Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Juttah Septennial XXVI

…The Lord Has Taken Away Your Judgments
Scene XXVI

-“What my gracious God is that? I think your gracious God hun is what that is, excuse me, did you just call me hun? Please, please, please don’t do that,” that with begging, praying hands, was a playful Hudson Leak Jr. being horrified at turning into his parents, even her parents at such the young age. “That is what my mom call my dad, you think it’s the harvest don’t you, that we’re being summon to the center? We’re being summon to the center,” as one pulling his shirt on, even readying his pants, it was Friday eve and time to check out for the weekend. “They said we wouldn’t know when, that it would just come, a loud trumpet as such and, look there’s Beeth, hey Beeth man, what’s your hurry, where’s Brave? Hey you two, you know what’s happening? Only man that my ears are still ringing, man I hope it’s not the harvest, well if it is, it’s all voluntary, right? That’s what they say Hud man, that’s what they say, see you and the misses there right, yeah, right behind you, humm, I wonder where’s Brave, yeah I saw how he dodged that question. I’m sure they’re to be just fine, it’s the Septennial with the Lamb, the harvest pending, we’re all going to be just fine. Is it true He’s to review each of our marriage individually, He is the Christ, this is His millennium reign, I’m sure everything is to be just perfect. What if he disagree? He won’t, He just want to make what’s personal with us, personal to himself, doesn’t that sound just like Him? Actually it does and why is it you’re to know so much about it? Well my best friend is Meshulluh Kadesh, Darius Juttah, right, Hud darling, lest I forget.” <<<”So are we going to talk about it? About what?” As those coming into the theater like seating was the Expedition Center filling up quite quickly.“About what? Why your brother hate me so much, Aggie doesn’t hate you, he hate me for marrying you, like it was ok when he was doing it, but now that it’s my turn, not so good. He doesn’t strike me as one so selfish, most people don’t, it’s not even detected until there’s reasonable cause, so that’s what he has, reasonable cause? Let’s just say he think so, who think so? Mr. Coogan, ah and Mrs. Coogan, I could Mir say the same to you two but why waste my breathe, right? So I’ll turn to another subject, your brother, my cousin, how is he really? Not to sound so conceited but Ash, how would you be? So you know what this is all about? Yeah, the Lord Lamb is only a couple days away, they just want the Juttah to be abreast of such extraordinary news, well at least that is what Dane said, speaking of which, you guys seen him? I’m afraid Gabe no more or less than you, speaking of her Amir, there’s Brave, yeah but she and Beeth aren’t sitting together, well, do they really have to? A few of the espoused aren’t sitting together, were you, I’ll be back, I haven’t talked to Braveheart in a while, here’s my chance, ok talk, but behave yourself, behave myself, you sound like my mom! <<<”Will the center please come to order, first you’re to understand this is only a drill, we’ll be having them periodically so until the Son Savior has made His visit. This is why we’re asking every Preece and Preecest within the sound of these trumpets to drop whatever they're doing and get to the Expedition Center as soon as they can. Seemingly, even as I talk we have slackers yet pouring in, this is unacceptable, everyone within the sound of these trumpets are within 10 minutes of this center and no more than fifteen minutes, the longest we will wait get here. Now if there are no questions, yes I see that hand, I'm Artz, do we blessed Sia know how long the Son Savior will visit for? The word Preece Artz is not for long, as he’s to get back to New Jerusalem to oversee the building of the temple there, though it will be long enough to make each of your acquaintance so be prepared in all likeness. Anyone else? Ok, if there is no one else, Sia Juttah Erica Hymm and Corronda Aggart will come forth, they have a list of names they will call off, if your name is announced we only asked that you and your spouse remain seated as all others exit the building, we want to thank all Juttah Sia's, Preece and Preecest for their cooperation, and as always be blessed as only you can.”

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