Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Juttah Septennial XII

…Them who rejoice in your pride…
Scene XII

-"No, what we’re hearing is because this girl rejected, Brave Heart isn’t just some girl, yeah, whatever, it’s crazy that you’re too pool yourself out to some insignificant otherwise unknown to prove what man, what? Have you even talked to the quads about this, to your brothers, or do you even care anymore? Hey Cobra, can we talk? Yes, sure, see you guys later. I’m floored here you guys, I don’t know, I just don’t know, I tell you all if Brave, you know, ah god you’re right. I'm so bitter at admitting it but you guys are right, I’m gonna to talk to my bros, pray about it, this is not like me, I don’t stress you guys, I have too much faith in the Supreme for that. You coming? Do you really need me to? Yes Vicente I really need you to come, ok you guys later, hum, never seen Beeth disjointed so, yeah well he’s terrified he’s to lose Brave to the promise you know, speaking of which, who was that beauty leading Cobra off? That’s one of the Hymm girls, Makala, Cobra asked her, but hadn’t as yet got an answer. You know they come from famous models, yeah well she look like it doesn’t she? So Cha'nel, did you as you said ask? The last you was here we talked of the pool, the promise, and, yeah I know, I said I had someone, knew someone, but she’d decided to trust the pool as well. I think a record number of Juttah Preece and Preecest will trust the pool this year, I tell you if any of these females ask me, I’ll agree in a nano second, me too Cha'nel man, me too. Did you know that's what Felicity Elaine did, entered the pool promise? Does Kadesh know that? There was something about her mother convincing her since there were so many prospects it would be best, wise mom, but I think that took a little sting out of the stinger if you guys know what I mean? Not really Vicente man, but what else is new?" >>>"You gonna tell me or do I have to ask? He asked me to be his promise? Ah my god, one of the most special boys in the Juttah, I told you, I knew, I turn him down Mar, I’m going into Madagascar! You what? Yes, I don’t want the Juttah and I don’t want to be married to it, to a Juttah Preece, have you lost your mind? If that’s what it take to get out of this nightmare yes, thankfully, I can’t believe you, that anyone would want you, you turn down a Coogan! Do you want my help or not? No, you go to your room and figure how you’re to explained to Amir how you wasn’t in your right mind, that you will marry him, and be, no mother I won’t! I’m old enough to make my own decision and I’m not marrying some mummified goody, too shoes, you damn right he’s good! Love you, been crazy concerning you since you disappeared and now proposed to you, this is nothing short of a miracle, can’t you see that? I can’t believe this, what now mom? You wouldn’t believe if I told you, Amire Coogan proposed to your sister and guess what? She turn him down, that girl, first she ditch Agurus Coogan to his brother and now she want nothing to do with Amir, two of the most popular boys of the promise. I’m going to call him, tell him I’ll marry him if Mirror won’t, stop joking, this is serious, as so mom am I. Then you just go right up those stairs and tell your sister that, just see what she say. Mom told me what happen, if you really don’t mind, I’ll marry him, I’ll marry Amire, there is Myra Castle only one problem with that, he didn’t ask you, say you don’t care and mean it and I’ll ask him, ok, I don’t care and I mean it, there, now leave me the hell alone!”

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