn him down Mar, I’m going into Madagascar! You what? Yes, I don’t want the Juttah and I don’t want to be married to it, to a Juttah Preece, have you lost your mind? If that’s what it take to get out of this nightmare yes, thankfully, I can’t believe you, that anyone would want you, you turn down a Coogan! Do you want my help or not? No, you go to your room and figure how you’re to explained to Amir how you wasn’t in your right mind, that you will marry him, and be, no mother I won’t! I’m old enough to make my own decision and I’m not marrying some mummified goody, too shoes, you damn right he’s good! Love you, been crazy concerning you since you disappeared and now proposed to you, this is nothing short of a miracle, can’t you see that? I can’t believe this, what now mom? You wouldn’t believe if I told you, Amire Coogan proposed to your sister and guess what? She turn him down, that girl, first she ditch Agurus Coogan to his brother and now she want nothing to do with Amir, two of the most popular boys of the promise. I’m going to call him, tell him I’ll marry him if Mirror won’t, stop joking, this is serious, as so mom am I. Then you just go right up those stairs and tell your sister that, just see what she say. Mom told me what happen, if you really don’t mind, I’ll marry him, I’ll marry Amire, there is Myra Castle only one problem with that, he didn’t ask you, say you don’t care and mean it and I’ll ask him, ok, I don’t care and I mean it, there, now leave me the hell alone!”

Juttah Septennial XIII

...And You Shall No More Be Haughty Because Of My Holy Mountain...
Scene XIII

-”Nall Beeth, I just think you became a little too sure of yourself and this Brave Heart person just brought you down a couple notches, and you, just how J. are you again Trist man? So what did she say really? She said Richard and I quote, she rather be taken by reapers and lost to Negeb Ophel than to be married to me, whoo, that’s harsh, way harsh. Yeah Beeth man, how did you offend her to that degree? Apparently Adam just by asking her to be my immortal promise, there has to be more, well, actually, Brave Heart, well her brothers are the Tribunal Deburks. They kind of took my side against her as well, Brave heart is a Deburk, of the Paris Globe and all that? Yeah, I thought I, no Beeth you didn’t, don’t even incriminate yourself like that, and they tried, they took your side, why? You wouldn’t believe me if I told you, you’ve already Beeth told us some unbelievable things, ok they’ve been my mentors for years, they are Paris Globe, what is so unbelievable about and I’m BFA Files. I always have been, I started when I was twelve, yeah right,” bringing them all into a tickled about smirk along their drinking glasses surely he didn’t expect them to believe him. “Wait a minute, you really expect us to believe that? Beethoven’s Fifth Artz Files, I have every rough draft of every page at home in my ledger, you, ah my god he’s serious. Nall, that’s not possible, you’re only barely seventeen, ask me anything, ok, ah, America? Man’s failed ideology of making a lifestyle out of a curse of death, which is why they, all mankind will genocide in less than a decade if there is no divine intervention.” Ah my god, our, you’re, ah my God, our brother you, our little, bitty brother is the BFA files. Man, I been trying to figure what those initials stood for, and this girl you guys, Nesting Brave Heart, she is my match in every way I kid you not, but to spite all of that she entered the pool promise, thus I think I should do the same. I’m sorry Beeth man I have nothing, I’m still trying to get over the fact you’re the BFA Flies, man, you’re in a pickle, a maze, a maze of a pickle. I know Stephon what I’m in, how do I get out, even get Brave Heart out? Didn’t some kid years passed withdraw his name from the pool, yeah it’s possible, but it has to be some mighty urgent cause you know, some mighty urgent. It is believed by the African Septennial that everyone in the Juttah are promised, so the pool is used to reunite them into married couples. The Tribe has said since Brave is under age her parents or guardian can withdraw her from the pool but I don’t know if that’s fair to her, Brave is really adamant about making her own choice and she choose the Tombola Pool. Look I just wanted to know what you guys thought," as one readying his fork additionally as he'd done several times before, was this dinner gathering useless at resolving this pickle of a mess brother Stephon described he was in. "I don’t want a forced marriage, so I will leave Brave to her choice and make my own, how brave of you little bro, how sacrificial, you rather lose her, than use her for your own gain, how very brave indeed.” <<<{{{“Like when Aggie man are you coming home? You guys don’t miss me already? Yeah we do, even Meggie? Yeah she’s right here, hey Aggie when you coming home? So, when? You guys do know I’m a married man now, I don’t make these decisions alone anymore? Of course, we have a new sister, we know, so when? Ok, ok, soon and when is soon? I really Aggie need to talk to you, well if it’s Mir that urgent why don’t you just come over, come over? As in, you sure, I mean aren’t you guys like in honeymoon stage? Yet Mir, you’re begging me home regardless, ok I’ll grab Gabe and Ash and be right over, ok? I'm sorry Gabe and Ash? What, should I, ok, ok Mir see you guys soon"}}}. "So with Mirror’s decline does that mean you’re to enter the pool promise? To be honest that’s what I want to talk to Aggie about? Well can I come? You really want to? You know you and Gabe can’t get alone five seconds, I’m not studying Gabe, he need to get him a life. I think he has, he asked Ethos Oba, why her? Why not her Meggie? Your entering the pool, you better get off of whatever manner of prejudice you’re to have, you could end up an Oba or a Cotrom, what about Preecest Martyr Venice Cotrom? I better not, I’ll march myself up that hill and meet those reapers head on, entering the pool promise you must know there’s a chance, yes, there is also a chance Mir I could end up Preecest Tristian Alton Vincent, yeah, you ready? Assuredly my brother as you are.”

