Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Juttah Septennial IX

…For All Your Doing…
Scene IX

”It’s final, Brave hates me, first it was because she didn’t think I was serious enough about the things of God, now it’s because I’m perhaps too serious, that I comprehend a great deal, now I’m, that remind me Beeth man, professor Coogan laid a doozy on us today. There was his debate and all about how the students all have Christ, he asked, well does Christ have any of you? That many people are convinced they’re Christ, with this Christ announcing how he’s to turn away many because of unconfessed sin, then he said, asked, truly, can any of you wear white? Then he told us to read Rev. 5, 7 and 19 and we’re to discuss what he mean our next session. So amazing Beeth man because Rev. 19, I know Cobra what it say about the church bride, how her robe being white because it’s been washed by the Lamb’s blood of life, ah my god, can you wear white? How amazing is that inquiry, why didn’t I think of that? Yes, it is most clever, will cause a lot of people to recount their faith and faithfulness, so Casp what news of Coogan? Ah, all is fair, is all Mir would say, although it’s not official there are those who’re to think it’s about an elopement, um, well at least he has someone whose willing. I take it, it didn’t go so well with the future Mrs. Brave Heart Artz? Ah Casp, how I Love the sound of that, not that it’s any of your business, but no it didn’t, she actually ask, well, told me to leave and to never return. Did you know she entered her name into the pool promise? I’m sorry, she what? I was there, I saw it with my own eyes, Dane man if you’re mistaking, I’m not, I was there too, I saw it, but why Kadesh man would she leave it up to chance? You must know Beeth, most faithers like her don’t see it that way, they see it as knowing for a certain God’s will for their lives, you know, leaving it up to faith in Him. Your parents Kadesh man are chiefs, is there a way to rig the pool? What Beethoven does it matter once the reapers get you for your outright fraudulence? Please think before you speak, even leap, please, I will see you guys later, I have one more hand to play, as long Beeth man we’re not to read your name among the exiles!” Hollering after him getting off rather hastily at the news that Nesting Brave Heart had more than betrayed his sincere proposal, unto leaving their faith to the Juttah tombola. “Man I can’t wait to see what he’s up to, me either, to be honest he’s scaring me, how long has he been this way about Brave? Are you kidding Vince man, since forever, he’s just been very covert about it all, hum, I hope he knows what he’s doing, he know about her being of the Deburk Tribunal? He know there is rumor she is, that Kadesh man just seem to add more fuel to the flame. Hey Kadesh man I been meaning to ask, is it true while you was a kid the sun was stayed by your parents for days and days discouraging kidnappers who’d taken you hostage or something like that? It’s true Adam Eve man, what of it? I’ve asked you repeatedly to call me Adam man, ok, ok, how would you like it if I call you Meshullum Kadesh, that’s my name Adam Eve man, why should I mind? Ok, we’ll see, and you guys, and you guys what Dane man? Ah come on I grew up hearing about this, how did she do it, the same why man Moses parted the red sea, what she had a staff that she pointed into the heavens? Ahhh, you missed,” as one playfully dodging a swing at him as they all broke into laughter. Soon witnessing Meshullum Kadesh get away to classes, that he had his own mission, love interest Felicity Elane Stuard who’d just as so answered his proposal by as well entering the pool of promise. That was good Landon man, he think he’s so smart, his name mean reconcile, be holy, did you all know that, that he like his father, stand to be the next Darius Juttah? How you know all of that Mekhi man? Because his father is married to Amire and Agurus aunt, who is nothing less than acting Queen Juttah, and they told me the whole story, this is a heads up you guys, Kadesh is a holy man, he just doesn’t want to be. So you gonna be at the pub tonight? Nall, you guys know I don’t hang out at that place, that’s just it Mekhi man, we don’t know anything about you except you’re really good at and in all your classes, that you get the same thing for lunch every day. that you’re named for your father. As so, you have two younger brothers who by the way act like you don’t exist, well that’s their lost, I’ll see you guys later, hey we all best go, lunch is over, the bell is about -to –ring, and there it goes.” >>>”And what Bronze are you proposing, that we force her? You’re talking about Brave Heart, she’ll not stand for it, there’s only one thing we can do, get her name withdrawn from the pools, I’m sorry, how are we to do that? Well Brave is still under age, so it’s either convincing the parents, or her next in line guardian Sia Sioux Noel, you two have this much faith in this young Preece? He’s Cheyenne been writing for the Paris Globe since he was fourteen, I’m sorry say that again, the BFA files, you guys are freaking me out here, well now you see why we have so much faith in him. Ok, I’ll admit that reality make him truly exceptional but if this work, it’ll be nothing less than an arranged marriage and if anything goes wrong, anything we’ll be at fault. I know this boy, being BFA files Lion, we all know him and there is none better for her, none. All others will marry her for her beauty, and her being a woman could pretty much silence her, then there goes her wisdom and knowledge of Holy Spirits and that may as well be death for Brave, we all know that. You, all of you better be right about this, now to convince the others, unto mom and dad, and grandmar Rumar. Then there's Sioux, locate him, we need to meet with him, all of us, the conference room, let’s say this evening. I’ll get Sioux, you guys get BFA, as you all call him, what does that stand for anyway? Beethoven’s Fifth Artz, I know, but we just found out ourselves. He say his mother’s name is Ninth Symphony Artz, so it kind of runs in the family or something like that, we’re running out of time, if we’re going to have success, we need to get this done as soon as possible.”

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