Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Juttah Septennial XXIX

…Is In The Midst Of You…

“Can we talk? About what, I have this projech which has to be finished by morning, not taking his off of the screen, did he have like a couple pages yet to do. About us, about why I’ve been this way, I know why you’re way that you are, you didn’t marry the man of your supposedly dreams and I get the foot of it daily.” “Please No’el, stop, look at me, listen, I need you, you need me? Turning to look her right into those again, glistening with tears eyes, stunning skin, hearing he always imagine burying his itching with lust to just tear into his new wife. “yes, a witness how she’s to wipes both cheeks just as so, “you heard me right, this is nothing like you, it’s much, much worse, then tell me, just Reese tell me! Mike and I were dating you know, yeah I know, it’s like he lead you on and when it was, we got close, really close, you want out of the marriage, is that, no, I’m pregnant, or at least I think I am, ah, though if I am and all I don’t know why the reapers haven’t come for me. Brave seem to think that since we’re so close to the harvest and the Lamb being, Reese, gently touching her chin at bringing her direction right into him, was this an emotionally volatile situation, hey look at me, why didn’t you tell you before now? “I didn’t know how,” with said look following her into her stand, those this was a little more problematic, did it make all sense in the world finally. Before you ask, yes, Mike know,” sniffing along a wipe of her spilling nose, at soon coming again close, into that seat close to him, did Noel Vincent truly adore her, he knew before he married.” “I sorry, sorry that he did that to you, but you said Reese you’re not certain, why don’t we find our for sure and take it from there. What if I am pregnant, and the father has gone and married another, even if I don’t end up on that hill, I could be forced into Madagascar, hey, hey, hey, let’s not jump from one horrid conclusion to another. I love you, I didn’t Reese marry you because I had o other choice, I love you and I love the ideal I’m to spend an eternity with you, really, so what, if you’re pregnant, we’re having a baby, really, yes, really, ok, ok, ok, I have like a few more pages and, how, well, there was talk about the pub, or would you just like stay home and cuddle! Staying home and cuddling sound really now, I feel sort of tired, that’s because Mrs. Carlson you haven’t been sleeping recently, whisking her up so tickle in his arms, had Noel been quite the ground up about the whole thing, even wise, “to bed with you, I’ll fix you something to eat and I’ll finish my assignment and join you later.” >>>”What, what are you doing here, I don’t need you here! That’s not what I heard, well apparently you heard wrong, and where is your wife, aren’t you married? Brave is find, she up stairs with Maggy, Megan don’t live here anymore, it’s ok, her husband is with her, a lot other of your friends and their wives are on their way, we’re having a party, a party, what sort of party, a homecoming party for Bethany, are you Beeth more brain dead than normal? No, and stop being so offensive, that Aggie was really offensive, and you talking about Beth being home isn’t? The harvest could be off another few months, and even then we have to wait on Messiah’s time line, I know, I know, that is why we’re going up there ourselves, I sorry we’re what? We are all going to Negeb Ophel to retrieve Beth for ourselves, even Beeth if that’s possible, and it’s not, what make you think the reapers are going to help us? First Aggie man why isn’t it possible? And second, why would they help, this is the harvest, I talked to Sia Prince, Sia Prince? Meshullum Kadesh, he’s Sia Prince, he think I might be to something, this is Beeth some damn treasure hunt, ah sure it is, that’s exactly what it is, so you’re saying you’re ready to bury me there if I can retrieve her? Ahhh,” as one at a lost for words did or had Agurus Shiban created the most challenging exchange at the event or whether there plan is to like painfully backfire. “I know, you didn’t consider that, I did, just not in the way you did or you’re doing, I know Beeth man you’re well intended here, but you also have nothing to lose, I on the the hand, I know, failure would be like losing Beth all over again, I tell you what, I’m the host of this party, you think about all of this, no, no pressure, really and you Aggie man tell us what you think, I never aggie realize how stunning this back deck, wow. Now you know my secret, why I virtually live out here, actually Beth and I both. You know what? I don’t have to think about it, I want do this, not just for me, but for Beth as well, even Beeth man for you guys for loving me and trying so hard as a result.”

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