Juttah Septennial XIV

…I Will Also Leave In The Midst Of You…
Scene XIV

-“Ah hail to my three sons, a ritual of there's whenever the sons of Calistus are to come of age,” seemingly had the entire tribe of them been invited to the coming out of Sia Preece Calistus three sons. “My eldest Abraha, my second son Cobra and my third son, Martyr, I past unto you all a great chess, to go, be and to serve others is the greatest honor of man. You will live in palaces not of your own, you will be treated like kings not of your kingdom and eat the food of gods, who’re not your own, and be the better men for it all. Though here we are instead in the Juttah, Africa made new and paradisiac and my three sons are face with the promise where they will make a wife of their choice, though before this, I have my own gifts to bring. Come my first son, Abraha” that at the applause of hundreds in attendance Calistus, servant of Preece Ebonee Bel’e is to bless his eldest son Abraha Abel Cotrom by awarding him a gold belt of invaluable trust. “I give unto you this belt of my ancient fathers, may you my son wear it well and mightily, with all thanks holy father, truly father what a wondrous trust. Now unto my second son, Cobra Terni Cotrom,” that at the applause yet of hundreds, did his second son appear before this blessed father, being hand a silver, magnificently designed dagger. “I grant unto you the dagger of the Cotrom house, unto that of your family, of your trust, thank you Father, truly you're above all. Now unto this third son, Martyr Venice Cotrom,” again applauded upon, upon approach to be given the stunning, cover in priceless stones chest itself. "Unto you my third son, I grant you the chest of Cotrom, the greatest value of all, thank you as well father, so blessed is the God of god in whom father you trust. Again, my three sons, Abraha, Cobra and Martyr, now unto the pool of promise. Martyr, you will have the honor of choosing first,” seeing he’s to go behind a curtain, guide his hand into a box and pull from it three specific names. That from these three choices, whether to look at these names or not, making his exit, at placing his choice into a crystal vase bearing his name. That with his two other brothers making this same ritual upon themselves would one of these three choices produce unto them each an eternal espousal, now unto a long night of celebrating them all coming of age and marriage. >>>“I have decided I want my name withdrawn from the lottery pool,” as one coming upon them siting and conversing and laughing in the living room, dad, mom and grandma Rumah, obviously they were stun by this news. “We don’t under, what’s there to understand Papa, Mama, you were right, I’m too young, would like to wait a couple years more or less, but what about the young Artz man that asked? I declined him days passed,” as one hasting to say, to remember was his proposal one of the reasons she was declining at this time, at thinking he was the last person she wanted to marry. “Yes? Yes, well because of that decline was I reminded I wasn’t as ready as I first supposed, surely grandma Rumah you understand, of course child. It is not mandatory that you marry at this time, we will yes, have your name withdrawn just as soon. Ah god, thank you, now I can focus again on my studies, what of this young Artz boy? I don’t know, I mean once I decline him I have no further concern of him. You Princes, you’re not curious why he asked you out of so many? Gooday to you all, I’ll see you for dinner, hum, there’s something curious happening here, something a bit more than a proposal to marriage, something about this Artz boy causes our princes to flee the one in the world she want and we must learn why.”

