Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Juttah Septennial XV

…An Afflicted And Poor People…
Scene XV

-”So we did it, we all entered our names into the pool of promise, some of us ignoring and declining proposals, this was our individual choice, walking by faith and not by sight, knowing that whatever the Supreme wills we can live in the life and the eternal to come. Brave Heart, we see that hand, I’ve withdrawn, ah my name, ah, I’ve decided I want to wait, well at your age you being the youngest of us we won’t fret over that decision, anyone else in our group want to withdraw? Ok so that mean, Sheus Kroff, Kenai Romanoff, Megan Welton, Felicity Coogan, Morgan Hymm, Casandra Jazlyn Hymm, Jordon, Makala, Ethophia Hymm, Adonai Steele, Sethanie, Constance, Rosslyn Leak, have all agreed to the Tombola, may the Supreme award us our heart’s desire. >>>{{{“We thought you would want to know, Brave withdrew her name from the pool, but why? I thought that’s what she wanted, yeah but it seem your proposal changed all of that. You mean she withdrew to accept my, no, no, no, Brave has made it more than plain she will not marry you, but why? I don’t understand why, she, she doesn’t trust you, what will you do now? “That’s easy, I wait, easy, what’s easy about waiting, really? I didn’t really Preece Lion, Saber mean it like that, it’s just I got to take this opportunity and convince her she can trust me, and how do you suppose to do that? With a long handled cross, excuse us, you’ll see, just stick around. So when you gonna do another article for us? How about this very thing right here, the Juttah Promise, whether it’s to hurt or help? Ah it’s to hurt, but no more than Christ’s Cross coming in between man and his damning will for God’s mankind. I best go, mom made me promise I would be there for dinner, hey you guys welcome to come, I’m sure the quads will be there. They would love to meet you guys, two extra guess, mouths showing up for dinner, I know my mom, there’s always plenty, what say you? Ahhh, sure, ah why not, been dying to meet your brothers. So Beth this long handle cross as you say, how does that work really? I’ll start by entering into the lottery even as she decline, I’m sorry you gonna what? Yeah, how is, but won’t you, isn’t that becoming engaged with someone other than Brave? I know it look like that, but it’s not, not at all, you’re going to swindle the lottery are you? No, not at all, I’m just testing to see how truly brave is the heart of Nesting Brave heart, you’ll see, it’s all good and fair, see you guys at my place, later.”}}} <<<”So everyone wrote their well wishes of her guys name down, Brave? Well since I’m declining, we still want to know who your dream guy is, ok, ok, I’ll write it here, fold it like so and drop it into your bag, huh, no hesitation. Well, we all know what we want, it’s simply getting it, ok, so I shake this up, this is our play lottery, yeah Sheus we know, ok, ok, here goes. We’re gonna pick from the oldest to the youngest until each of us have three choices, so I go first, and it is, Cobra Cotrom.” As one laying her choice in a second bowl, ok Brave, you’re next, it’s, it’’s, well, it’s, Beethoven Fifth," taking the choice from her, saying it aloud, as Braveheart seemed frozen in place, pulling that name in particular. “Ok Kenai, your turn, ah a Stephon Victor, now you Ethos, ok, ok, ah, Damien, ok Morgan, ah, here goes, it’ Martyr, it’s Martyr Venice, you kidda skipped me, Felicity, ah my god I did. Come, come, ah you guys are not going, it’s Meshullum, Kadesh, ha, ok, Cassandra, ok, ok, Justice Makhi, now it’s Jordon turn, so what is, Damien, man don’t you wish this was the real deal! Makala, ok, here I go, ah, Gabriel, I got Gabe, ok, now Opia, do I really, ah Vicente, we chose brothers, are they brothers or cousins? Adonai, you’re next, ah, an, Itcus, that’s a Coogan, royalty, he’s good, ok, Seth, ok, here goes, Landon Paris, wow, hunky, Connie, ok, ok, ahhhh, Caspian Berlin. It's on you Rosslyn, ahh, Ashton Heus and Meggie, you’re the last, ahhh, here goes as you guys say, Coten Eden, so who here have the prize choice they’ve always wanted? Raise your hands, just one, ah come on, just one, ok, two, ok three, that’s better, well this was only a game, but if this was the actual drawing could you be satisfied, now be honest? Ok, ok, half of you say yes and the other half there’s just no way, raise, ah come on you goody too shoes, that’s sad, really, well what about you? Who and why wouldn’t you throw them back? I chose Cobra, ahhh, one of the Coogan pack, perfect, these are all really good guys, you can’t forget that, we go home, we take our choice and do an essay on how you think it would be, being married to this person. You're to plan a wedding and a honeymoon, so do your research, if you don’t know them, learn what you can without them knowing what’s going on, you have two weeks for the assignment. Brave? I told you guys I didn’t want to participate, I mean who entered Beethoven anyway? No one, these names are pulled directly out of the original Tombola, you mean he entered his name into the pool? Yes, that’s exactly what it mean, well you guys, that’s the assignment, I got to run, well, we all have to.”

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