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Juttah Septennial I

The Paradise Of God To Come

-I shared with my internet family, spiritual allies, even enemies, just reminding them how mankind have by a great curse of delusions prepared themselves and their children for the wrong future. How Holy Spirits were reminding me of this truth when they asked of both my grandson Caden and my grandniece Lawren, of their parents, even their grandparents, whether or not they knew an occupied America was coming?
-This was around 2011, exactly 10 years beyond the Intrepid Dream Timetable of 2001, with 5.10 years to go. Since before Jesus allowed the religious leaders to lead Him as a Lamb to the slaughter this was the truth at this Blessed Blood Redeemer crying aloud all that had gone before mankind were thieves and liars. This lying, murdering saboteur dating back to God staring the only human occupants of this stunning without words Garden Of Eden down at reminding them the day they practiced their will aside from His, something King Solomon define as vanity, they would most assuredly die.

All Hail To Lord Urusalem

        -My husband and I were hurriedly leaving a dinner party, when just as soon this host stopping me at the door made of me this loan of an exquisite Leopard Skin Coat, see Jer. 13:23. One thing was to be for a certainty, even divine clarity if you will, despite how spectacular this genius cover, it was only this imitation of life unto forfeiting ones immortal life. Even how ridiculous that it’s even to be a loan, yet what this mean is one day, despite how glorious, even this aching longing for, a day of payback would come. Kind of like, if you dance to this music, you will have to pay to the piper, one who want more than just your temporal actuality, but that astronomically unto your immortality.     -This loan was such the detriment that as I received it, my husband who I would soon learn represented an escaping to heaven with the righteous bride Jesus Christ was already far ahead of me. That as soon I left that door, accepted this artificial loan that was instantly a costly distraction I had to rush ahead to keep up with my husband who was always a few steps ahead of me, again in this rush to get away. I’ll make this stunning demonstration short by describing how I lost and found this coat, this overpriced distraction many times, that every time I lost it, I found myself alarmed and at much panic not just that it was beautiful, but because it was a mortgage, a potential reimbursement sadly of blood and soul.
     -Now you’re to realized every time I lost it, people of an alternate ethnicity (Latino, Asian, African etc.), would always discover it and find themselves just as mesmerized (taken back), by its beauty until the last time I lost it, never finding it again. Of course, that didn’t matter, it’d served its purpose, it’d distracted me from my one true love, my husband, from mankind’s one true bridegroom who’d taken an abiding bride and left those otherwise distracted by this costly loan behind most frightfully. The last I remember was a bedroom filled with a slumbering white male, as so a bathroom where I yet made this senseless research just before I realized how with the masses I’d been left stranded on a rooftop manner of indescribable regret all uselessly looking skyward .

Incorrigible Sin

Can the Ethiopian change his skin, or the leopard his spots? Then may ye also do good, that are accustomed to do evil? Jer. 13:23

And A Voice Like A Trumpet Crying Come Up Hither

-The American Horror story I read recently was of a family of four who’d conspired together to drink a poisonous imbibe meaning the family, a father, mother, daughter and son committed mass suicide so they wouldn’t have to face the approaching apocalypse. You got it, that same apocalypse that has been prophesied upon the earth as surely as death and dying itself, since the beginning of time. Heartbreakingly they talked of the son, who they thought was old enough to really deny his parent’s wishes having bequeathed some of this items to be given to his friend. It was all for nothing, death and dying is the one thing we’re all going to have do once we’re born here isn’t this oddity.
-Nor is it this stranger lurking about blind of us and ours, it’s going to come, we don’t have to seek it out and welcome it in, especially upon our helpless children. No, we only have to be wise enough, that’s like Jesus’ Apostles set to die horribly after him, Christ Jesus Bloody Cross ascending on high, leading captivity captured ready. This is the only blessed way to die, everything else is vanity, the way this man, the way his family were all convinced to die, was all vanity, worthless unto facing a sin debt yet harassing the soul’s ever-last which is hell eternal.
- Obviously, if we lived with this reality and taught and raised our children accordingly these manners of horrors wouldn’t on this continuous basis have this extremely rich soil by went to manifest and grow into mayhem after mayhem. This is the reality you will merge into while you read the Juttah Septennial, actually the way mankind in this divine continuation, even on the planet was supposed to go if they’d from day one believed Elohim according to His Revelation of Creation that in the beginning God Created the Heavens and the Earth.
-I woke up in this dream, in this dream I witness family after family climbing up to God by way of these dangerous, deadly, catwalks, footbridges and skywalks stretching straight into the Kingdom of God. They’d climbed for so long and so high and they’d come so close they could actually hear God speaking to the multitudes, how He would wipe all tears from their eyes. That there would be no more pain, no more sorrows, how outstandingly there would be no more death for the former things had passed away.
-I need you to pause momentarily and try to imagine the joy unspeakable these families all felt, making it to heaven, hearing the voice, the words of the Supreme Himself unto keeping these extraordinary promises just before they all failed. That’s children and all, stumbling, crashing and collapsing to their deaths most horrid for their sins remain, for strait (Jesus Christ)is the gate that leads to Life Immortal, not these perilous footbridges despite how religiously enchanting they all seem. Let no man deceive you, sin (unrighteousness), will not, cannot inherit God’s Kingdom. Beware, Apb, The RAM