Juttah Septennial XV

…An Afflicted And Poor People…
Scene XV

-”So we did it, we all entered our names into the pool of promise, some of us ignoring and declining proposals, this was our individual choice, walking by faith and not by sight, knowing that whatever the Supreme wills we can live in the life and the eternal to come. Brave Heart, we see that hand, I’ve withdrawn, ah my name, ah, I’ve decided I want to wait, well at your age you being the youngest of us we won’t fret over that decision, anyone else in our group want to withdraw? Ok so that mean, Sheus Kroff, Kenai Romanoff, Megan Welton, Felicity Coogan, Morgan Hymm, Casandra Jazlyn Hymm, Jordon, Makala, Ethophia Hymm, Adonai Steele, Sethanie, Constance, Rosslyn Leak, have all agreed to the Tombola, may the Supreme award us our heart’s desire. >>>{{{“We thought you would want to know, Brave withdrew her name from the pool, but why? I thought that’s what she wanted, yeah but it seem your proposal changed all of that. You mean she withdrew to accept my, no, no, no, Brave has made it more than plain she will not marry you, but why? I don’t understand why, she, she doesn’t trust you, what will you do now? “That’s easy, I wait, easy, what’s easy about waiting, really? I didn’t really Preece Lion, Saber mean it like that, it’s just I got to take this opportunity and convince her she can trust me, and how do you suppose to do that? With a long handled cross, excuse us, you’ll see, just stick around. So when you gonna do another article for us? How about this very thing right here, the Juttah Promise, whether it’s to hurt or help? Ah it’s to hurt, but no more than Christ’s Cross coming in between man and his damning will for God’s mankind. I best go, mom made me promise I would be there for dinner, hey you guys welcome to come, I’m sure the quads will be there. They would love to meet you guys, two extra guess, mouths showing up for dinner, I know my mom, there’s always plenty, what say you? Ahhh, sure, ah why not, been dying to meet your brothers. So Beth this long handle cross as you say, how does that work really? I’ll start by entering into the lottery even as she decline, I’m sorry you gonna what? Yeah, how is, but won’t you, isn’t that becoming engaged with someone other than Brave? I know it look like that, but it’s not, not at all, you’re going to swindle the lottery are you? No, not at all, I’m just testing to see how truly brave is the heart of Nesting Brave heart, you’ll see, it’s all good and fair, see you guys at my place, later.”}}} <<<”So everyone wrote their well wishes of her guys name down, Brave? Well since I’m declining, we still want to know who your dream guy is, ok, ok, I’ll write it here, fold it like so and drop it into your bag, huh, no hesitation. Well, we all know what we want, it’s simply getting it, ok, so I shake this up, this is our play lottery, yeah Sheus we know, ok, ok, here goes. We’re gonna pick from the oldest to the youngest until each of us have three choices, so I go first, and it is, Cobra Cotrom.” As one laying her choice in a second bowl, ok Brave, you’re next, it’s, it’’s, well, it’s, Beethoven Fifth," taking the choice from her, saying it aloud, as Braveheart seemed frozen in place, pulling that name in particular. “Ok Kenai, your turn, ah a Stephon Victor, now you Ethos, ok, ok, ah, Damien, ok Morgan, ah, here goes, it’ Martyr, it’s Martyr Venice, you kidda skipped me, Felicity, ah my god I did. Come, come, ah you guys are not going, it’s Meshullum, Kadesh, ha, ok, Cassandra, ok, ok, Justice Makhi, now it’s Jordon turn, so what is, Damien, man don’t you wish this was the real deal! Makala, ok, here I go, ah, Gabriel, I got Gabe, ok, now Opia, do I really, ah Vicente, we chose brothers, are they brothers or cousins? Adonai, you’re next, ah, an, Itcus, that’s a Coogan, royalty, he’s good, ok, Seth, ok, here goes, Landon Paris, wow, hunky, Connie, ok, ok, ahhhh, Caspian Berlin. It's on you Rosslyn, ahh, Ashton Heus and Meggie, you’re the last, ahhh, here goes as you guys say, Coten Eden, so who here have the prize choice they’ve always wanted? Raise your hands, just one, ah come on, just one, ok, two, ok three, that’s better, well this was only a game, but if this was the actual drawing could you be satisfied, now be honest? Ok, ok, half of you say yes and the other half there’s just no way, raise, ah come on you goody too shoes, that’s sad, really, well what about you? Who and why wouldn’t you throw them back? I chose Cobra, ahhh, one of the Coogan pack, perfect, these are all really good guys, you can’t forget that, we go home, we take our choice and do an essay on how you think it would be, being married to this person. You're to plan a wedding and a honeymoon, so do your research, if you don’t know them, learn what you can without them knowing what’s going on, you have two weeks for the assignment. Brave? I told you guys I didn’t want to participate, I mean who entered Beethoven anyway? No one, these names are pulled directly out of the original Tombola, you mean he entered his name into the pool? Yes, that’s exactly what it mean, well you guys, that’s the assignment, I got to run, well, we all have to.”

