Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Juttah Septennial XXIII

…Shout O Israel…

-“Will my wife ever again speak to me? Probably not,” as one pouring him a cup of hot, creamy coco, to have with his breakfast, had the vows and the sheer consummation therein been beyond anything they’re to imagined. "You're having anything?" Though making Brave Heart more sad than pleased, did she literally hate herself for giving in to everything and everyone with the exception of her own heart, even more frightening with said webbing together of piping blood and flesh she could with much concern, be with child. ‘I’ve always like that scarf on you, the colors always seem to highlight you even more,” as one leaning on the Supreme the most, as he and no other knew her truest heart, truly to lean on this blessed one was a ray of hope. “I have kitchen duty this morning, so I’m going to go, get at it, if you wait a few minutes we can leave together, no, I’m walking so I can think on things. Do you much regret it? I can see Brave that you do, if you BFA can see it, why then questioned it? I’ll no doubt see you later, for lunch then? We’ll see I guess, you best wrap us well it’s pretty windy, sandy and all. Ah god,” as a tremendously distraught one losing all strength, what evil hath he done, even Brave Heart loving brothers? Meaning well all, but truly doing her heart no true justice, even beyond the Juttah vows, they being conjoined in volatile flesh so remarkably, his stunning wife was not happy. “I must see the Tribe," a witness how she's to get away this sorry sort, had he yet made the happiest girl in the Juttah this sorry sort. "Seek their council, surely they having families of their own, this cannot be such a mystery to them, but is that a good ideal?" Knowing this was really personal Beethoven Fifth wasn't so sure and what if darling Brave Heart find out? "No, I’m sure, this is the only way, the way of the wisest of the Juttah." <<<”So do you believe it, that Mirror has proven herself this demonic? The poison my brother was discovered just as described of mother, she is again missing and can’t be found. Hating to admit it, Mirror has always had a dark heart and literally despised the light, it has now found its true identity in her. Did Beth suffer much, were you there? The both of you brother were dead by the time we reached home, immediately the Sia’s were summon, prayers and the anointing of you both spin forth, you return to us, Beth did not. Surely, Amir, you must feel it, I died? Ah my God, I, I thought it was a dream, I was surrounded all around by the Heavenly Host, I knew them, I knew them Amir by their names, all of them by their names. They were welcoming me with such jubilee when suddenly I heard mom say, boy you better come to supper and I turn toward her voice and the next thing I remember was waking up and seeing dad asleep right there Amir where you sit. The Promise, ah god the promise, are you? Yes, you’re married? Yes, who, who did you marry? You’re not to get so excited brother, I can do better than tell you, I’ll get her, she want to see you, talk to you. Abba father, I can but make one request of you, you being God, I know you can return Bethel Noel back to me, that father is a most faithful prayer, let it be so? “Agurus, Myra, Lawson? you probably don’t agree, but, I know what they’re saying, Mirror did this to you, and what, you don’t believe it? You’re, not, I mean, I know I’m about, well nearly five years younger. How did you ever persuade him? Your brother would married to Mirrors' sisters, I didn’t have to persuade him. So,” as one washing his hand having exited the restroom was it apparent there was a spirit of contention among the two of them, you married Myra? Finding himself quite furiously jealous, that brother Amir had married an even greater beauty, young, as bright and stunning as the sun, was Agurus Shiban envious, insanely so. “Come on Amir, out of all the potential Preecest, yes, I married Myra and she is standing right here, yes I see I’m to be careful what I say, right? I’ll wait for you outside, no, no you will not, not before my beloved brother with such a forgiving, loving heart find from within said heart the appropriate apology. I guess brother Amir I should apologize for having a dead wife, dead by your sister if I’m not mistaken, or for being dead for a time myself, get out, both of you , just get out! This is insane Aggie and you know it, yeah, well having a slaughtered wife and being dead for a time myself possibly does something maniacal to ones sanity.” >>>”I just don’t want my marriage to seem so arranged and that is exactly how Brave feel, like she’s doing these things completely against her will. I can’t bear to see her this way, it pull my heart out all the time, meaning it’s impossible we’re to ever be happy! Could we Lion have been wrong about this? No, there’s nothing wrong with these two being married, that’s not what’s to burden Brave so, but that she didn’t will this union, possibly. Perhaps she doesn’t love me, you said she announced the Juttah vows with you, yes, a couple days passed, well I don’t think Brave would commit herself to you by way of those sacred vows unless she loved you. Then why Saber is she so unhappy? What about you Bronze, do you have the slightest clue? I know she is unhappy, like a caged bird even, I just don’t know why, then Beethoven our beloved brother, like or it or not, you’re just going to have ask her, I guess. We did say something about lunch, I could make such the inquiry as such then not the brightest ideal, not at school, it's wait until you're home, should wait until you're home. >>>”I’m sorry my brother treat you this awful and you’re apologizing to me? This Amir must be maddening for him, to waken from near death to such inconceivable reveals, whatever his excuse Myra, none of it is to explain his mistreatment of you. Well, Mirror is my sister, and what? Sisters are to bare the sins of one another, where is that written? I will not have him blame you for her, not now, not ever. I’m tired, would you mind if we went home for a spell? No,” resting his eyes upon this darling beauty of a wife, the feel of her silky strands between his comforting fingers, at easing those delectable lips into his, her warm, sweet, breath, tongue, simply enticing him straight through to heighten places, was Amir also thinking it was time they made it for home.

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