Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Juttah Septennial XXVIII

…The King of Israel, Even The Lord…

“What are you doing here? I thought you had lunch, I do, I thought I would find you, my wife, and spend it with you, we have like an hour, and we only live a few minutes away, you know, stuff like that. No, why not? Because No’el I said no, why did you marry me if you want nothing to do with me? I didn’t say that, did I? And keep your voice down. Reeese, Reese for God sakes look at! Am I your husband? Yes,” exhausting into a pitiful look on her face, had Caleb No’le been wondering since day one why she agreed to marry him, it was clear she hated him? “I’ll see you at home later, please,” seeing her eyes are to sparkle with tears was husband No’el even more alarmed at reluctantly coming to his feet, and just as soon making that his exit. “What just happen? Not now you two ok, why, is this still about Mike who literally left you at the damn alter? “Excuse my French? I think I am pregnant, ok, ah, what does that mean? Not by No’le, that’s what it mean, he haven’t touched me, I haven’t touched him, meaning you guys it’s Mike’s, ah my god, you’re threatening Negeb Ophel you know that right? Yes, I’ve been wondering what why they haven’t come for me, I guess because I married No’el, is that why you married him? Does Mike know? I mean you got to tell, I told him, he knows, he knew before he married Makala, he was determined to marry into the Hymm family and so he did.” Ah my god, talking about playing with fire, it has to be because the Christ redemption is final, that he’s here on the earth, that we’re upon the harvest, I think Brave you’re right. You got to tell him, you got to tell No’el, it’s so unfair for him not to know, I mean the way you hurt him just now, I know, but it couldn’t be helped. Reese, he deserve better, he’s your husband now, not Mike, Mike abandon you, ok,” sniffing and wiping her cheeks, her eyes and nose like so, she would find him, take him up on his offer and break the news gently of why she’s been so horribly distant. >>>"So did they calculate whether you guys could be pregnant? I’m sure Hud man they did that with all of us, like take a census of some type of those potentially to be born. Yeah that seem to be Aggie’s new fear factor, whether or not Beth was pregnant, and what it would all be like if none of it was to happen. He’s even convincing himself, going off and taking the Juttah Vows is what offset it all, that’s caused it you guys. I need to see him, talk to him, that would Beeth man be really appreciated nothing else or even no one else seem to help, yeah, even his hating on me, hating on you? I doubt, no, no, it’s true, Aggie is literally furious with me for, not marrying, but for marrying Myra, I think he’s actually you guys jealous. I have an ideal, what if we grab Aggie and especially Kadesh, his being Sia Darius, we and our significant others and go to the Negeb Ophel, excuse me, yeah, we’ve heard about family members going their to retrieve their loved ones, what if we take Aggie and go do the same? I tell you why, if those spirits don’t kill us our parents will, even the Sia juttah! I’m looking at it this way, so much has changed since the Lamb now reign right? Even that he’s only days away you guys, that’s only hours away from setting on his feet on Juttah soil, that has to mean Negeb Ophel is deeply compromised, which will in the offset make the harvest possible, tell me Beeth you’re not saying, asking, why wait on him we being the Septennial fulfilled? That Amir and the fact Negeb Ophel has no reason to fear us and thus harm us, I mean it’s going to know our purpose long before we enter. My Christ is Lord you’re serious! Yes, Gabe, very serious, I think my calculations are right, that right now as we speak Negeb Ophel is harvestiable, I think he’s right and I think the Sia Juttah know this, they’re just awaiting Messiah, that He lead the way. Are you Beeth telling us you’re going to do this, with or without us, how long have you been planning this? I haven’t planned anything, I thought about it just as I asked you about it, God is this witness, I was thinking how I should come home with you for a few days, get to spend time with Aggie, that you’re convince others, when I realize being around us our wives will only exacerbate the problem not resolve it, speaking of us Amir, we’ve got to keep this to ourselves, make it appear as a regular outing, possibly shouldn’t even tell our wives so you want us to deceive ourselves into Negeb Ophel where they could die? No one Gabe is going to die, I just don’t want this ideal squashed before we even try, so you’re going, we’ll just pretend a party at the Coogan house and everyone meet there, what, Friday after classes, my god Jj, don’t look so humdrum it’s all voluntary, right? You have Beeth man considered the fact Beth is one of few who actually died to that hill, she wasn’t whisked off their by Reapers, be honest Dane no, I hadn’t realized that, or considered that, I tell you what, Kadesh will know, so I'll stop by his place on the way home and let you guys know what he say and we'll plan further from there, this is great guys and it's gonna work, you'll see, it's gonna work."

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