Juttah Septennial XVI

…And They Shall Trust In The Name Of The Lord…
Scene XVI

-“Three choices, Myra, three times I chose the same guy, isn’t that impossible? I’m not going to marry him, the moon could turn blue or green, you’re forgetting Brave this was all for play, you don’t have to marry anyone, but it’ll be fun just pretending, right? Who did you out of three choices, Stephon Victor, I don’t know much about him, but I plan to find out, see you later, yeah you too. >>> {{{“It’s me Brave,” getting right on the communicator to her meddling brothers she often describe of them, “so are the guys fixing a boys pretend pool as well? What are you talking about? My girlfriends and I just had a pretend lottery, chose a single boy name shaken in a bag three times, guess whose name I chose three times? While Brave you can’t blame us for that, even pretending he comes up your best match. Look, we’re headed to his house right now for dinner, what, what you mean you guys are heading over there for dinner? Yeah, Lion and I, why don’t you meet us over there, yeah just what kind of crime do you have to commit before the reapers can take you? Ha, ha, ha, so you dropped out of the pool, what’s that to prove? Can’t you see, it proves neither one of you can usurp authority over me, I still have a will, I can still follow that will, yeah, keep fooling yourself, divine intervention is all over and through you, submit you here, submit!”}}} >>>“I’m just saying isn’t that the hill guy? How am I going to end up with the hill guy? It’s not Reese final, none of it, and what’s wrong with Noe’l, he’s really handsome and really nice, then Lauren you can have him, no, I got Michael, and if he’s to have me, it’s going to be all good. You see that’s what I get for letting you skip me, we’re talking husbands for life not lunch. What about you Tory, who did you get? Who me? Yes, you, I don’t know, I haven’t looked yet, you haven’t looked yet? How they’re going to post in a few hours and you haven’t looked yet, come on, do it now, I can’t, it’s at the house, I mean it’s like Lauren said, none of it is real, but what if it is? And for some, the guys who agree, it’s totally real, ok, ok, ok, I peep before I left this morning, some guy named Vicente, ah my God Tory, the only Vicente I know, I know, he’s a Coogan, so did you invite him? He’s a Coogan, there’s no way he’s to want anything to do with me, he entered the lottery didn’t him? You Tory could be discrediting something really meaningful for him, invite him, give yourself this chance, plus the lottery promise is the closest to a prom we’ll ever come. What about you Miss lady? Ah some guy named Clayson Diaz, I think he’s a Steele, wow, those Steele are really gorgeous, all model like, I send him an invite right off, I guess we’ll see huh? I’m sorry, why is everyone looking at me? We’re looking at you because you’re Meggie Coogan and we want to know, I’ve seen her choice, I don’t know him, but he got like this really nice name, Colton Chase, yeah, well, I grew up with them, he has a twin brother Coten, they’re Hymms, the Hymms and Coogans you guys are everything but blood. Speaking of Models, they once own a modeling Agency known the world over, Colten see that invite from me he’s going to laugh I just know it, he’s such the bone head. I could never take him serious, and he could never take me serious, it’s good none of it is real, why you guys keep saying that? For a lot of us who’re inviting our choices this is real, you, you should invite him, it maybe a match made for heaven who knows? I probably will, but I want to discuss it with Amir and Aggie first, Amir and, Aggie? "My brothers girl , ah, did they enter the lottery? I’m not sure about Amir, but Aggie entered into the Juttah Vows with his promise, they’re promised for life and eternity now, I didn’t know that was allowed. To be honest, they kinda eloped, but you guys keep that on the low, low, I don’t know about you chicks but I need to shop, we'll looking at a prom promise, we all Sheus need to shop. What kind of name is that by the way, Sheus? My father name is Heus, get it, He, us? So to keep the family trend going, ah yeah, she, us, I get it, we, Lauren, we get it.”

