Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Juttah Septennial II

One Year Later

…Then Will I Turn To The People A Pure Language…
Scene II

-“But aren’t you Vicente a Coogan, isn’t it automatic? Why is it Kalen man everybody think that about us? I don’t know but up to now you guys have been so obvious. I got to go, I got that meeting with Mr. Cites, wouldn’t even dream of keeping him waiting, ah please don’t that’ll just make it worse for all of us. Hey Cente, hey yourself Hud man and just as so see you later. Um, he seemed ticked off, and why Hud would he be, we’re in the most incredible place in the world, yeah Kalen your mockery of this incredible place as you say is gonna get you in trouble. Promises, promises, I’m out as well, going to see how close I can get to witnessing Cente fall on his face, don’t forget about our date later, Connie said she’s to be there, ah for sure then man, for sure. What in blazes Kadesh is that on your plate? Blacken fish and rice, want some? No and don’t ever ask that of me again, whatever Hud man, like your dish is any better. Well? Well what? You asked her, Felicity (Leak)? You know I was just wondering Hud man whether I could get you to ask for me, you what? That’s exactly what I thought, kind of unthinkable right? Yeah well I got my language class so, and you, what’s her name, Maxis Me’lane right? I have no idea what you’re talking about, yeah I bet, may I? Ah sure although I was about to make a run to the office, its Kiera right? Yeah," such a stunning appearing female, like her parents, model caliber who made it no secret how she felt about Meshullum Kadesh, well they all called him Kadesh, who was as always making his distance afar from her. “Well at least you tried, do you really Jazlyn have to carry all those books? Yes and no, I don’t understand, well I mean no and yes, I mean I still don’t understand. "Do you Kiera know how many guys ask to help me carry my books, my appearing helpless and all, ok, ok, I get it, is one of them Dane though? Ah, almost, excuse me, did you say almost? Yeah, just the other day he came really close but was called into assignment, you know how, see you later, where you going? You hardly touched, hey girl, that’s it, I’m not going to be her friend any more, she’s a Coogan right? As if Tasha you didn’t know, well I’m just saying, they’re befriend by just about everyone, I don’t think she’s going miss you. My God, there he is, Dane, girl please, get in line, the same one formed behind him and all of those acquainted to him. I’m going to be one, one day, you’re Seth going to be a what? A Coogan, what else? You see Kiera, that’s the long line I was talking about, I have kitchen duty so I’ll see you guys in Science class. Sat very still and don’t even breath, I’m talking to you, to you, myself, hey Dane, ah hello ah, it’s, it’s Tash,” that with that flip in front of his stylish haircut, that accenting those bedazzling eyes of his all the more, was Damien Michele Coogan such the stunner gentleman “even Tasha, you’re welcome to sit here and all, ah thanks but I have a previous arrangement, but again thanks. You’re gaping, huh? Your mouth Tash or Tasha, just leave me alone Ok, what did I do? I kept you from drooling all over the guy, so ungrateful, maybe Morg that’s what she want, I mean we’re taking Damien Coogan, yeah, ump, what is that? Some new pastry, strawberry, I couldn’t resist, strawberries, who is that he’s sitting with? I thought you was gone, I’m, you just don’t realize it yet, huh? Who? Ah Felicity Stuard, every guy here simply fall in love with her just as she blink those stunning grays eyes at them, including your Dane, right, see you guys in class, I have laundry assignment, and all those books? Girl please, I keep a locker close by."

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