You Just entered the African Juttah 2020

The Exodus, The Septennial
By: P. A. Bradford, Apostle
Wr. 1992-1996


You Just entered the Septennial…2001-2017

The Septennial 2012,

And these are the descendants of the beauty rescued from the hands of the beast:

Unto Preece Ebonee Bele and Karsiann Coogan was born their first son Meshellum Kadesh Kroff, and a daughter two years later, Sheus Selah Kroff, and a late son Itcus Ivar Coogan

Unto Rimmon Zoe Davei and Salada Trenae Maunice was born their daughter Noah Kenai Davei, and their son Zoe Vinson Maunice.

Unto Calistus Joesh Cotrom and Mosia Amire Oba was born their three sons, triplets Abraha Abel Cotrom, Cobra Terni Cotrom and Martyr Venice Cotrom, and a daughter Ethos Cialis Oba

Unto Casiphia Bernice Romanoff and Shus’Shan Artelon was born their first daughter Kenai Robyn Romanoff, a daughter still Maxis Me’lane Romanoff and a son Caspian Berlin Artelon

Unto Jjimon Mekhi Stuard and C'ezanne Bernice Romanoff was born their first son Jjimon Mekhi Stuard Jr., an additional son, Caleb Noel Stuard, and an additional son, Landon Paris Romanoff

Unto Agurus Heus Coogan and Chelsea Shiban Welton was born Amir Adam Coogan, an additional son, Agurus Shiban Coogan, and a daughter Megan Kiera Welton

Unto Heus Agurus Coogan and Aslan Myreh Stuard was born their first son Ashton Heus Coogan, their second son, Gabriel Rayan Coogan and a daughter Felicity Elaine Stuard

Unto Tristan Mikel Hymm and Natasha Denise Glockson was born their first son Clayson Diaz Hymm, Twin sons Coten Eden and Colten Chase Hymm and a daughter Morgan Renae Glockson

Unto Covington Aldin Hymm and Myreah Raine Coogan was born their first son Adam Eve Hymm, their first daughter Casandra Jazlyn Hymm, and a later son Damien Michele Coogan

Unto Carrington Aron Hymm and Amirah Jordon Coogan was born their first daughter Jordon Micah Hymm and twins daughters Makala Roslyn Hymm and Ethiopia Roselyn Coogan

Unto Syeward Graham Decorte and Shaughnessy Erin Coogan was born their first son Justice Makhi Decorte, their second son Chanel Loren Decorte, and still a third son, Vicente Erin Coogan

Unto Erion Kalen Steele and Adonai Kiera Vincent was born a single son Kalen Erion Vincent Steele and another son, Tristian Alton Vincent

Unto Hudson River Leak and Sethanie Monjie Jacobson was born their first daughter Constance Sethanie Leak, a second daughter, Rosslyn Michel Leak, and a son Hudson River Leak Jr.

Unto Blain Daniel Cockeron and Ninth Symphony Artz was born their sons, quads, Tristan Carter Cockeron, Adamson Trenice Cockeron, Stephon Victor Cockeron, Richard Shakespeare Cockeron and a son born later, Beethoven’s Fifth Artz

Unto Dayson Peak Deburk and Robin Jaybird Longknife was born their first son Arise Sioux Noel Deburk, their second son Standing Apache Arrow Deburk, their third son Cheyenne Water Falls Deburk, their fourth son Marked Tree Hill Deburk, their fifth son Wounded Knee, Saber Tooth Deburk, their sixth son Lion Wolf Paw Deburk, their seventh son Medicine Bow Sign Deburk, and their last son Bronze Coten Field Deburk and a daughter Nesting Brave Heart Longknife

…You Just entered the Septennial…
…O Sing Unto The Lord A New Song, For He Hath Done Marvelous Things…
Scene I