Juttah Septennial XVII

…The Remnant Of Israel Shall Not Do Iniquity…
Scene XVII

-”The girls had their pre-lottery a couple days back, they were asking about you Amir, what did you decide? I asked Mirror Lawson,” sadly bringing his dishes to the sink, thinking what might be for dessert, how some ice cream would be nice enough. Of course Meggie, she declined, said she’s moving into Madagascar, hum, I’m sorry, I tried telling her, this second chance given her, is so we can make a go of it, but she wasn’t having it, none of it, none of me. Is that why, why what? Your name wasn’t in the lottery? I got to go, I chose Colten, Colt, you what? Finding her remarks, her reveal almost laughable, did it not surprise sister Megan at all who felt the same, “you and Colt, as in Hymm? I know, I found it laughable as well, as I’m sure he will, so I shouldn’t invite him? Hey what do I know, he entered which means he feel he’s ready and you Meggie would make him a stunning promise, but can Colt appreciate that, even will he? I don’t know, which is why I want to talk to you about it and Aggie, I’ll call him later, he’s insane sister if he’s not to treasure you. I got to go,” landing her the most rewarding peck to her cheek, did the conversation seem to boost his morale a bit, which encouraged Megan all the more, "now to talk to brother, Agurus.” >>> “I received an invitation,” having kitchen duty, a dining room filled of dirty tables, was this twin brothers Coten and Colten Hymm this week assignment, “who would invite you? Megan, Megan? I don’t, Meggie Cot, as in Coogan, Meg, our Meg? Gosh Colt man she’s more like our sister, only Cot man she’s not, their chance pool chose me for her and, I, I think I'm going, you and Meg? There’s a sure match made in heaven, only not! Why not Cot man, at least it’s something, a good something as pretty as she is, what you got? I told you, you should’ve entered the pool promise with me and I told you Colt man I didn’t want that game choosing for me, what you think about what Aggie did? Aggie got balls of steal, real steal, I don’t think I can do that, so there is a special someone? Yeah, and don’t act as though you don’t know, you talking Paige SummerFrost, only she won’t give you the time of day or night, we talked the other day, about what? About the weather and stuff like that, I bet stuff like that, was any of that stuff regarding the promise? You wrong, you are brave going after any member of the Deburk household, you know I heard Colt, they are human too, yeah, next time you see Brave Heart, tell her that, I think she’s still using Beeth’s face for a floor mate. “Brave Heart is a Longknife and that’s just rumor, anyway Cot, I heard a lot of them entered the pool, yeah some, but not Paige, I’ve made up my mine, I’m just gonna ask her to the promise, good, we can like double date, that’s Colt man if she say yes, she will, you’re a real specialty around here brother, she will." >>>”I Mar wanted you to know, you was right, I have an invitation to the promise, I knew it,” getting up from her flower garden like so, unto a hug of her darling son No’el, thinking his best bet was in Madagascar, but having an invite, perhaps not. “You think that grey suit of mine, or that blue, what you think dad? Well what you think your promise will like, what’s her favorite color, even son what color will she wear? Ah Nolan what a good question, make it more prestigious like, more than an invitation, what’s her name their son? Reese, ah Reese Leone, she’s a Whitehead, she’s from a family of Legals, now to sneak around and see what she’s to wear, don’t be late for supper, I won’t, not for a million years Mar, Reese, what kind of name is that for a girl? Well you know it doesn’t matter these days, I just hope she’s as good as No’le, that would be the true miracle, what about Bry, did he ever decide? No but he has a couple years yet, and perhaps with No’le settled it’s to encourage him a bit, you think?

