Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Juttah Septennial XXII

…Sing O Daughter Of Zion…
Scene XXII

-{{{”Keller, yeah Hud man what’s going on? You brother man, when are you coming back to the house? Ah, that would be never, I thought you being in those dorms was only a trial and I Hud your beloved brother thought you would have joined me by now. You get invited, to the promise I mean? Yeah, you? Yeah, by whom Hud man? I’m not ready to say, you? Caulin Frost, I’m sorry, ah, said she’s named for her two grandmothers, well after her inflatable Marian and then the grandparents. So is Miles anywhere around? You call to talk to me or Miles? Put him on the phone if he’s there, please, it’s my brother who think he’s your brother, hey Miles man, what you up to? Well I asked her, and? And she hesitated, scaring my heart into my throat, but it’s like she came around, said yes, good Miles man, that’s what I’m talking about. Look, is he really aright or that’s what he’s telling me? Ah he’s all better, been studying, we even been discussing what he’s studying. So is he serious about anyone, what about this promise, now that my friend you’re going to have ask him, let me give you back to him, talk to you later, you don’t mine if I call you the night of right? I’ll look forward to it, you stay safe Miles man, you stay safe too. So who is this charity case of a date, really? I better go, hey you talked you mom recently? No, every time I call there’s no answer, exactly, I guess I need to go by there, yeah well call me if you do, tell her to call me, will do Hud man, will do.}}}” >>> “Were am I?” As too whisper along tasting a dry mouth into an edgy, even thorny swallow, with the light hurting his squinting to see eyes, to comprehend, though was it as though he was in the hospital, even a hospital bed. “Dad?” Again ingesting along a dry, raspy tongue, throat, was father Heus fallen asleep somewhere close, Dad!” Now with tears wiggling along both sides of his face, what in the world had happen that he was in this place? “Dad, please! Dad! Aggie, my god Aggie!” Feeling this happy to feel his alert father hand on his forward at comforting him so, even the slight kiss to his ear, the last thing Agurus Jr. remember hearing was his wife in the shower, readying for bed and nothing until now, this, this major mystery he guessed. “Dad, what happen? Let me get your mom, I don’t want, want to, be, you’re not, everyone is right out there, I’ll be right back. "My god what is happen?” Fanning tearing eyes skyward the ceiling, even a glance into a window shining with the sun, perhaps a car accident and he just couldn’t remember, or he’s slipped, fallen down the stairs, even where was wife Beth? "Agurus, ah thank God, Agurus,” with mom and special well-wishers pouring all over him, came doing this virtual mob of concerning relatives doing the same. That dad was right, they were all there, uncles, aunts, cousins, though frightfully still no Beth. “Moma, dad, where’s Beth, this is crazy, what is happen? Please,” with additional hot to cold tears spreading themselves far and wide, could a distraught as this Agurus Shiban see on all their faces, perhaps the nightmare of them all as his mother motion to them all and they scattered, even the father, leaving them alone. >>>”I’d looked everywhere for you, where did you go, why didn’t you tell me about this place? “Shhhh,” coming close at motioning to her to be quiet, not wanting her to spook the local wildlife he’d come used to spying on in his spare time. “If you spook them, it’ll be months before they return if ever, they’re beautiful,” just a whisper in his ear, "Zebra’s, how did you find this? That sunset is stunning, the orange fading into the yellow just about the blue waters, I was just out one day, this place Felicity, well you can tell, I’m just saying everything about it seem to scream paradise lost and now found, assuredly. So were you ever going to share it? No, being quite selfish I thought I would keep it to myself, seriously, will you speak the Juttah Vows here with me? Right now? But we’ve already said, I know, but, I just want us to exchange the sacred vows here, I don’t even know them, I do, so all you have to do is repeat after me. This is very important to you I see, as Felicity it should be to all of us here, it is the only perfect thing missing I promise, that we’re to then consummate them, right here in this amazing place as well, here? Suppose someone see, I don’t care about that, if need be the Angels by the Grace of God will shield us I know. I Meshullum Kadesh, I am not a child, I am a man, I fully understand the vows I will make here this day, I Meshullum Kadesh being of sound mind and body do take thee.” >>>”I don’t under, mom please, tell me why is this happen to me, what is this, where is Beth? Beth my beloved boy is no longer with us, what you, I don’t understand, someone poison you two, poison, that doesn’t make sense, this is the Juttah, such wickedness is forbidden, soon my love, but not as yet, so you’re telling me Beth is dead? And someone of these Juttahs have committed manslaughter, yes, and possibly slipped into Madagascar, my Christ you suspect Mirror, yes,” that out of a visibly hard swallow, was his stunning mother telling him of hateful things, horrible things thought no longer possible, that someone he’d treasured more than himself heart had turn this bitter and black. “I’m so sorry son, I’m so sorry, I, will rest now, please mom, I will rest now, I understand son. Mother, do you know by what weapon was she able to find us so vulnerable, by an offer of foreign tea, yes, a purported offer of good will, ah my god it can't be true, it just can't be, your being here my lovely says that it is indeed so, good evening mom, please, good evening.”

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