Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Juttah Septennial XIX

…Neither Shall A Deceitful Tongue Be Found In Their Mouth…
Scene XIX

-“What is this?” That sister Brave Heart is to lay lottery choices to his desk, had mother and father Deburk informed him, actually them, how’d she’d withdrawn her name all together. “That’s Sioux the result of our trial pool, look closely, you chose his name not once but three times? Which,” as one leaping up quite concern, was Nesting Brave Heart a perfect specimen of a female Indian, tall, slender, flawless smooth skin, flawless, long, straight waste length hair, flawless facial features set behind glowing light brown eyes. “Is impossible, impossible Brave with man, but with God, with the Holy Spirit divine intervention totally possible. I thought you withdrew, I did, this is something we do at the Juttah Dorm, for fun, test, trials, it’s only real to those who invite this selection and he or she accept said invitation. Is that why you’re here?” Coming up, around to her, a seat to his desk at her, Sioux Noel knew this was the young man Lion and Saber thought so perfect for her, even most of the tribe, his being BFA’s files, but not Brave Heart, not Brave Heart at all. “I don’t know Brave Heart what you want from me, although it is only a trial I can’t just ignore this right? That I’m to place my hand three separate times in a bank filled of prospects and pull this person’s name each time, you have Brave made it clear, even to him you don’t trust him, but now that you know he is BFA Files, does that change the way you feel at all? Does it Sioux for you, the wisest of us all? Only that Brave there can in this province be no other perfect match for you, but do you automatically promise yourself to him for this reason? I know, it seem so arranged and that was the one thing I liked about the promise, that freedom to choose, who, who would you choose? I could tell you, but it could only be between us, Kadesh, the Juttah Preece Darius, his name Sioux alone mean, Reconcile, be Holy, yes, I know. You don’t seem at all surprised, no, I’m not, did you know his grandmother, yes, she is Sia Juttah, good choice right? Only he doesn’t even know I’m alive, did you know he entered the pool? But why? Because he could, because he wanted to leave it all to chance, I believe he’s after Felicity Elaine Stuard, a lot of the young Preece entered the pool after she did, a whole lot. Will you invite Artz? Ah no, I think I’ll wait til next season, may I ask why? You’re hoping he go this season, but why Brave would you leave someone so perfect for you to another? I guess I’m not as brave after all huh? I invite him Sioux then what? Well if he accept your invite, you guys really get to see, talk and consider each other, then the nuptial trials, then the nuptial vows and dorms. Well there may not be any nuptial trial, even if so Brave it doesn’t mean you have to accept it. Well honey, are you afraid to spend quality time with him, that you’re to be intimidated by him? Maybe he won’t come, maybe after I invite him, he’ll refuse and that will be that. I’m sorry honey, I just don’t get it, if not this stunning young Preece, then who, what? Godspeed brother,” tearing into a tense hug of him, just one of her tall, terrific, simply perfect brothers, Arise Sioux Noel, at holding and keeping him for so long time. “You need a ride?” No, if I put pep in my step as Grand Rumah would say, I should arrive home before dark, thanks Sioux, I will inform you of my decision, tell aunt Eve and the others I said Godspeed as well, I will, Godspeed to you, be careful.” {{{“Hey, guess who just left my office, no, Brave, they did their trial run today, the promise, guess whose name she came up with not once, not twice, but three consecutive times, terms, BFA? Yeah, seem she doesn’t know still, but realize this can’t be a coincidence, she just left out my door, said she’ll let me know what. To be honest it didn’t, seem Apache it just confused her all the more, yeah, prayer, the only right, ok, ok, you know best, yeah later, hey, hey, you think we need to converse with him again or, ok, ok, sound good, thanks, see you later.”}}}

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