Juttah Septennial XVIII

…Nor Speak Lies…

-”What is that look on your face? Nall Aggie man, I was just reminded how you have a wife now, here, up those stairs, speaking of which, did you talk to Meggie? Yeah she told me what happen with their trial, Colt, out of all the Juttah Preeces in the land, our sister choose Colten Hymm, talk about a nightmare come true. It may not Aggie be as bad as all of that, and at the same time Mir, we know that it is, well I think Meggie is too special for him. That he’ll Mir take her for granted and not realize her potential, and that’s what you told her? Of course not, I would love for Colt to be just right for her," as one pouring wife Bethel a hot cup, making ready to get upstairs and wake her up. The both of them had martial arts/military duty, 7 am sharp to 9 am sharp every morning for a month, and getting her up was half of the battle. "I mean, I’m trying to give him the benefit of the doubt here, but he is so lame, so self-involved, he takes nothing serious, nothing, which is why I don’t even know why he entered his name. I mean his entering was possibly only for fun, just a joke, ok, but what did you tell sis? Invite Colt, see how that go and decide from there, perhaps she’s the one person he need in his life you know, that he’s to take it all the more serious. I got to go, you late for the arts, they add time instead, yeah, I learn that the hard way. So what about you, now that Mirror turn you down? I got to go, we’ll talk later, yeah, well what about Kenai Robyn, you've always liked her?” Hollering up the stairs after a faster get away than himself, brother Amir, was this Agurus Shiban way of reassuring him there was no bad feelings regarding Mirror, or even them. "If only you knew," as one pulling to reveal from his chest, what was an invitation of his own, to the house of Coogan, for the young Preece Amire Heus Coogan. He who has been cordially invited to this year’s Juttah Promise, Preecest Myra Castle Clooney is the host of these ceremonies with invitations including the participation of Amire Heus Coogan, this invitation will admit one, on this June of 2024, 7:00 pm, please see Director Morrison Altman for further information. “So who invited you? A little too late for that,” seeing how brother Amire is to scrabble mightily at putting said invitation away had sister Megan as usual appeared undetected. “It’s none of your business, ah you and Aggie can say what you want about Colt, but I’m not allowed where you’re concern? You made your promise our business or did you forget? Well will you accept, so I’ll have at least one of my brothers present? I haven’t decided and since Meg I haven’t told anyone, please do the impossible for once, keep this to yourself. I talked to Mom and dad about Colt, and? They remind me Mir how an invitation to the pool promise does not a marriage make, excuse me? Simply because we’re invited doesn’t mean we’re to marry the invite, hum, I guess I forgot that part, …if you could Mir marry the one woman within the Juttah providence you truly would? I guess that was Mirror, well, your second choice, who would that be? I’ll tell you little sister only if you tell me, if I tell you what? How you really feel about him, about Colt?”