-“So why is my baby sister so melancholy?” Coming upon a seat to the foot of her bed to her laying so at always thinking how sister Megan had such the girly room. The pinkish color, the design of flowers along the base of the walls, the pearl like colonial furnishings, even down to the wall lamps, pictures and chandelier like ceiling fan overhead, just so female. “Melancholy huh? Big word, plus I keep telling you I am not your baby sister, I’m your only sister. You wouldn’t understand or you’re to simply poke fun, just trust me, I won’t, I swear, since when Amir Coogan do you swear? Ok, you’re right, on Christ as Lord I won’t meddle you. I don’t know," coming to her feet this worry sort, making it to the nearest window where there was to see a day passing into the night quite amazingly actually. "It doesn’t scare you at all, the promise, the Juttah Tombola, not at all? Of course, it’s the unknown Meggie, what’s not scary or intimidating about the unknown? Just think about it, which is why my beautiful sister we’re encouraged at walking by faith, not by sight or fear. Yeah well I bet you Amir know who you’re going to marry, where you’re going to live, how many children you will have and even where they will attend school. Hey you two, mom said dinner is ready and it’s not going to wait, we’ll right behind you, and you miss know it all don’t know anything. Actually, I don’t have a clue which is why I’m deeply considering leaving it to the Tombola, yeah well you really don’t know me if you think I believe that. Ok miss smarty pants,” as one playfully seeing her out the door, down the stairs, into the dining area, even playfully pulling her chair free, was the house pleasant with the smell of dinner. "What is her name? No, that sound like a trick, like you’re trying to get me to help you decide or even tell on one of my girls, all of that Sis is code for you don’t know, you have no ideal. What you guys are debating about now? Amir here want me to think he’s to enter the Tombola, really? No, I was joshing with her, so you guys think the Tombola is a bad idea? To be honest dad, a record amount of Preece and Preecest are really contemplating entering the Juttah lottery, so far it has produced some good matches. Does that my big brother include you? I have Mir, or did you Sis forget? Dinner mom is delicious as always, the carrot casserole is so good. So is it son final, you and Mirror will enter the promise? If you’re father asking whether I’ve asked her, no, but I’m pretty sure about how she feel, so you guys can pretty much start looking at her as another daughter. I’m, gonna, have, a sister, a sister, a sister, I’m, gonna, have, a sister, two if Amir marry as well, yeah well you might have to wait a little longer for that. I think father I’m going to enter, I’m sorry honey, enter what? The Tombola, no, I don’t think so, your mom and I think you should wait a couple of years. A couple of years daddd, mom, but I think I’m ready now. You think, entering the Tombola unto the promise will Megan be the most serious decision you will ever in this lifetime make, you have to be more positive or just as positive as deciding to give your life to the Supremes’ Christ, and you're not Dad just saying that because I am female? No, I’ve told your brothers the same thing, yeah Meg he has, me and Amir, that special project we did like a year back about the vows of matrimony, that was dad’s idea, dad’s? You told me, no, I didn’t tell you anything, you assumed it was a class assignment and I left it at that. Does this honey mean you’re serious about someone? No mom, not really, I guess I asked just to see were you guys stand, I’m underage and would need your permis," seeing she’s to wipe a single tear away at pushing herself from the table, hey, hey, don’t get so upset, please honey, we're only telling you, how, we, what is going on with her? Don’t know, we’re just as shocked as you, I’ll go, talk to her, you all keep eating, well is there someone who like your sister? Dad, Megan is one of the most popular Preecest at school, it’s going to be difficult to get it down to just one, which is possibly why she’s considering the Tombola. Ok, I can see that, but so soon, she’s barely fifteen, I also see its weighing heavy on her, she’s crying for god sakes, what you two think? This is the Juttah pops, everything is changed, even the Septennial, I say let her decide, I think that’s what upsetting her, that she’s not free to decide." >>>"So when brother are you going to pop the question? I like what you told dad about Meggie, she’s always had a really mature head on her shoulder, what are you doing, you seldom be on the communicator? That's because I have a life and you don't, ouch, pull my heart out why don't you? Look, I can tell you but it’s between you and I, Mir has agreed to take the Juttah vows and I’m on the communicator looking for a clean copy, between us right? Yes, sure, hey I’m headed over to Uncks house, you coming? No way, I’m seeing my girl tonight, probably go to the pub, then Aggie I’ll probably see you guys there. “I’m not a child I am a man," reading off of the article he found, so many of the vows were false, thus trying to find an authentic one was literally impossible. “I thought you were gone, ah, I have this, papa said it belonged to grandma Coogan, what, you have an original copy of the Juttah vows and didn’t tell me? I didn’t even know you was even interested until a few minutes ago, ah my god, this is exactly what I need, thank you Amir man, sure, just don’t go doing anything stupid, you mean like eloping or something like that? Whatever Aggie man, see you at the pub."

One Year Later…

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