Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Juttah Septennial XXIV

…Be Glad and rejoice With All Thine Heart…
Scene XXIV

-“Can I ask you what made you do it?” As one enjoying his salad like never before, did Meshullum Kadesh find himself a bit more famish than normal into his second cup of sweeten tea, a glance at the clock. Where the young Preecest, all married now, instead of sitting together, were they scattered about the cafeteria. “I mean you of all people among the least of us is to lobby for a wife, I know something Felicity other’s don’t or I rather believe in a way others won’t, thus it’s hard for others to understand. Please," as to clasp his resting hand into hers, a glance into those beautiful light eyes, seeming to pierced him straight through unto his beating soul, “as a gift to me, like flatter me, I don’t believe Felicity there isn’t a woman here my age that I can’t have a good marriage with if we both decide, not one. Really?” Giving off a less than authentic squint, though was it offensive to the point of literally reminding her, she wasn’t anything special, though if so, wasn’t he saying the same thing of himself? So what does your name really mean? This Meshullum Kadesh? It mean what you’ve heard it mean, ump,” as one feeling a bit upset in his stomach, this turn for the worse, at putting their conversation off for now, would he have to be released to the restroom. “Uh, I need to, will you excuse me? Megan, I heard about Agurus, how is he? He’s ok, supposed to be released to home today, so that’s the good news, his heart being so devastated he spend most of his time asking God to restore Bethany back to himself, that he’ll find her again doing the harvest. So Mirror Lawson really did that, she really poison him, them? It’s beginning to seem that way, yes, nowhere to be found and all, you ready?” Laying a playful head to her shoulder, Megan Coogan newest husband Colten Hymm, did they make, as so many others, make for the cutest couple ever, “yes sir I am, see you guys next period, yeah, hey, tell Aggie I said be strong in the Lord and in power of his might, thanks, I’ll tell him exactly that. You ok?” My stomach a bit upset, I guess I ate too much,” glancing in at the time, did they have like ten minutes to get to a class they didn’t want to be late for, at not noticing how much Meshullem Kadesh admired her when she wasn’t looking. "We have like ten minutes and I need to stop at my locker, then Mrs. Kroff to be I say we run, run, really? The last one will have to cook, do the dishes and put the trash out, ah, ah you’re on, definitely!” >>>"Mom want to know if you’re coming down for dinner or is she to have your plate send up, I will not sit at the same table with that woman, what in God’s name is wrong with you? That woman Aggie is my wife, and you will give her the respect that she deserve, that she deserve, suppose it’s in the blood Mir, huh, what’s in the blood, man ability to be provoked into monstrous deeds, the Christ told us that ancients ago where were you? You stop this, you stop trying to see the evil in her and see that she is truly serious about serving the Christ, thus your brother, and this house with all her heart. “I don’t have too,” standing a tall stunning lad in the window looking into another day being lost behind the clouds and just as soon the tall trees and mountainous areas, did Agurus Shiban find himself unbelievably bitter without explanation. “That’s your parent’s job, look, I know this is a hurtful thing you’re going through, a pain and agony I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy, soon the Christ will visit here, the harvest of Negel Ophel realized and Bethany will be return to you, please brother find solace there and comfort us accordingly. Would you? I wanted her you know, I’m sorry, I bet you know that, that just as I craved Ash, I craved Myra the more, so much so I wanted to make her my wife instead, only I kept telling myself she was too young. That she possibly wouldn’t have me, especially when Ash disappeared, and now you have her, I didn’t know Aggie, neither did I plan this. I asked Ash to the Promise, Myra arrived in her stead and the rest you know. I hesitated as well, made sure it was ok with Ash, and I asked why not her? It is Aggie what it is, she is my wife now, your sister, mom and dad’s daughter, as so Meggie’s sister, please don’t make this more difficult than it has to be, please. I will eat in my room, Aggie, please, please I will eat in my room, misery love company, is that what this is, of the oldest trespass in the book, jealousy? Wouldn’t you just love that? No Aggie, no I wouldn’t, that’s what I’m trying to tell you, you had a wife, and now I had one, and all I could think of Aggie was how much fun we would have together and I couldn’t wait, so you see Ash didn’t just steal from you, she stole from all of, all of us Aggie, and she will win only if we turn and descend into worthless, meaningless blame.”

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