Juttah Septennial XIX

…Neither Shall A Deceitful Tongue Be Found In Their Mouth…
Scene XIX

-“What is this?” That sister Brave Heart is to lay lottery choices to his desk, had mother and father Deburk informed him, actually them, how’d she’d withdrawn her name all together. “That’s Sioux the result of our trial pool, look closely, you chose his name not once but three times? Which,” as one leaping up quite concern, was Nesting Brave Heart a perfect specimen of a female Indian, tall, slender, flawless smooth skin, flawless, long, straight waste length hair, flawless facial features set behind glowing light brown eyes. “Is impossible, impossible Brave with man, but with God, with the Holy Spirit divine intervention totally possible. I thought you withdrew, I did, this is something we do at the Juttah Dorm, for fun, test, trials, it’s only real to those who invite this selection and he or she accept said invitation. Is that why you’re here?” Coming up, around to her, a seat to his desk at her, Sioux Noel knew this was the young man Lion and Saber thought so perfect for her, even most of the tribe, his being BFA’s files, but not Brave Heart, not Brave Heart at all. “I don’t know Brave Heart what you want from me, although it is only a trial I can’t just ignore this right? That I’m to place my hand three separate times in a bank filled of prospects and pull this person’s name each time, you have Brave made it clear, even to him you don’t trust him, but now that you know he is BFA Files, does that change the way you feel at all? Does it Sioux for you, the wisest of us all? Only that Brave there can in this province be no other perfect match for you, but do you automatically promise yourself to him for this reason? I know, it seem so arranged and that was the one thing I liked about the promise, that freedom to choose, who, who would you choose? I could tell you, but it could only be between us, Kadesh, the Juttah Preece Darius, his name Sioux alone mean, Reconcile, be Holy, yes, I know. You don’t seem at all surprised, no, I’m not, did you know his grandmother, yes, she is Sia Juttah, good choice right? Only he doesn’t even know I’m alive, did you know he entered the pool? But why? Because he could, because he wanted to leave it all to chance, I believe he’s after Felicity Elaine Stuard, a lot of the young Preece entered the pool after she did, a whole lot. Will you invite Artz? Ah no, I think I’ll wait til next season, may I ask why? You’re hoping he go this season, but why Brave would you leave someone so perfect for you to another? I guess I’m not as brave after all huh? I invite him Sioux then what? Well if he accept your invite, you guys really get to see, talk and consider each other, then the nuptial trials, then the nuptial vows and dorms. Well there may not be any nuptial trial, even if so Brave it doesn’t mean you have to accept it. Well honey, are you afraid to spend quality time with him, that you’re to be intimidated by him? Maybe he won’t come, maybe after I invite him, he’ll refuse and that will be that. I’m sorry honey, I just don’t get it, if not this stunning young Preece, then who, what? Godspeed brother,” tearing into a tense hug of him, just one of her tall, terrific, simply perfect brothers, Arise Sioux Noel, at holding and keeping him for so long time. “You need a ride?” No, if I put pep in my step as Grand Rumah would say, I should arrive home before dark, thanks Sioux, I will inform you of my decision, tell aunt Eve and the others I said Godspeed as well, I will, Godspeed to you, be careful.” {{{“Hey, guess who just left my office, no, Brave, they did their trial run today, the promise, guess whose name she came up with not once, not twice, but three consecutive times, terms, BFA? Yeah, seem she doesn’t know still, but realize this can’t be a coincidence, she just left out my door, said she’ll let me know what. To be honest it didn’t, seem Apache it just confused her all the more, yeah, prayer, the only right, ok, ok, you know best, yeah later, hey, hey, you think we need to converse with him again or, ok, ok, sound good, thanks, see you later.”}}}