Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Juttah Septennial XXI

…And None Shall Make Them Afraid…
Scene XXI

-“You want to talk about it? He has a pool promise and he doesn’t know how to deal with, ah, sorry. Really son, a pool promise? Well didn’t you enter of your own will? Yes dad I did, and now, who is she? She is mother, father, Megan, as in our Maggie, yes, and you have a problem why? I guess you can say father, mother, I didn’t think about what it was I was, about the seriousness of entering the pool. It has come sooner than, it’s not that, the Juttah Preecest had their trial run and are inviting those chosen from that chance pool and Megan as Colt say, chose him of all Juttah Preece. Well honey if that’s all it is, you shouldn’t be so concern, to be honest mom, a lot of covenant promises come out of these trials, I’ve invited Paige Summerfrost with full intent of making her my wife, and she has accepted, ah the invitation that is. So what you’re saying Colt is that you don’t think you’re ready for such the commitment as your brother here is referring to? I guess father, yes, ah that’s what I’m saying, feeling. The thing is I’ve accepted the invitation already, yes, though according to Coten here it’s simply that, unless the two are to agree to something more matrimonial, correct? I think I see father, this is all about decision making, if I’m not ready for such a commitment then all I must do is decline it, yes, but in the meantime just enjoy spending time with your peers. Now all the men of my heart, dinner is getting more and more ruin with all this conversation and no eating, yes madam. Megan Coogan, what a stunning young lady, and you, Paige Summerfrost, she in my arts class, one of my best students, most refine, charming, beautiful, thanks mother, all of the above, I think so too." >>>"I keep looking at it Step because I can hardly believe it, I mean I can’t but believe it’s a set up and she’s to have an ax waiting to chop me up and disappear me all together. Yeah, Brave Heart does look like your typical ax murderer, so what, you been invited to the promise by an ax murderer, at least she’s a stunning looking one. I’m still flipping out that she actually came to the house, speaking of house, rather home, I best get, Lorry been calling for a while, man she is so gonna get you. I hope Beeth man, if you know what I mean, I hope so, good night you guys, good blessings to you little bro, make us proud. Yeah Step I’m right behind you, I got to pick up Joey, I just hope this is what you want, been praying for and, again what you want. This, Brave Heart is like Step said, a stunning female and being of the tribe, that’s Beth even more so. Ump, I thought mom and dad would’ve return by now, but tell them I said I love them and I’ll see them tomorrow, good night you two, be good. You talked to Allison recently, decided what you going to do? I Still Beeth don’t, can’t believe Ali chose Madagascar over me, even Philippe, its ok you know, if you want to go and join her, it’s Step has to be hard being away from her. How do you know of such things? I’m flesh, single and I oppose both, you think I’m chasing Brave Heart just to be a nuisance, man Beeth, I came so close the other, I packed Philippe and I an overnight bag, well a little more than that, I was going, I was positive and within moments I changed my mind. Well like I said, I hear it’s pretty decent there, though it’s not policed by the reapers the fall of the free world has really changed people for the better, anyway Step that’s what I hear. Well, I guess that’s mom and dad, boy do I have a surprise for them, where you guys been all night?” As one helping them unpack a few grocery bags, was papa Blain Daniel as usual getting right in to discover the latest of world news, “your other three sons were here, said they sorry they missed you, yes, well we sorry we missed them as well. Look Mom, look what I have, what is that? It’s an invitation to the promise, you’re not going to believe it, Brave Heart delivered it herself, what?” As one taking said document into a better examination, did she take it right in for the father to see as well. “Beth said she delivered it herself, what is it? Only an invitation to the promise, your, well our baby son could be getting married soon, even with the harvest upon us? Remember Father, one isn’t to prevent the other, ah, I see, all the world is changed, it’s just so strange, weird even, here tell a lot of people are migrating back into southern parts of what’s left of America, what do you think, you want to go back? Please Blain, that’s like asking me if I want to be stranded on that hill, or in hell, meaning that’s a beyond loud, ear piercing NO!”

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